Why Another U2 Album?

Lots of emotions are flowing around the future of U2. We all feel the same way. 

I thought about my personal views on the idea and while I was never really one to share my thoughts on the future of U2 and wondered why not.

Why not share what I thought about the whole matter. 

However before we venture down that path here's the comments that have been flying around about the band and their future.

A source commented that: “They never wanted to be the kind of band who just toured over and over again without new material.

“Bono would rather pack it in if it got to that stage.

“At the earliest they will hit the road at the end of this year and after that it’s hard to see how they could carry on.

“Bono is always getting offers to go solo and write his own album. That’s looking like a very likely option in the coming years.”

Earlier this year Bono admitted the band were living in fear of becoming irrelevant.

He said: “We were trying to figure out why would anyone want another U2 album?

“And then we said ‘Why would we want one?’ There was some unfinished business.

“We felt like we were on the verge of irrelevance a lot in our lives.”

The idea of irrelevance really bugs the crap out of me. I think that I have a voice and that sometimes U2 music speaks well for me. I think that the future does belong to be as much as it belongs to that snot nosed little pisser of a kid that comes up behind me.

The music is more about beliefs in something greater than me. A higher place, a freedom from what holds me back. Yet I know that in order to grow I must let go of yesterday and look towards the future.

U2 has give us a great collection of music that can stand the test of time. The themes still hold true today. While some say that God has no place in music others delight in the idea that that you can be a bad boy or girl and be saved daily by grace.

Sure I would love for U2 to grow older with me and carry me into those remaining years.  U2 does not owe me the fan anything, the music was made for me to enjoy.

The shows  allowed me to breathe life into a community of friends. I am not mad nor upset if this really is the end. I know others will not agree. However that's what makes the whole idea of being a U2 fan beautiful.

And love, it's not the easy thing
The only baggage, that you can bring
Not the easy thing, the only baggage you can bring
Is all that you can't leave behind

Maybe hidden in those words was the message that you can't leave U2 behind that that U2 will forever be within your hearts and isn't that the place you would want them to be most often.

So ask yourself why do you want another U2 album ?

6 or 7 Ready, No Title and U2 Heads Home


After show comments with Rolling Stone’s David Fricke gives us a chance to peek into the dressing room of U2 for an interview with the boys, The Edge followed up his comments that they album has been delayed due working on Ordinary Love.  

Edge stated, "We really want the songs to be right. That's the only reason why we're not on tour – because we're so good at starting, not so good at finishing. That's always the way it's been."

We noticed the comments about having 30 or so songs in various states and really, that seems to be able right for the boys. They seem to start very strong and work to scale down to the finished product.

The process takes time. Its not as easy as one word think. Edge did give way to the fact that they do have six or seven mixed and ready to go. We should expect something like 9 or 12 songs total in this new digital world.  Edge also provided some insights to the creative process.

When asked about the title of the next project simply stated "Not yet. We have a few."

The band left New York headed back to Dublin to keep working on finishing the album.

Bono Arrives in Iceland

Sources report that Bono spend New Years in Iceland. Bono with family and friends landed in Reykjavik for the 4th time today from Dublin.

Plans are to stay over night and ring in the New Year.  Bono arrived, waived to on lookers and offered to chance for a interview.  Alison and the kids as well as Damien Rice plan to stay at a hotel in the capital as well as visit the the surrounding areas. 

Bono and the boys have been working most of the holiday on finishing up the new project and suggestions lead most to believe the project should arrive around April 2014.

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U2 Expected Spring 2014

Spring 2014 almost 5 years later since U2 has released an album. The rumors are flying around that suggest Spring 2014 for some new music from the boys. Everything we heard from our sources suggests we are on track for Spring 2014.

In case, you missed it. Bono was on Dave Letterman and suggested that the final touch up is under way. The artwork, some videos and the marketing machine team will start kicking it to full gear early 2014.

Lets be real we all know U2 likes to have everything in place and really fine tuned prior to any release. This we know for fact. We can expect to see the boys appear on the road supporting the new project because of changes in the music business bands really need to hit the road to earn any money.

Yes, even U2 with their 360 agreements with Live Nation will be required to hit the road. We think that the rumor around smaller closer intimate venues might be way for them to go. Getting closer to the fans, playing multi dates in some of the larger cities to support a kind of a fair well tour. (Yea we said it).

The boys really want to make a big splash and yet they still fight the noise of “are we relevant?” the boys want to go out on top as the “Worlds Greatest Rock Bands” Its all part of a greater plan.

So for now know that the music is on the tape and ready to be burned to CD’s or downloads and all that’s left is for the label to pick a release date that brings the biggest amount of attention.

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Frank Barsalona, Remembered

Paul said: "Trying to get U2 signed to Premier Talent was the reason for my trip when I flew to New York for the very first time in 1980. I was a baby manager but I knew that Premier were the agency that had driven the British Invasion for the Who, Zeppelin and all the great bands. U2 were recording their first album, "Boy," in Dublin, with Steve Lillywhite producing, for Island Records. When I arrived in New York, I phoned Frank Barsalona's office for an appointment. They took my number, maybe they would have called back.  The next day my father died suddenly back in Dublin. I phoned Premier to say I wouldn't be able to see Frank that week because I would be at the funeral  but I would be back soon. He had to see me when I returned, I was the guy in Ireland whose father had died ...

"When I met Frank a week or two later he listened to the U2 tape, looked at a video clip I had made,  and (with some encouragement from Chris Blackwell, who had once bailed out his agency) agreed to represent the band. It was the most important alliance we had made up to then.

"Through the 1980s in North America, Barbara Skydel and Frank guided U2 to becoming one the great live act they are now. Over many late nights sitting in his office as he told me his stories, after everyone had gone home, he gave me my education in the business. Sometimes we went to watch a Yankees game, but mostly we sat and he talked, often till midnight.

"He taught U2 and myself something that has stood us in good stead ever since -- that an artist has two parallel careers: one on record and one live. The fact that record success came later for U2 was compensated for by their much quicker rise to fame as one of the great live attractions.

"He and his network of regional promoters gave us so much of their skill and wisdom. In 1991/1992 we did the ambitious, expensive, and deservedly legendary, ZooTV tour. We kept the ticket price low and only broke even.

"In 1997 when costs were even higher, we were planning the PopMart tour and we changed the business model, and decided to invite bids from interested parties who would underwrite the whole world tour, and shoulder the financial risk that the band had hitherto taken. This meant working without an agent and I had the painful task of informing Frank and Barbara that U2 were no longer Premier clients. The business was changing. I had to say the same to Ian Flooks of Wasted Talent, who had been our brilliant agent in the rest of the world.

"We then started working worldwide with Michael Cohl and Arthur Fogel, then working under the name TNA. Though Michael is no longer part of the organization, TNA became SFX, that became Clear Channel and the current Live Nation concert organization, which is in many ways the successor to Frank Barsalona's network.  We are still working with Arthur Fogel, who first played U2 in the El Mocambo in Toronto in 1980, a date booked by Premier.

"Frank was a great man and we will not see his like again. My sympathies and condolences go to his wife June and daughter Nicole."

Read more at http://www.billboard.biz/bbbiz/industry/touring/frank-barsalona-remembered-by-u2-manager-1008028402.story#LJz8tfyBlgc1mkCv.99

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