U2's "From The Ground Up" Launched


U2360° tour considered by many as the most impressive or massive under taking to date by any group or artists; shattering records both in audience attendance and revenues.  Can you imagine the logistical nightmare of moving three identical sets around the world, which includes 150 trucks? Epic Experience that is the way most fans described the show. U2 has just launched for its fan club “From the Ground Up” as Paul described it “ This is the story of U2’s biggest tour to date and biggest tour of all time.” The inside account of 360° Tour takes fans on a journey from Bono’s kitchen table where he imagines the new stage design to that final night of the biggest tour ever. 



The 260-page large format hardback photo book with test by Dylan Jones and photography by Ralph Larmann is the ultimate fan club gift. Dylan and Ralph provide fans a inside view of the 24 month tour.   You cannot buy the book on amazon or any book retailer you have to be a fan club member.  To add more motivation Edge threw in some one-off, limited edition tracks from the tour.

So, did you resign for the 2013 season? If so, you could expect to see your copy arrive some time in December.  Once we get a copy in, we will share all of the insider details with you.

Until next time. Listen, Enjoy and Share.

Good Bye Anaheim

Two nights of Anaheim and that’s all she could take. U2 packs up and hits the road today on to Baltimore, MD.

Memphis Mullen hits the road too early this am, traveling all the way to the east coast. The ride will be filled with memories and great tunes of the shows past. 6 shows down and well a couple more to go. While road tripping to every show across America seems so Jerry Garcia like this adventure is more about getting the ultimate fan book right. Making that connection between music, fans and of course the band. U2 has the connection when you strip all of the trappings of the machine ( nameless ) that creates the new image of U2.

Most fans will agree that U2 in some ways with the new “machine” has lost its touch with its fans,last nights show the boys took a helicopter in to the venue and a runner afterwards left some fans with a sour taste.  Its not the bands idea of how to arrive to a venue. So who is the machine, well you have think about the 360 deal that they signed years ago to understand who the machine is and how they operate. Maximum impact marketing for maximum returns for shareholders. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all. Just remember the fans are the ones that keep the lights on.

Anaheim II had a bit of surprise visit from “The Fly” and the setlist seemed to be a setup for Glastonbury wtith the mix of Actung Baby songs. “The Fly” was last performed on December 9th 2006 in Hawaii. Streets moved up early in the set and a couple of other little changes. Bono and the boys paid tribute to The Big Man  Clarence Clemons who pasted away the day earlier.  Bono sang a couple of lyrics from Jungleland a Springsteen fan favorite.

At its best moments — and there were so, so many — the show instantly brought back that magical feeling of old U2 shows, be it with the sublime beauty of “Miss Sarajevo,”, the always spine-tingling “Where The Streets Have No Name,” a glorious “Moment Of Surrender,” the anthemic “Walk On,” and the thrilling call to yesteryear, “I Will Follow,” from their debut album, 1980’s Boy.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the production, though, is that the much documented and hyped four-tentacled structure engulfing the band and those closest in the pit actually does succeed in giving off the feeling of intimacy. Yes, while in a stadium setting and among 70,000 fans, at times if felt as if it was just the band and its music — an apt reminder of why U2 earned the title of biggest band in the world.

We will see you in Baltimore. Thanks Anaheim fans we had a great time.

Adiós México "You have given us a good life"

Adiós México nos has dado una buena vida

MEXICO CITY, May 16 .- The hybrid spacecraft and time machine that U2 named as The Claw (The Claw) rose, as the title of Elevation sentence, one of his most popular songs, the euphoria over 100 000 passengers who yesterday gathered at the Estadio Azteca to say goodbye to the Irish band in their third and last concert in Mexico in the starting phase of its North American tour of its 360 ° Tour.

Bono (vocals), The Edge (guitar), Adam Clayton (bass) and Larry Mullen Jr. (drums) manned the mammoth structure along a little over two hours of a journey through their hits, their classic tracks and some compositions of his latest album No Line On The Horizon.

Given a field bleachers filled and the Colossus of Santa Ursula loyal fans packed alignment Dublin, Bono and company embarked on a musical recorrdido its history, which began in 1976 and to date has become the rock group largest gathering in the face of the Earth that has made their current tour the most successful of all time, earning an estimated $ 700 million.

Prior to the performance of the group Snow Patrol opening act, as he did last Wednesday and on Saturday, far exceeded expectations, U2 came out to the tune introductory Space Oddity by David Bowie to play Even Better Than The Real Thing from his acclaimed album Achtung Baby! which this year celebrates 20 years of its appearance.

