First of all we started out and made Boy, which is a sexual LP, and we changed the cover in America to stop any concern there might be about paedophilia and the like, because it was our first album. But import copies got in and, as you know, in America a lot of music is broken in gay clubs and so we had a gay audience, a lot of people who were convinced the music was specifically for them. So there was a misconception if you like.
— Bono

Track List

  1. I Will Follow Lyrics
  2. Twilight Lyrics
  3. An Cat Dubh Lyrics
  4. Into The Heart Lyrics
  5. Out Of Control Lyrics
  6. Stories For Boys Lyrics
  7. The Ocean Lyrics
  8. A Day Without Me Lyrics
  9. Another Time, Another Place Lyrics
  10. The Electric Co. Lyrics
  11. Shadows and Tall Trees Lyrics

Boy is the debut album from Irish rock band U2, released October 20, 1980. Produced by Steve Lillywhite, the album received generally positive reviews. Common themes among the album's songs are the thoughts and frustrations of adolescence.

The album included the band's first United Kingdom hit single, "I Will Follow". Boy's release was followed by U2's first tour of continental Europe and the United States.

Boy was originally released on October 20, 1980.

The boy on the cover is Peter Rowen (brother of Bono's friend, Guggi (Virgin Prunes), and now a renowned Irish photographer). He also appears on the covers of Three, War, The Best of 1980–1990, the unreleased Even Better than the Early Stuff and Early Demos.

The photographer, Hugo McGuiness, and the sleeve designer, Steve Averill (a friend of bassist Adam Clayton), went on to work on several more U2 album covers. The image was changed to a distorted picture of the band for the American and Canadian release, due to the record company's fears that the band would be accused of pedophilia.

Sandy Porter is credited as the photographer for the American cover. However, the photo of Rowen appeared on the inner sleeve of the album in the US and Canada. In 2008, the artwork of the remastered editions was standardised worldwide to that of the 1980 UK release.

In 2008, a remastered edition of the album was released, featuring remastered tracks, along with B-sides and rarities. Three different formats of the remaster were made available.