Can Social Media Sway U2 360 Tour?

An avid Christchurch U2 fan has launched an online crusade to bring her favourite band to the city.

The Irish supergroup will play one concert at Auckland’s Mt Smart Stadiumon November 25 but Ilam mother Chelsea Daly has created a Facebook page she hopes will encourage Bono and company to perform in Christchurch.

The online approach worked for Metallica fans earlier this year when thousands of people joined en masse to convince that band to schedule a Garden City gig.

Daly said she could see no reason why the same method could not work again.

As of noon today, the Facebook page had attracted 109 supporters and Daly was aiming for 2500.

“I think we can do this … support is growing very fast,” she told The Press.

Daly, who hoped to buy tickets to the Auckland concert, hoped tour promoters would take notice of the page and bring the massive U2 tour south.

She was using Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites to spread the word.

U2 360° Tour Concert Team Wanted !

Are you attending a North American show? Do you want to be a part of the U2 360° Tour Concert Team? 

We are looking for some U2 fans to join us as we report the tour back to those that can not attend the shows.

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You will be posting photos of their trip to the show, concert photos and record some of the show. During the show when possible they will be tweeting via a special twitter account setup for the show team use.

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U2 builds stadium to play

MONTREAL – It’s confirmed. U2 will play Montreal on July 16, 2010. The band will perform on the polo field at the Montreal Hippodrome, kicking in $3 million for the construction of a temporary open-air stadium to fit between 60,000 to 80,000 people.

It is the only date for which U2 is not performing in a pre-existing stadium. The fact that the band is fronting the costs of building the venue for this event is a testament to its love of Montreal, according to Jacques Aubé, vice-president and general manager of promoter Gillett Entertainment Group.

“It’s unprecedented,” Aubé said Monday. “It’s historic. It will be the biggest paid show in an open-air stadium in Montreal.

“After the concert, the stadium will be demolished and (the site) will become a real-estate project.”

It’s also a testament to the grand scale on which a monolithic rock band such as U2 can afford to operate. Tossing in $3 million to build a stadium for a night (or maybe two - don’t discount the possibility that a second show could be added once the first one sells out) is the privilege of the mighty, and wealthy.

Aubé attributed U2’s gesture to its love of Montreal and its fans here, but you can bet the band is also getting bang for its buck.

Do the math and it’s not hard to see that this is a money-making enterprise. Tickets for the show cost from $30 to $250. Average that out to, say, $100 per ticket, with 70,000 tickets sold, and you’ve got a cool $7 million.

That’s not counting beer and food sales, merchandise, and spinoff CD sales for the band. Aubé said the event would inject $10 million into the Montreal economy, not counting revenues from the concert itself.

But while nobody’s working for free, here, U2 is apparently doing its best to make this affordable to everyone - 55 per cent of the tickets cost less than $55, Gillett proudly announced Monday.

Gillett and tour promoter Live Nation have been working on the possibility of a Montreal date for months. The biggest problem was finding a venue big enough to host the show (including the 150-foot-wide stage, featuring a massive, steel spider-like structure) and comply with U2’s request for an open-air stadium.

The Olympic Stadium’s roof is not retractable; Jean Drapeau Park is too small; even the Hippodrome wasn’t big enough originally, which led to talks of constructing a venue specifically for the event.

“C’est assez flyé comme idée,” Aubé said. (Rough translation: “It’s a pretty wild idea.”) The last time U2 was in town was in November, 2005. The band performed two sold-out nights at the Bell Centre, with opening act the Arcade Fire.

This is U2’s first North American stadium tour since 1997’s Popmart tour. Apparently Bono and his boys still have something prove.

U2 performs July 16 at the Hippodrome. Tickets cost $30 to $250 and go on sale Saturday at noon

Massive Crowds Arrive at Rose Bowl

After weeks of hype — and multiple traffic warnings from Rose Bowl and Live Nation officials — the U2 fanatics have invaded Pasadena. Some, writes L.A. Now, have been hanging out since 4 a.m. A record crowd of more than 95,000 people is expected — the Rose Bowl’s largest attendance since the 1994 World Cup finale. 

Concertgoers will witness the spectacle that is the Claw, a giant alien-like contraption that’s generating far more media attention than any recent U2 song. The 90-foot-tall structure takes about four days to build, and was inspired by the the Theme Building at LAX. 

U2’s 360 Tour is in support of its early 2009 release, “No Line on the Horizon.” To date, the album has sold just over 1 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. A respectable number, no doubt, but it took U2 about 30 weeks to reach the seven-figure sales mark. By comparison, rapper Jay-Z hit the milestone in less than 2 months with his “Blueprint 3.”

Nevertheless, U2’s touring power has never really been in doubt. Tonight’s Super Bowl-sized show is sold out, and will be streamed live on YouTube. Additionally, by mid-afternoon, plenty of the U2 faithful were out and about in Pasadena. 

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