U2 Headliners for World Cup 2014


  U2 could headline the World Cup’s opening ceremony in Brazil 2014.  Insiders are open to having U2 open the FIFA concert in Sao Paulo on Jun 12 2014. ( So far no source has been able to confirm this )

So far FIFA has set a side 15M for the show. News around Brazil suggests this is a done deal.

A source said: “For something as big as a World Cup opening ceremony they would want a massive name given it will be seen by millions and U2 would fit that bill perfectly – especially as they are liked and listened to in countries across the world.”

FIFA have already signed up top-class director Franco Dragone to produce the show, following his success with Cirque du Soleil and Celine Dion’s live Las Vegas concert.

And it is claimed U2 would take over the majority of the show if they were to sign up, which is likely to be their first new tour date.

U2 spokeswoman told the Irish Mirror they had no information to give out on the band’s plan to take part in the World Cup opening ceremony.

Industry sources yesterday revealed that their follow-up to No Line on the Horizon would not now be released until spring 2014, which would fit perfectly with a World Cup performance.

U2 have almost finished the so far untitled record but are working on finalizing art, videos and other elements that will be needed for the release.

Bono said: “We have a deal with our audience, they give us a great life and they expect us to be great and that’s tricky. As you get better you get very good and very good is kind of the enemy of great.

“You can mistake it for great. People don’t get excited about us being very good. Who needs a new U2 album?

“There are loads of them out there. We have to make a great U2 album and they don’t care waiting as long as it’s great.”

The Greatest Show in The World

U2 concert is the greatest show on Earth, says critic

The U2 concert is the greatest show on Earth. It is worthwhile to ensure the entrance and run to see Bono of U2 to run the show on Brazilian stage. Who says it is the Alexander Column in Petillo blog affiliates of Rede Globo. It’s two hours of celebration and fellowship. Can you exorcise, believe, forget it. Putting out. After all, for it was that rock concerts were invented, “says the blogger.

The praise for Bono are not few. Bono is the greatest frontman in the world. Every step, look, gesture, and speech are rated, great - without exaggeration, the extent to thrill, entertain, make everyone feel at home there. “ On show in Sao Paulo, U2 recalled meeting with Dilma and paid homage to victims of Rio de Janeiro.

The matter came quickly to the U2 Trending Topics Twitter Brazil. And the compliments are constant: “the best rock show I’ve ever seen. There is nothing equal to U2. Whether in technology, sound, emotion, Bono and U2 gives concert worth the same ticket. Come back more often to Brazil Summarized Esteban Cardoso, internet Campos do Jordao.

U2 Out of Control with 90K Fans

São Paulo: Where do we start with so many events happening in one night it’s hard to put it all down on paper. For U2 fans yesterdays show in São Paulo was special as we reported earlier in the day that Sunday’s show was expected to have a few surprises. 

The fans where not disappointed. Lets start off with one fan that decided that those that could not attend the show deserved to the see the show too. @GUSTAVOLF had tweeter a buzz as this person broadcasted the show live to fans all around the world. 

Than something that has not happened this tour started to take hold. Tweeter trending #Zooropa which set the stage for an amazing evening with the boys, which we have videos, photos and of course our set list.  Fans are always welcomed to send in their own videos. 

So lets dive into the show. The second night of the 360 tour in São Paulo was a success, in many ways for the band.   

“Our relationship with Brazil is long, as if we were married,” joked the singer Bono at the historical show. The strong rain that fell during the afternoon gave a little rest before Muse got onstage. And when Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. played the first chords of ‘Even Better Than The Real Thing”, at 21h13, the moon crowned the Morumbi stadium.

Portuguese with a curled, the leader of the Irish band greeted fans of Sao Paulo, Campinas, Santos letting out a “We Love Brazil” - which sounded sincere in front of the stage on claw, the impressive lighting effects and the applause of 90,000 spectators.  The audience seemed louder than Bono on “I Still Have not Found What I’m Looking For.

