Closer than you think U2's new release ?

This is unconfirmed yet its so possible that we thought we better share the news. Within a forum on a user named "u2lemonman" posted the following with images.

Well looking I what I have just received from a friend from London who is well connected, it looks like a release is closer than we think.

I am having trouble uploading the images so I have mailed them to the staff to help me share them with you

What we do know is that this subway photograph was taken in New York City and that the subway stop was close to ELS. We always thought the new project should be called Lucky 13. In the upper right hand corner a reference "u2luckneu01" which we do not have any idea.  Now scroll down to look at the liner notes.  This is the way promotional copies are released to statiions. HOWEVER.  Band never send the full release out on the first go around. Normally its months later.  

Note the release date June 13th 2014, its this is the case its time to start the promotional tracks and interviews and U2 all the time.  So boys is this the real deal ?


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