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When U2 climbs onstage tonightl at Qwest Field, many in the crowd will have waited almost two years for the show. The U2 “360 Degree” Qwest date was originally scheduled for May 2010 and tickets first went on sale in November 2009. But when Bono injured his back and needed emergency surgery, the Seattle date was postponed for a year. Memphis Mullen is expected to be in the GA line early and will have some U2 swag for some fans.

Bono is back to leaping and jumping again, and the delay in the end might prove lucky. During the past year, U2 has honed its show, added a few songs and integrated video of the Arab spring revolt into a moving “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” Reviews of this leg — the seventh of the tour — are stellar. “Fresh and edgy as ever,” proclaimed The Salt Lake Tribune. “Lives up to image, hype,” raved The Denver Post.

The staging for “360 Degree” includes a 164-foot-high steel support rig, nicknamed “The Claw.” If that sounds like an expensive stage prop to haul around — it requires 120 trucks to transport — U2 can afford it: Even with a break for Bono’s rehabilitation, the “360 Degree” show has become the highest-grossing tour in concert history, surpassing the Rolling Stones’ “Bigger Bang

U2TOURFANS Announces launch of iPhone Application

U2TOURFANS Announces launch of iPhone/iTouch Application

Today, U2TOURFANS announced the release of a new iPhone/iTouch application that integrates its multiple services into a single interface, making it easy for iPhone users to find, use and switch between U2TOURFANS social media properties like, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and more To use the application, iPhone/iTouch users can download directly from the iTunes Applicaition store, by searching U2TOURFANS or clicking here. (Free for a limited time ) Sign up on Facebook Fan Club for ulimited free use.


To accomplish this, U2TOURFANS partnered with SeattleClouds, SeattleCloud is an online publishing platform that allows you to create your own iPhone applications. You can then submit and sell your apps in the AppStore so people all over the world can download or buy your app.

The people behind SeattleClouds are a team of dedicated individuals with a long history in the technology field. Because of the potential that we saw in iPhone applications, we have developed a platform that can let any user create iPhone applications; no programming skills are required.

U2TOURFANS and SeattleClouds wanted a 360 experience unlike any other fan site connecting all of the elements that make up U2TOURFANS 360 experience. By connecting social applications such as twitter, youtube and facebook fans will be able to have the complete experience.

Editor-in-Chief Dre was quoted last night during the introductionof the application as saying.” This as the greatest birthday present to date, the launch of the application creates the 360 expeience that has always been the main focus of our media property.

These new features provide iPhone users with a desktop-like U2TOURFANS web application experience in terms of ease-of-use, speed, and feature richness but optimized for the iPhone. This experience is made possible by the iPhone’s general usability and the capabilities of its web browser, combined with U2TOURFANS/SeattleClouds innovative mobile web applications. We plan to expand this experience with updated versions as we get closer to tour season. One of our goals is to support a complete U2 experience that are fulfilling the promise of the mobile web - like the iPhone - and to ultimately deliver unique and compelling mobile experiences that provides the best fan experience possible.

Birthday wishes to our Chief from the U2TOURFANS Team ! We selected this one for you !