U2 Rose Bowl DVD Arrives

U2’ marketing machine was planning on using the release U2 360 at the Rose Bowl this week to promote the North American summer tour.  Expected to start this Thursday which now we all know has been delayed due to Bono’s unexpected back surgery.

We don’t want to give away too much of the DVD. However we will say this is the best U2 DVD ever released. Yes, we said the best. Amazing footage, audio sounds wonderful. Clearly you will notice some edits on a couple of songs.  Remember when we said that “City of Blinding Lights” the stage was made for this song. We think you will be impressed again. 

Noticeable item would be the lack of heavy focus on the stage.  As Bono and the boys have said many times the stage was “designed to get closer to you.” You will notice that not a lot of attention on the stage rather the music such as a music DVD should be. 

Bono takes the leading role, the voice sounds better. If you remember a couple of shows he seemed to have some voice issues.  Running around the stage, singing, dancing it’s a pure love fest for Bono.  We expect that he will not be running around the stage as much as this past leg. However who knows. Singing, Dancing, its all part of the show and Bono knows you came to see the show.

We want to cut our review short. Why? Well clearly your feedback is much more interesting to us. You will find some great surprises such as Squaring the Circle - The insider look at how the stage came to be.

If we have to wait a whole year before the boys come back to America. This DVD will ease the pain.  We have thousands of hours of concert video from the 360 tour however this DVD is the one concert DVD you will want to own. 


U2 Rose Bowl DVD June 7 2010

U2360° At The Rose Bowl will be released on DVD and Blu-ray by Mercury Records on June 7, 2010.

U2360° At The Rose Bowl was the penultimate gig of last year’s

U2360° Tour in support of their Grammy nominated album No Line on The Horizon. The Rose Bowl performance was the band’s biggest show of 2009 and U2’s biggest ever US show, with a live audience in excess of 97,000.

The show was also streamed across seven continents via YouTube.

The first ever live streaming of a full-length stadium concert, U2360° at the Rose Bowl had over 10 million views on the channel in one week.

Shot entirely in HD, the concert was filmed with 27 cameras and directed by Tom Krueger who had previously worked on U23D, the first live action 3D concert movie taken from U2’s Vertigo Tour.

Available in standard and 2-disc deluxe DVD formats (see below), U2360° At The Rose Bowl will also be U2’s first concert available in Blu-ray. The deluxe formats and the Blu-ray will feature a new documentary called Squaring the Circle:

Creating U2360° with new interviews from U2, Paul McGuinness and the team behind the touring production.

Tracklisting of U2360° At The Rose Bowl is as follows:

Get On Your Boots, Magnificent, Mysterious Ways, Beautiful Day, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of, No Line On The Horizon, Elevation, In A Little While, Unknown Caller, Until the End of the World, The Unforgettable Fire, City of Blinding Lights, Vertigo, I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight, Sunday Bloody Sunday, MLK, Walk On, One, Where The Streets Have No Name, Ultra Violet (Light My Way), With Or Without You, Moment Of Surrender.

U2360° At The Rose Bowl is released in the following formats:
- Single Disc DVD, live concert only
- 2DVD Super Deluxe Box Set (content to be announced)
- Two Disc DVD Deluxe edition
- Blu-Ray Single Disc edition each featuring the live concert plus:
Squaring The Circle: Creating U2360° Documentary
U2360° Tour Clips
Bonus Track ‘Breathe’ (Live At The Rose Bowl)
Berlin Timelapse Video
Get On Your Boots
I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight (Animated)
I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight (Live At Barcelona)
The Making Of ‘Get On Your Boots’ Video
The Making Of ‘Magnificent’ Video

U2 Announcement Monday

U2 Announcement Monday based on a rumor that reads very interesting -

“Pues este lunes tendremos la fecha de lanzamiento del dvd de pasadena y los formatos en los que saldra, se rumorea que solo saldra en dvd(tres versiones distintas)porque al introducirlo en el ordenador tendremos acceso a un codigo para descargar varias canciones nuevas en formato audio/video y que habra dentro de poco(abril/mayo) una promo en directo para dar a conocer dichas canciones. “

“Monday we will have the release date of the dvd pasadena and formats that will go forth, is rumored to be only coming to DVD (three different versions) because the computer will enter an access code to download new songs in various format audio / video and that there will soon (April / May) a live promo to raise awareness of those songs.”