The show lasted about 2 hours and had all of the expected songs ; Vertigo, One, With or Without You and Sunday Bloody Sunday, involving a girl from the audience and social and political messianism.  However it was the the debut of “Out Of Control” which was the second song from Boy to be played this tour.  Most fans will say the biggest surprise was “Zooropa” which was performed live for the first time since August 12, 1993 and has only been played three times ever and all the those times where considered incomplete performances.

The screen reproduces a speech by South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu. In his sermons, Bono said the conflict in Libya, paid tribute to Nobel Peace Prize Aung San Suu Kyi, paid tribute to victims of the massacre in Realengo and reminded that one billion people living in poverty, citing Brazil as a model to follow. “Brazil is a serious country, is the country of the moment, is the country now.”

For 35-year career, the Irish quartet has performed for more than 7 million people in 30 countries, paying an average of 63,600 per show. All tickets for the final show  in Morumbi, on Wednesday, are sold. After ending this leg of the tour, the band takes the biggest tour in history en route to Mexico, the United States and Canada.

Unos, dos, tres, catorce! Hola Brasil

Hypnotic. Overwhelming. Unpredictable. Unforgettable. Words fail to describe the feeling of fans about the rock band U2. 36 years on the road, Bono Vox (voice), The Edge (guitar), Adam Clayton (bass) and Larry Mullen Jr. (drums) leave a trail of satisfaction and renewal wherever they go. The quartet’s amazing ability to create success still surprises and excites the pop universe.

On their third visit to Brazil (the band has played here in 1998 and 2006), U2 continues with the 360 Tour, in operation since June 2009, and has a megastructure stage. Morumbi Stadium was invaded by a “giant claw” of about 50 feet tall, which promises to enrapture the audience with lighting effects and to envy. The concerts take place this weekend (Saturday 9 and Sunday, August 10) and Wednesday 13). Find more details via facebook or twitter

File Photo U2 360 Tour Everything is ready for the show. The structure includes a lighted stage, complete with catwalk and a tower of light responsible for highlighting the four bases of the space. A screen with a million pieces LED, positioned above the structure, allows the public to see every detail of the show, regardless of the position you are.

Neither the distance between the musicians and the ends of the stadium is the problem. Boards with dozens of speakers were installed in each of the four sides of the structure. The impression, as incredible as it seems, is that the band is playing at his side.

Misleading, however, one thinks the show is just pyrotechnics. U2 prepared to play your best rock n ‘roll to São Paulo. Hits like “Beautiful Day” and “Sunday Bloody Sunday” do not even have to enter the wish list of guys. Just like “Vertigo” and “With or Without You.” Incidentally, check out the show’s repertoire as possible and prepare your voice to sing along .  ( Possible Set list )
Beautiful Day
I Will Follow
Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Until the End of the World
I Still Have not Found What I’m Looking For
Stuck In A Moment You Can not Get Out Of
Even Better Than The Real Thing
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
In A Little While
Miss Sarajevo
City of Blinding Lights
I’ll Go Crazy If I Do not Go Crazy Tonight
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

U2 Brazlian Fans Camping

U2 360 Tour Brazil Fans of the band U2 camp in front of Morumbi Stadium  about 70 tents have been assembled on site.Irish band’s first gig is on Saturday (9).

Although the first concert of U2 occur only on Saturday (9), many fans already camped outside the Morumbi stadium, venue of the event.

Earlier on Thursday (7), about 70 tents had been erected. Some people slept at around 7am, others had already agreed for the long wait for the presentation.

Even with all the available, fans can only enter the stadium at 16h of the Sabbath, the time the gates open.

The Irish band will perform three shows in the capital, on Saturday, Sunday (10) and Wednesday (13). The structure of the stage is still being assembled.