With the public on the stock since the beginning of his show, the quartet demonstrated that falls short of its lavish trappings as it did the day before, made some variations in the setlist to include songs such as New Year’s Day, Pride (In The Name Of Love) All I Want Is You “and” Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me.

Except these minor adjustments, the huge machinery of U2 hows work in his two previous concerts with the desired response of a given audience participatory start to finish that marked both the sensory and surround sound experience in his background as a successful implementation and to peace speeches by Bono, alluding to the sale of U.S. arms to Mexico’s northern border for drug trafficking.

After his first and only encore that included One, Amazing Grace, Where the Streets Have No Name, Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me, With Or Without You “and” Moment of Surrender, Bono and his “cronies” as he singer summoned his bandmates, they said goodbye to the jubilation of his followers and the desire for a new visit to a consensual bands and more power convcatoria the country.

U2 Celebrates with Karoke

After the last show, U2 celebrates intimate for stBand participated in a karaoke bar Secret SP after Wednesdays show ‘Seu Jorge and Ronaldo were the only Brazilian guests’.

After the last of three concerts that U2 did in the Morumbi stadium, on Wednesday (13), The boys  still found breath to go to a party at Bar Secret, in Sao Paulo. Bono’s voice was protected - but you can still hear that he ripped it up.

Bono and company booked the room to throw a party for the crew that travels with the group, consisting of technicians, musicians and producers.

“Ronaldo and Seu Jorge was the only Brazilian guests, “he says. The former player had met with Bono, who presented him with a shirt. Seu Jorge, in turn, participated in group show at Morumbi, singing “The model”, the German band Kraftwerk.

According to Karina, about 60 people attended the club. “It is always known by some, friends of members. Being a small place with privacy, they like the book [for such events], ” he explains.

In the video broadcast by the official party This is not a karaoke on YouTube, Ronaldo sings “Satisfaction”, Rolling Stones, Bono, and venture into “Psycho Killer” by the band Talking Heads.

Next up Mexico !

Want to hear U2 Live from Sao Paulo

Bono /U2360 Tour Several reports are coming that Wednesda’s show from Sao Paulo will be broadcast live on radio by Brazillan station Oi FM

The band bid farewell to South America this Wednesday with a live audio webcast of the third show from Sao Paulo.

The show will be free on the web and terrestrial radio in South America and worldwide to U2.com subscribers.

U2 fans across South America can follow the U2360° show from  Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo via Terra u2.sonora.terra.com.br and also on radio in Brazil on OiFM.

Quote from U2.com - 

‘U2 have had a great time in South America - they’ve played fantastic sold out concerts in Santiago, Buenos Aires and here in Sao Paulo. This webcast and live radio broadcast in Brazil gives U2 fans who couldn’t get a ticket, the chance to hear a great show.’ said U2 Manager, Paul McGuinness.
The live broadcast will begin on u2.sonora.terra.com.br and OiFM at 9:30pm. Terra’s live stream will be broadcast into Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.  U2.com subscribers logging in on the night  will also have access to the webcast.
Following last night’s  second show at Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo, U2360° broke the record held by the Rolling Stones’ Bigger Bang Tour for the most successful tour ever.  With 26 shows remaining before the tour finishes in Canada on July 30, U2360° will also set a new record for ticket sales, with the final figure to be in excess of 7 million tickets sold.
Terra will broadcast the concert audio directly from the stadium, with digital quality, during a special edition of  Sonora Live, sponsored by Intel.

‘The U2 Sonora Live Special will be a milestone in the history of Sonora, broadcasting live and for free to all South America,’ says Terra Media Vice President, Sandra Pecis.  

Country specific landing pages for webcast:
AR: u2.sonora.terra.com.ar
BR: u2.sonora.terra.com.br
CL: u2.sonora.terra.cl
CO: u2.sonora.terra.com.co
PE: u2.terra.com.pe
VE: u2.terra.com.ve
EC: u2.terra.com.ec

The live broadcast will begin at 9:30 pm local time in Sao Paulo

Unos, dos, tres, catorce! Hola Brasil

Hypnotic. Overwhelming. Unpredictable. Unforgettable. Words fail to describe the feeling of fans about the rock band U2. 36 years on the road, Bono Vox (voice), The Edge (guitar), Adam Clayton (bass) and Larry Mullen Jr. (drums) leave a trail of satisfaction and renewal wherever they go. The quartet’s amazing ability to create success still surprises and excites the pop universe.