We have also spotted this post on twitter -

“U2 360° At The Rose Bowl” is the official name of the DVD, & the release date will be announced on Monday.”

At this point it seems possible that we could see a release annoucement on Monday, whats interesting is that the idea of releasing new songs within the DVD package. Great marketing idea.

For now enjoy a video and lets wait and see

U2's DVD of Rose Bowl Concert !

Did you happen to attend the show live or via Youtube? 100K fans did attend via the internet. You can expect to see the DVD coming shortly as we reported before. The LA Tmes has had a couple of short updates, details of the project remain unclear. Do you think that they should use the streamed video ? Or the video from the band feed? No worries the band and youtube have a ample supply of footage. In case you have forgotten the setlist. We have all of the set lists posted on our site. The LA show can be found here.

Did you miss the review of the show ? It was claimed to be a smashing success.

Your Rose Bowl Information

Youtube Videos. Its time to sign up and follow the tour. Be sure to sign up to get the most current U2 concert videos from fans like you.

Rose Bowl Stories: All of the back stories from the event.



10 million tune in to U2 gig


For U2 it was just another outlet for video footage but it may well prove to be the moment when the internet showed that it could generate audiences to rival broadcast television.

On ten million occasions viewers clicked on to YouTube to watch U2 perform live at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Calfornia at the end of last month, a record for simultaneous viewing on the video website.

Malcom Gerrie, the chief executive of WhizzKid Entertainment, the company that filmed the event, said that both the band and YouTube were shocked and surprised by how many people watched online. “This achieved the kind of audience you might see for a television hit show, but it was far greater than you would see for a music show on television in any single country,” he said. “In Britain, they are cracking open the champagne if Later with Jools Holland gets seen by 600,000 people.”

YouTube, owned by Google, traditionally shows short video clips, and the U2 concert was one of only a handful of live broadcasts the website has undertaken. It was persuaded into doing so when Bono, the band’s frontman, took advantage of his friendship with Sergey Brin, one of Google’s two billionaire founders, to force a change of policy.

Previous attempts to broadcast major concerts live on the internet, such as AOL’s transmission of Live 8 in 2005, have proved to be disappointing for viewers because the prevailing internet technology had not been able to handle video well. As household connection speeds increase, transmitting live television online is becoming more practical.U2TOURFANS 2009/Rose Bowl

The high viewing figures came as such a surprise that neither the band nor YouTube capitalised financially. Paul McGuinness, U2’s manager, said: “YouTube were a little unsure of themselves. They were supposed to sell a sponsorship for the event, but somehow they didn’t manage to.”

YouTube also refused to pay U2, although the Irish quartet accepted the lack of fees because they saw the exercise as a promotional experiment. The Rose Bowl gig was being filmed anyway, so the band could release a DVD of the event early next year as part of their contractual obligation to their music company, Universal.

Mr McGuiness said that in future U2 would consider charging viewers to watch live online when the band comes round to touring again in about four years. “We might do pay per view next time, and we don’t think that will cannibalise any sales of DVDs because the audiences are separate,” he said.

In Britain, few programmes top 10 million viewers. Coronation Street and other soap operas; Champions League and other football finals; and Saturday night entertainment shows are the only programmes able to breach that figure. Last week the X Factor elimination show on Sunday night was watched by 15.8 million, making it one of the most-watched programmes of the year.

U2 were able to exceed the 10 million level because the concert was made available to 187 countries, including China, North Korea and Iran, although a third of the 10 million audience for the Rose Bowl show came from the United States.

After the gig, YouTube is understood to be considering a change in strategy that would turn it into a regular rival to the BBC and ITV and any traditional TV station. A spokesman for YouTube would only describe the event as a “big win”, but Mr Gerrie said: “We think a whole new business model has emerged here.”

