Road Trip to Cali

In this mornings paper we saw this article that listed the road trip play list for Cali fans attending both shows and we began to wonder ? What would your play list look like. Its a travel day for most today so the news is lite, yea the stage is under way and since we are 24 hours way, its pretty much built. So take a look, maybe a listen and share your thoughts.  Here is Carla Meyer’s selection (Shes from the “The Bee”paper)

“Elevation”: This ebullient track kicks the listener instantly into show mode. For extra urgency, try to find the version from the “Live at Slane Castle” CD. It makes the energetic recorded version sound wan.

“Mysterious Ways”: Bluesy but also technological forward-thinking for its time, it keeps the party spirit afloat.

• “Vertigo”: Catchy in a slightly irritating way, it shows U2 has a flair for hooks even minus soaring guitars.

• “Moment of Surrender”: Knowing this song from the band’s most recent album, 2009’s “No Line on the Horizon” determines the difference between tepid clapping and sincere whooping at its start. This one deserves a whoop. Midtempo, highly percussive and showcasing gutsy vocals by Bono, it’s the loveliest song ever to allude to an ATM robbery.

• “Get on Your Boots”: Atop a psychedelic, distorted guitar, Bono talk-sings “Subterranean Homesick Blues” style and claims, “I don’t want to talk about wars between nations.” It’s kind of goofy.

• “Magnificent”: The lyrics are bland but the jangly guitars offer a reasonable facsimile of early-1980s U2. This song concludes the obligatory new-music portion of our playlist.

• “All I Want Is You”: Bono’s voice is at its breathiest and sexiest.

• “I Will Follow”: An almost perfect ’80s-specific song, mixing straightforward guitar with new wave cadences and stylized vocals and a bridge showing off Adam Clayton’s bass and reminding us U2 is more than Bono and The Edge.

• “Scarlet”: A showcase for Larry Mullen Jr.’s drums, this is more interlude than song, punctuated by Bono’s cries of “Rejoice.”

• “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses”: Feedback, guitar crunch, Bono falsetto and an irresistible yearning vibe.

• “One”: Ouch, love hurts.

• “So Cruel”: This song makes “Wild Horses” and “One” sound upbeat.

• “Helter Skelter”: This live track off 1988’s “Rattle & Hum” shows U2’s appreciation for their elders.

• “Where the Streets Have No Name”: “Still building and buurrrning down love!” Thus starts our crescendo-packed final section.

• “With or Without You”: Dramatic and angsty for youngsters, and perhaps even more resonant for people who have been married a long time.

• “(Pride) In the Name of Love”: This tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. is big, historically minded and just … Bono.

• “Sunday Bloody Sunday”: A call for the end of violence in Northern Ireland, with an added romance-in-strife vibe, it never grows old. You must sing this song forever, Bono.

• “New Year’s Day”: A tale of lovers riven by outside forces, this song is genuinely epic, its sound encapsulating Ireland, the British Isles, heather, Heathcliff and New Year’s Day hangovers. Enjoy the show!