On their third visit to Brazil (the band has played here in 1998 and 2006), U2 continues with the 360 Tour, in operation since June 2009, and has a megastructure stage. Morumbi Stadium was invaded by a “giant claw” of about 50 feet tall, which promises to enrapture the audience with lighting effects and to envy. The concerts take place this weekend (Saturday 9 and Sunday, August 10) and Wednesday 13). Find more details via facebook or twitter

File Photo U2 360 Tour Everything is ready for the show. The structure includes a lighted stage, complete with catwalk and a tower of light responsible for highlighting the four bases of the space. A screen with a million pieces LED, positioned above the structure, allows the public to see every detail of the show, regardless of the position you are.

Neither the distance between the musicians and the ends of the stadium is the problem. Boards with dozens of speakers were installed in each of the four sides of the structure. The impression, as incredible as it seems, is that the band is playing at his side.

Misleading, however, one thinks the show is just pyrotechnics. U2 prepared to play your best rock n ‘roll to São Paulo. Hits like “Beautiful Day” and “Sunday Bloody Sunday” do not even have to enter the wish list of guys. Just like “Vertigo” and “With or Without You.” Incidentally, check out the show’s repertoire as possible and prepare your voice to sing along .  ( Possible Set list )
Beautiful Day
I Will Follow
Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Until the End of the World
I Still Have not Found What I’m Looking For
Stuck In A Moment You Can not Get Out Of
Even Better Than The Real Thing
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
In A Little While
Miss Sarajevo
City of Blinding Lights
I’ll Go Crazy If I Do not Go Crazy Tonight
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

79K Chilean Fans Surrender Under U2

U2 360 Tour Chile 3/25/11SANTIAGO - A stunning scenery and an enthusiastic audience.

That’s what you see in the opening minutes of the third concert of U2 in Chile, which began at 21:30 in National Stadium. 

The hugh structure knowen as “The Claw” featuring a 360 ° stage that allows the boys to be view from all angles. “Allows us to get closer to the fans, Bono saiid”

Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen made their to the stage and started the night off with a piece of the song by Violeta Parra Thanks to life, ” whose chorus was joined by singer Francisca Valenzuela.

Then it gave way to Beautiful Dayand I will follow. ” ( Set List Udpated )

79 000 people surrendered at Bono’s feet , according to figures released by the show’s production. As announced Valenzuela, Bono shared the stage with the Chilean singer singing the song “One Tree Hill. “
The show ended at 23:47 hours on the track Moment of Surrenderby U2 song chosen to leave Chile.

We are very happy to be back, this is one of our favorite places in the world, “ Bono said on his arrival in Santiago.

According to reports, before traveling to Argentina, the band plans to visit other cities of Chile. Suggestions of production are La Serena and exclusive resort The Tacas, in the north, and Pucón and Villarrica, in the south.
The next stop on the tour will be in Buenos Aires, where the Irish will be presented in the newly roofed Estadio Unico de La Plata on 30 March, 2 and 3 April.

We have updated the set list and will be posting photos and videos and we review them.

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Next Stop Vienna from A to Z

u2 360 Stage 2010/

75 thousand spectators are expected on 30 August concert. The stadium with a capacity of 50 thousand events are usually determined by head count. This requirement has so far only a few times, such as the Rolling Stones, AC / DC or “the three tenors (Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti) concert made an exception. 

The Vienna news tells the story of Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton from A to Z Achtung Baby Zoo TV. What we found interesting is the bits of U2 and social awarness that streams thru the story that does not translate well into English. So view it as just a small look into what the people from Vienna think of U2……….

Baby Completed in Berlin during the post-Fall-year period, published in 1991 “Achtung Baby”, the seventh album by the band, as their experimental and darkest work. The cover is adorned with a GDR Trabant, six copies of the colorfully painted plastic car used on the next tour as a stage decoration.

Batman for the soundtrack of “Batman Forever” in 1995 to control the U2 song “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” at. For the current “360 Tour”, the song was put back on the setlist.

Conversation  U2 are also not immune to musical missteps, as evidenced by the new recordings of “Helter Skelter” and “All Along The Watchtower. Successful because already the Skids cover of “The Saints Are Coming” with Green Day. All proceeds were donated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

D isco U2 at the disco? Sounds funny, is it that way. Available for listening on the rather botched the 1997 album “Pop”. Later, the band for a greatest hits album a few songs a new, because Bono and The Edge are dissatisfied with the original mixes.

E Bono in 1982 he married his childhood sweetheart, Ali, the couple has four children. After the failure of his marriage to Aislinn (1983-1996) The Edge marries his Morleigh 2002, he meets during the 1992 tour. Larry Mullen and his partner Ann are in the late 70s a couple without being married (three children). Bassist Adam Clayton is single.