U2 concert a smashing success

City, Rose Bowl officials call U2 concert a smashing success

By Janette Williams, Staff Writer


 PASADENA - As the mammoth stage was dismantled Monday and 96,000 U2 fans recovered their hearing after Sunday’s show, the largest concert in Rose Bowl history was being hailed by officials as an all-around musical, financial and logistical triumph.

“This event will go down as one for the ages for the Rose Bowl - and that’s tough to say given the history of events here,” Rose Bowl General Manager Darryl Dunn said. “The atmosphere was electric, people were so excited, and all the reports received from those assisting with the show and the promoters of

The Edge perform in U2’s 360 Tour at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Sunday, Oct. 25, 2009. (SGVN/Staff Photo by Eric Reed/)
the tour were outstanding.”A team of 5,000 worked Sunday’s event, Dunn said, calling it a “true collaboration.” The event is expected to make between $300,000 and $400,000 for the stadium, he said.

Ten months of preparation with the Pasadena Police Department and event transportation consultants, The John Blanchard Co., paid off, Dunn said.

“It just got bigger and bigger and bigger as it got closer,” he said. “I’m really proud of the effort and the results.”

Audiences heeded the Rose Bowl management’s appeals to arrive early and make a day of it, pre-pay parking, carpool and use shuttles and public transportation, Dunn said.

“We knew it was a challenge,” he said, adding that an estimated 8,000 to 9,000 people used public transportation and 20,000 used shuttle services from Pasadena City College and Parsons parking lots.

“We ended up not even parking the whole Rose Bowl and (Brookside) golf course,” Dunn said. “People did listen to the recommendations…The typical mentality of the concert crowd is to come within one hour of the event.”

Lee Zanteson, president of the Linda Vista/Annandale Neighborhood Association, said traffic control went well, apart from two small streets that should have been barricaded and were not - which he called “less than a crisis.”

“And it was not quite as loud as I expected,” Zanteson said.

Even the fact that the concert went about 15 minutes past its official 11 p.m. curfew didn’t bother him, he said.

“I was sound asleep, I don’t care - I expected they would,” he said. “In this case, it was for the greater good - the Rose Bowl was making money, the town was making money and it made a lot of people happy.”

Dunn said technical issues made the concert run a little late, and they were in touch with the promoters over a possible penalty imposed by the city.

U2 fans apparently spent time in Old Pasadena before and after the concert, said Steve Mulheim, president and CEO of the Old Pasadena Management District.

“It was hopping all day,” Mulheim said of the city’s retail and restaurant hub, although no figures are available yet.

“A number of stores we’ve called said it was a phenomenal day, the best they’ve had in a long time, and can we have U2 here every weekend,” he said.

Not everyone used shuttles or public transportation - there were plenty of limos delivering celebrity fans.

Among those spotted by U2 fan Courtney Saavedra - in the VIP section courtesy of a friend’s husband in U2’s entourage - were Barbra Streisand, Demi Moore, Ewan McGregor, Hilary Swank, Elvis Costello, Winona Ryder, and Cindy Crawford.

“It was fantastic,” Saavedra said of the concert. “I felt that I was part of history, that the world was watching … and that it was the biggest party I’ll ever attend in my life.”


U2 ROSE Bowl Alert !

PASADENA — The biggest concert crowd in Rose Bowl history is expected Sunday night when U2 takes the stage, performing in the round for upward of 95,000 people and untold millions via YouTube.

The Dublin quartet will be performing on a giant, rotating stage that enables fans to fill the playing field, the band to do away with stacks of amplifiers and speakers, and turns end-zone seats into stage center.

U2TOURFANS 2009 File PhotoBono calls the big claw structure encasing the stage the “space station.” It was partially inspired by the theme building at LAX and designed especially for the “360” tour, which is winding down in North America with its final show in Vancouver Wednesday.

