Bono defends Steve Jobs

Irish rock band U2”s lead singer, Bono, has defended Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs, after a columnist wrote that the billionaire businessman does not give enough to charity.

The singer wrote in a letter in response to the New York Times article that Jobs said there was ‘nothing better than the chance to save lives’, when he approached him about a campaign to fight AIDS in Africa, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Apple was the biggest contributor for the (Product) Red fund-raising brand to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, giving tens of millions of dollars, Bono wrote.

“”I”m proud to know him,” Bono wrote about Jobs.

“”He”s a poetic fellow, an artist and a businessman. Just because he”s been extremely busy, that doesn”t mean that he and his wife, Laurene, haven”t been thinking about these things,” he added.

Andrew Ross Sorkin wrote in a column that Jobs was not a ‘prominent philanthropist’ despite having accumulated 7.8 million dollras through holdings in Apple and the Walt Disney Company.

There was no public record of Jobs giving money to charity, Sorkin wrote.

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U2 Remixed - and other news

I guess it was about time for a re-mix right ? The CD is sliding down the charts faster then a high school girls panties on prom night. Sure I said it. Come on you thought it. So why not say it.

Anyway. U2 Bootleggers for years have created re-mixed songs. Now lookie here. Crookers, and Justice and now Fred Falke. Just finished listing to Fred's mix and my my Freddie that's a pretty tasty treat you have mixxed up for us. Magnificent will be the second single from NLOTH of course I liked the orignal CD name "French Disco" which was dropped during the session. A/R people most likely jumped up and down. "We need a CD name that we can sell !"

Ok, most of you visitors have been dropping some pretty cool mail on me. Yea I read most of your crap and file 13 a lot of noise. Rarely does an oppertunity to bake up some fresh comments about your lack of music taste pass me by. However this weekend I am going to pull back reflect on some music choices and dive right into the expanded sections next week. What does that all mean to you. Well folks that means we are going to go for a ride on a the musical highway.

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