U2 Halts 2014 Focus Moves to 2015


Marketing Machines come to a halt, tour plans stalled out, album delays and yet the band has faith that their new project will relevant and an outstanding project that will keep U2 within the kingdom of rock. 

Well fans with crashing blow news surfaced today that U2 has pushed their project out to 2015. 

Billboard Magazine has the exclusive report that a source stated, "That magic that the band always seems to capture ... they have yet to capture it."

Rumors suggested that 2014 was to be the year of U2 it surely seemed that way with the Golden Goble award and the Grammy Nomination. 

However, no official word has yet to come from Interscope and the fact that a suggested tour announcement slated for mid March. September was to be the kick off for a world tour with Live Nation running tour now seems to all pushed out to the summer of 2015.  

Bono continues to focus his legacy and what will be of U2 that this may have paralyzed the band from creating the magic. We all remember when Bono said he feared the band was "really close to the edge of relevance," noting "there's a giant chasm between the very good and the great, and U2 right now has a danger of surrendering to the very good." He reiterated those sentiments to The Hollywood Reporter in February when he noted, "to be relevant is a lot harder than to be successful."

Count on this the band will have to create something because they are under contract to do so. The magic will either happen naturally or forced and that will be come the legacy of U2.

Bono Arrives in Iceland

Sources report that Bono spend New Years in Iceland. Bono with family and friends landed in Reykjavik for the 4th time today from Dublin.

Plans are to stay over night and ring in the New Year.  Bono arrived, waived to on lookers and offered to chance for a interview.  Alison and the kids as well as Damien Rice plan to stay at a hotel in the capital as well as visit the the surrounding areas. 

Bono and the boys have been working most of the holiday on finishing up the new project and suggestions lead most to believe the project should arrive around April 2014.

Healthly Bono Ready for Next Challenge

BONO has thanked his family for putting up with him on his sickbed by taking them on a pilgrimage of the world’s holiest regions.

After spending nearly two years recovering from emergency back surgery in 2010 the U2 frontman celebrated by whisking his wife and nippers off on holiday.

He said: “I’ve possibly had the best year personally because I’ve spent most of it with my family. “Having been away on tour for so long, then taking so long to recover from my back injury, it was time for a trip. “I decided to take the family on tour as a little thank you to the kids for being so patient with me. “Because I wasn’t busy with the band we kind of went wandering. Once-in-a-lifetime sort of stuff, places like Africa and Central America. “We also went to Jordan and Palestine, Israel and Peru. “It was really great to have time off.”

Hello Seattle !

When U2 climbs onstage tonightl at Qwest Field, many in the crowd will have waited almost two years for the show. The U2 “360 Degree” Qwest date was originally scheduled for May 2010 and tickets first went on sale in November 2009. But when Bono injured his back and needed emergency surgery, the Seattle date was postponed for a year. Memphis Mullen is expected to be in the GA line early and will have some U2 swag for some fans.

Bono is back to leaping and jumping again, and the delay in the end might prove lucky. During the past year, U2 has honed its show, added a few songs and integrated video of the Arab spring revolt into a moving “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” Reviews of this leg — the seventh of the tour — are stellar. “Fresh and edgy as ever,” proclaimed The Salt Lake Tribune. “Lives up to image, hype,” raved The Denver Post.

The staging for “360 Degree” includes a 164-foot-high steel support rig, nicknamed “The Claw.” If that sounds like an expensive stage prop to haul around — it requires 120 trucks to transport — U2 can afford it: Even with a break for Bono’s rehabilitation, the “360 Degree” show has become the highest-grossing tour in concert history, surpassing the Rolling Stones’ “Bigger Bang