Friday’s show in Las Vegas — former President Bill Clinton and actor Sean Penn were among the celebrities in the crowd of about 40,000 — drew heavily from the band’s latest album, “No Line on the Horizon,” but included older hits such as “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” Included in the three-song finale was “With or Without You.”

The concert will be streamed live on YouTube — the first full-length concert to be streamed by the Google-owned video site — and is expected to reach millions beyond the Rose Bowl. The concert will also be archived online and available for free viewing.

The Black-Eyed Peas will open the 8:30 p.m. show, which sold-out in hours. The crowd is expected to be U2’s biggest. The band’s attendance record — 84,500 — was set at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., last month.

Parking will be challenging, since the Rose Bowl has only about 20,000 spaces next to the stadium. But Pasadena is used to big crowds, and shuttles will be running from parking lots around Old Town, Pasadena City College and Metro Gold Line stations.

Those who hop a train to the show should get off at the Memorial Park Station. More information is available at www.metro.net or by calling (800) COMMUTE.

Pasadena police Chief Bernard Melekian urged concertgoers to arrive early, bring a picnic lunch or participate in “Picnic in the Park” festivities, which are free.



U2 Rose Bowl Fans: All 90,000 of you we want to hear from you. We have a project called Fan Base view. It’s really easy. We want you to share the show from your view.  Fans from many of the shows have joined in on this project. It’s simple, easy and most of all fun. Your photos will be posted real time during the event. All you need to do is take a photo email it to us from your mobile phone (of course we would suggest Blackberry or iPhone but hey neither pays us so choose your camera phone of choice)

You can take photos of getting ready for the show, tailgating, pre show photos of anything and everything related to U2. You choose what to send to us. We have opened our Fan Base photo booth up to handle as many Rose Bowl fans that want to send us photos.

First Fan Submitted U2TOURFANS ROSE BOWL 2009All you have to do is take a photo on a white paper “U2TOURFANS ROSE BOWL 2009 YOUR ID” send it in to us at the following email address u2tourfans at gmail dot com. That’s pretty simple right ? Oh your id is anything you would like, your name, your twitter id, make up something, but be clean and cool.

Remember we need to hear from you within the next 24 hours to give you a special email address you can save to your phone address book. Check out the photo section and see what our friends in Houston have to say.



U2 AT THE ROSE BOWL - OCTOBER 25 Vital Parking Information Notice

Area U2 fans: you need to plan your trip to the Rose Bowl in advance. Attendance for this event will be over 96,000 people, the largest concert crowd in the venue’s history. The roads in and around Pasadena will have significant traffic and will be heavily congested.

The Rose Bowl has limited parking available on-site. To meet this extraordinary demand, and for your convenience, there are adjacent off-site parking options as well as shuttle rides to and from the stadium. We strongly urge you to consider taking advantage of these shuttles and to carpool when possible.

In order to have a great experience:


  • Rose Bowl Parking Lots Open: 8 AM
  • Picnic In The Park Begins: 12 Noon
  • Park & Ride Shuttle Lots Open
        & Buses Start Running: 12 Noon
  • Doors Open: 5 PM
  • Show Starts: 7 PM

Not only will arriving early minimize your travel time, we have great pre-concert activities planned as well. Opening to the public at 12 noon, Picnic In The Park will give you the opportunity to relax and socialize with your friends in the comfortably shaded Rose Bowl grounds. Just bring a blanket, a picnic basket and enjoy!

In addition, many entertainment, dining and beverage options are available for purchase as well. Sports fans: you can enjoy all of the day’s NFL action on multiple TV screens. Within Picnic In The Park, we will have live entertainment featuring The Ruse and other enticing activities. Picnic In The Park is located directly in front of the Rose Bowl on Lot “H.”

Click Here for more information on Picnic In The Park.

Also, there are nearly 80 restaurants nearby in Old Pasadena, just a short walk from the Old Pasadena (Parsons) Park & Ride Shuttle area.


Several venue parking options are available for advance purchase through Music Today:

Parking is available now! Advance parking is limited to one spot per transaction. For General Parking: one car - one space. No oversized vehicles or limousines.