F ilm The idea for the film “The Million Dollar Hotel” by Wim Wenders about a flophouse in LA is from Bono himself. Soundtrack-tip: the Salman Rushdie written and set to music by U2 “The Ground Beneath Her Feet”.

G itarre so striking even the voice of Bono, U2 is the trademark of the guitar by The Edge. His guitar style is characterized by short, terse sound sequences, opulent, he rarely plays solos.

On the website there is a travel guide for Dublin, which allows fans to travel to important stages in the life of U2. Of the parents’ homes by Bono and Larry about the first gigs in pubs, down to the Hanover Quay Studios. (u2tour.de)

IDENTITY repeatedly Bono slips into different stages identities of the hard leather Rocker (aka “The Fly”) to the disco-styled Feschak. During the Zoo TV tour, he came even as Macphisto teufelsbehörnter “on. Finally, he showed his true nature unken, critic.

Johnny Cash On “The Wanderer” from the album “Zooropa” (1993) Country superstar Johnny Cash acting as guest singers. Less then starts the forgotten cash a furious comeback.

“South Park” is derided as an egomaniac singer of U2-gooders and at the end to the “second biggest pile of shit in the world” appointed. Bono takes the matter with humor.

Live album recorded in 1983, “Under A Blood Red Sky” is - apart from the 4-parts-EP “Wide Awake In America” and the live / studio hybrid “Rattle & Hum” - so far the only official live album by band.

Musical On 21 December 2010 is celebrating “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark” in New York premiere. Music and lyrics are by Bono and The Edge. $ 50 million production costs, it is considered the most expensive Broadway musical ever.

With “Sunday Boody Sunday” U2 deliver in 1983 a radical and highly controversial statement on the fighting from their homes.

O peration this May, Bono must undergo emergency surgery in Munich on the back. A North American tour is canceled.

Whether P has olitics U.S. presidents, popes or UN secretaries-general - not made any political or religious world-class player in the Bono as part of its commitment to the debt the Third World. For the 50-year-old is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Q uality about the musical quality of U2 disagreement. While some praise the Irishman as the best band in the world, others complain too much pathos, formulaic songs and assume the front man a Messiah complex. “U2’s songs are like furniture from IKEA,” wrote the “Star”. “They are the illusion of chic in the functional design of our time, with a hint of subversive, nonchalance, youthful standard denial.”

R eligion In early songs like “Gloria,” and “I Still Have not Found What I’m Looking For” U2 cancel their Christian faith clearly. Today, the volume is dedicated more to spirituality than religion practiced (see “Yahweh”). Bono always stressed that his faith was the motivation for doing his political

S U2 published a soundtrack 1995 under the pseudonym “Passengers” on the album Original Soundtracks 1 “. An album full of experiments, mostly instrumental. With “Miss Sarajevo” there is even a duet with Luciano Pavarotti on the odd secondary work.

The 360 Tour “is one of the most successful in the history of music. Between June 2009 and June 2010 the band made $ 130,000,000 in sales.

U 2 To the name “U2” is shrouded in the most varied rumors. For one, he, phonetically, a word game. To German: “You too”. On the other hand were called including the U.S. spy planes in the 60’s.

V erkäufe With 160 million albums sold, the Dubliner among the most successful acts in the charts history.

 U2 for the fifth time in the Federal Capital (May 24, 1992 Danube island, 26-27. Stadthalle July 2001, July 2, 2005 Happel-Stadion). The setlist will include 23 songs, including the previously unreleased songs “Glastonbury” and “North Star”.

XY … Document number are unresolved Where do the artists name? Bono Vox in civil life goes by the name Paul Hewson, his nickname is derived from the Latin “vox bona” (“good voice” her). About the nickname of Dave Evans (The Edge), there are two theories: his sharp (“edgy”), the angular head and mind are available.

Z oo-TV, the ‘93 tour is the oddest of all concert tours: in the intro is a drumming Nazi-boy from the film “Triumph of the Will” by Leni shown Riefenstahl, the band climbs out of a giant lemon and the phone through a live circuit with various celebrities.

U2 May Say Hola South America !

The rumors contiue to grow. Now La Tercera is reporting that Live Nation may have reached a deal for the boys to play in Chile, and if all goes well it could be more than one show. Dates suggested March 25th and 26th. The second show is based a sell out of the first. Which is more than likely. If Chile gets the second show this will be the first time since the boys toured South America that Chile gets a second show.

The waiting for some fans may be a bit much however we suggest you hang on word has it that tickets may go on sale as early as September.

Now what about South America, should the Chile concert dates come true, this would be part of the bigger South American tour which could include U2’s first time arrival into Peru. Rumors suggest that this South American tour could start late February or early March 2011.