U2 Fan Site Gives Mobile App Away For St Patricks Day

U2 fans have been connecting with each other around the world for years. Talking about music, sharing Bono stories and chatting up their love for Larry.  Sharing our passion for U2 music is much more. Its connecting to you.

Yes you and you and even you. So today in honor of our hometown boys we offer our mobile app for free for this one day we are all one big happy Irish family. 

The U2TOURFANS concept was born out of the simple idea of connecting U2 fans to a complete 360 experience that offers a complete social media experience. The concept has been a success. fans have met new fans and created new friendships.

Today we celebrate our differences that bind us together with the simple phase

"We are one, but we are not the same" 

Happy St Patrick's Day Friends, may the joy in your heart be with you now and forever.


No Billboard or No Grammy nod for U2

The world was surprised today by the release of U2’s  “Songs of Innocence” as a free download on for iTunes account holders and streamed on Beats Music you will not see the album make the Billboard top 200. 

Yup since the album really does not go on sale until October 14th pretty much knocks it out of Billboard and also knocked them out of Grammy consideration.  Rules for Grammy consideration are very clear.

 "The album must be commercially available in order for it to be eligible, and the official release date determines its eligibility in a particular awards year," a Grammys rep told Billboard. "In this case, the album is commercially available on Oct. 14, 2014, so it will be eligible for consideration for the 58th Grammy Awards."

Apple has a spend of in excess of $100 Million on an ad campaign supporting the release of the new devices which includes the single "The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone."  No word on how much Apple paid U2 for the single or the early release of the album however you can be sure that Bono and the boys did not let it go out the door cheap.

Now U2 and management will have a chance to talk to the Academy to get some understanding on the rules however for now is a celebration for U2 fans and for the band to finally release some new music.


U2 owns 100% of their Masters and Copyrights

Bono/ U2TOURFANS / Nick Walker @

Bono/ U2TOURFANS / Nick Walker @

Owning the rights to your music considered one of the most important items on a bands list to complete. 

Most bands end up giving them away because of the need to produce their music and fund their projects. 

Bands to often find that their catalog ends up sold a couple of different times before returning to their rightful owners.

U2 is not unlike any other band from the 80’s their masters held in the hands of others has been a challenge to get back.

Paul McGuiness in a interview with Billboard outlines the move forward to new management as a opportunity for Live Nation to provide some finances for the future of U2. “The rights to U2’s music, their masters and their copyrights, have been, with difficulty and at some costs, completely retrieved. 

Paul of course has equity participation in the deal and that was due to the band agreeing on selling an equity share to Paul. U2 has all the remaining rights and they now own 100% of their masters as well as their copyrights.

Live Nation has been supportive in the transaction by financing the transaction that is sure to pay dividends to the band family long after U2’s departure from the stage.  

Highest Earning Tour of 2011

Shock! U2 lead Billboard’s year-end report of the top touring acts of 2011, with their “360 Tour” raking in $293.3 million in box office revenue from nearly 3 million in ticket sales for the year.

Bono and crew were on the road from June 30th 2009 to July 30th 2011 with their giant claw on the “360 Tour” and broke the all-time touring industry records by bringing in a staggering $736,421,586 with more than 7 million punters attending the shows.

Bon Jovi had one of the biggest years of their 28 year career and Take That made a lazy $185 million from their comeback tour with Robbie Williams, which included a record breaking eight nights at Wembley Stadium. The Wembley shows alone earned the band $61.7 million breaking the previous venue record of $38.7 million that had been set by Bruce Springsteen’s ten sold-out shows at New Jersey’s Giants Stadium in 2003.

Highest-Earning Tours of 2011:
01) U2 – $293.3 million
02) Bon Jovi – $193 million
03) Take That – $185 million
04) Roger Waters – $150 million
05) Taylor Swift – $97.3 million
06) Kenny Chesney – $84.6 million
07) Usher – $75 million
08) Lady Gaga – $72 million
09) Andre Rieu – $67 million
10) Sade – $50 million

Billboards Tour of the Year ! U2

Bono / U2 / U2TOURFANS/ Nick Walker U2 started out with an idea of getting closer to its fans and ended up with the largest grossing tour with a whopping $736,421,586.  The 360 tour has broken stadium records and changed the way people attend concerts.  The tour ended in July, which at that time became the highest grossing and biggest ticket seller in the history of the tour business.  

Quoted from Billboard:

Months after 360° wrapped in Moncton, New Brunswick, the tour’s significance was finally sinking in for Live Nation Global Touring chairman Arthur Fogel, global producer of the epic trek.

“As time moves on and we get further away from it, it actually seems more impressive than when you’re actually in the middle of it,” says Fogel, not a man given to overstatement. “It just leaves a tremendous sense of accomplishment, and is without a doubt one of the greatest experiences in the business that I’ve ever had.”

While it was under way, 360° was a beast to execute, from its initial yearlong setup, to the postponement of the second North American leg due to Bono’s back surgery, to the daily grind of pulling off the most ambitious tour ever mounted.

“It was a lot of pressure, even during the down times, because it was so big and so complicated,” Fogel says. “The postponement issue was a lot to deal with, so when it ended and time goes by, it seems that much more impressive and an accomplishment to be incredibly proud of.”

While 360° is in a class all its own in terms of scale and box office, the principals that made it a success-scaling, routing, showmanship and songs-are relevant across the entire live business. The fact that such numbers could even be achieved, let alone in a down global economy, is a testament to the power of live music

Fogel dismisses the notion that 360° somehow is isolated from the realities of the rest of the touring industry. “I don’t subscribe to the theory at all that somehow this tour is its own animal,” he says. “This is what drives our business, this is what gets people excited about going to shows, this is what proves that we are the real deal as an industry. When you can capture the attention and imagination and enjoyment of 7 million people, that’s what this business is all about.”

We can look back on this tour with the thousands of hours of concert video, concert photos and stories. The idea that a simple stage can bring people together to experience music like never before is only the start of somthing greater.