Following your purchase, a non-transferable parking pass will be sent to you via mail by Music Today. Be sure to bring your parking pass with you. You will need it for admittance to the Rose Bowl parking grounds.

Based upon your zip code, we will e-mail you specific directions with the best route to the Rose Bowl in order to avoid traffic & congestion. On show day, this will be the best route to the stadium. There are many entrances available to the Rose Bowl from nearby freeways. As you approach Pasadena do not follow your Map Quest or GPS device. Use the directions we provide.


All venue parking will sell out prior to the concert date. Don’t miss out- be sure to buy your parking in advance!


Due to limited parking at the Rose Bowl and the extremely high attendance for this event, it will be necessary for some of you to take advantage of the off-site lots adjacent to the venue. Park at either Pasadena City College or Old Pasadena (Parsons) and catch a shuttle bus to the stadium. These vehicles have private roads directly in and out of the venue, moving fans as quickly as possible.

Shuttle lots open and buses start running at 12 noon. They will operate throughout the show and then following the event.

Shuttle tickets are available now for advance purchase for $5 per shuttle seat (per passenger; round trip) via Music Today.

PCC Shuttle | Old Pasadena Shuttle

Purchasing a shuttle ticket before show day guarantees a seat on a bus. Shuttle tickets will be sent out via mail by Musictoday.


We encourage you have at least 4 persons in your vehicle (be green). This will improve the parking and traffic experience for all fans .

PickupPal is a great way for fans to connect and organize carpools, helping to ease traffic congestion and reduce carbon emissions at the same time. Check out their site for their U2 360 Tour offerings: http://U2.pickuppal.com

We recommend you plan for this concert as you would The Rose Bowl Game or the Super Bowl: plan to arrive early, enjoy Picnic In The Park as well as the other on-site amenities.

Thank you,
The Rose Bowl Staff


Comfirmed Live Event

California, US U2 have confirmed via video blog that their sold-out concert at the Pasadena Rose Bowl in California, this Sunday, 25th October, will be streamed free, in full and live on YouTube. It’s the first time a show of this size will be streamed live.

The Rose Bowl show is the penultimate U2 show this year - with more to come in 2010 - and already is set to host the venue’s biggest ever audience of over 96,000 fans. The 360° Tour, which has been critically acclaimed and ‘re-invents rock’n’roll’ (Rolling Stone Magazine), will now boast unique access for fans worldwide - as fans in territories yet to be visited by the tour, or not at all, will be able to enjoy the whole show online.

Managed in partnership with Live Nation, this sell-out tour has broken attendance records in most venues it has visited - its success due in part to increased capacity coupled with a lower ticket price and great sight lines afforded by the stunning in-the-round stage set.

U2 manager Paul McGuinness said, ‘The band has wanted to do something like this for a long time. As we’re filming the LA show, it’s the perfect opportunity to extend the party beyond the stadium. Fans often travel long distances to come to see U2 - this time U2 can go to them, globally.’

YouTube will be streaming live across five continents. The show will be available in the usual You Tube way, as video-on-demand, following two full replays - after the live stream - on both U2.com and You Tube.

‘YouTube is thrilled to be able to provide our global audience with a live streaming performance from one of the world’s greatest bands,’ said Chris Maxcy, Director of YouTube Partner Development. ‘We are always looking for new ways to connect fans around the world with their favourite artists, and this is the perfect opportunity to do just that.’

For more information stay tuned or visit You Tube

Live from The Rose bowl !

DENVER (Billboard) - U2 and YouTube have teamed up to broadcast a live stream of the band’s Los Angeles-area concert this weekend via its YouTube channel.

The Sunday, October 25 show will take place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Any fan wishing to tune in from the 16 countries supported will be able to do so for free.

This is YouTube’s second effort at live-streaming concerts. In August, it aired portions of the Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco. The U2 show will be the first start-to-finish live stream.

Like other live concert streams, portions will be archived and available for streaming after the event.

(Editing by SheriLinden at Reuters)

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