10 Reasons Smoking Pot is Better than Classes

  1. Pot is a quicker and more efficient way to fry your brain.
  2. When you smoke pot, even your Calculus TA turns you on.
  3. If you ever run for president, you could claim that you didn't inhale.
  4. Pot makes dorm food taste good.
  5. Pot is easier to get than most text books.
  6. It takes twenty minutes to walk to class. In that time, you could smoke enough pot to be dreaming about Kathy Ireland for a week.
  7. Class would never make you want to run naked through the fountain in the middle of January.
  8. Pot clears the mind and soul. Class clutters it.
  9. Smoking pot is much cheaper.
  10. What you learn in class is gone in a matter of minutes. Pot can stay in your system for up to a year.

Now if your a stupid ass that believes this to be true smoke your fucking brains out, cuz you will have nothing to do in the future. Well, you can always read the postings here....... Later Stoney