U2, Armored Cars and Vans

U2 will have 10 armored cars and vans available to all members of the band and family, said a source close to the band during their visit to Sao Paulo, the shows are on 9th and 10th of this month, the band U2 will have 10 amored cars and eight vans at its disposal,  The boys arrrive in Brazil via a  private jet and, before going to the state capital, for talks with the already announced Preseident Roussef. Bono, who we all know is involved in humanitarian issues, “I would be delighted with the proposals of the Brazilian president.”

U2 will meet Rousseff, President of Brazil

When U2 arrives in Brazil, its expected that Bono will meet President Rosuseff which he has met with Lula De Silva once. The boys have three nights of concerts in Sao Paulo coming up and have scheduled a meeting with President Rousseff was receently visited Portugal.

No word out of Princple Mangement or Live Nation but sources from the Presidents suggest the possible meeting. Also no comfirmation of what could be on the agenda, however we do know that the whole band will not be meeting the President. 

Last week Bono was received by President Cristina Fernandez during the tour dates in Argentina. On Rousseff, last March met with Shakira, who asked him to help design the Latin American Solidarity Foundation, in which the singer takes part, alongside other artists from that region.

Argentina 3rd Show Difference

The reviews have all come in U2 was fired up last night in La Plata – The last of 3 shows as part of the 360 Tour. The Claw will be packed up and sent on its way later today ( well it will take about three days )

Leon Gieco and Francisca Valenzuela joined the last time during the show in Chile a couple of days easlier.
Gieco sang backing vocals and guitar by Bono “All I ask of God,” in an emotional block that also included a prayer from factory own “I Still Have not Found What I’m looking for.”
It was the latest of several surprises that left the Irish in Argentina. The first was the inclusion of, “Even Better Than The Real Thing”, a song from Achtung Baby The boys had not played the song for several years.
Beyond the basic set list is more or less unchanged;a U2 sought to create nuances in the three that shows at La Plata that made each a unique experience for fans.

Last night, the main surprise was the entry of Gieco on stage, but there were more changes. The classic “Pride (In The Name Of Love)”“Bad”, a jewel of the album The Unforgettable Fire. And for the first time “Magnificent”, was not included.
There was one failure in these three U2 concerts, the band did not play any song from their 1987 album, Rattle and Hum. But for the more than 150 000 fans who filled the stadium for three nights everyone enjoyed the show and wondered a bit if this was the last time they will get to see Bono and the boys.  



Chile Stadium Filling Up !


6 Thousand screaming fans are already inside the statdium as 3,00 more await to enter the inner circle. Doors open 16:00 and according to production estimates 75 thousand fans will pack the house tonight.

At 6 o’clock yesterday morning began arriving fans of the quartet, who spent Thursday night and early this morning covered with sleeping bags and tents, to overcome the low temperatures.

The fans that came as they were being marked with a number, managed to let them spend the night at the Stadium Athletic Track.

Those numbers would allow them to be going smoothly to Inner Circle sector, which occur around 14.00 or 15.00, before the opening of doors to the general public scheduled for 16.00 pm today.

Before entering the venue, fans were entertained by U2 singing songs with guitar, and then enjoying the sound check for their idols, which started at 18.40 and lasted for about 3 hours. Could there be a glimpse of how the code tonight, with topics such as Mysterious Ways, Beautiful Day and Elevation and the stunning scenery that includes the 360 tour of the set of Bono.

Among the long line of fans, including people from different cities of Chile and Peru, Brazil, USA and Germany also were followers of the English Muse, who will open fire with your show tonight, at 20.00 hours. U2’s performance is scheduled for 21.30.

Send us your fan photos -

Brazil and Argentina !

U2 will play Estadio Unico de la Plata in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA on March 30th, and Estadio Morumbi, Sao Paulo in BRAZIL on April 9th, 2011.

Tickets for both shows go on sale to the general public on Tuesday December 7th but U2.com subscribers can enter a special advance presale for tickets beginning this Wednesday, December 1st and running until Friday, December 3rd.

Subscribers will be emailed ahead of this presale with details of timings.