1000 New Tickets Released Today

It turned into a “beautiful day” for dozens of star struck U2 fans in Winnipeg Friday. Crowds of fans and onlookers gathered outside the Burton Cummings Theatre for a chance to meet the famous rockers, who said they’re happy to be back in Manitoba for the first time in 15 years.

“You know Winnipeg, we need to spend more time to get to know the place,” said legendary U2 rock star Bono. “We get to know the people, but we don’t get to know the place, it’s funny.”

“I got to hug him and take a picture with bono and he shook my hand,” said Jadeen Sinclair, who was shaking with excitement. “All I had was my beginner’s license,” said Liam Gillen. “So I had him sign it.”

The band showed up to shoot part of a documentary inside the legendary venue. But they took several minutes to mingle with fans and sign autographs.

“What a sweet man to stop,” said Tara Gouzecky. “He could have gone right in there but he stopped and I’m glad he did.”

Meanwhile, the tour released 1,000 more tickets for todays show at the Canad Inns Stadium Saturday afternoon and offered the media a sneak peak of their set. A huge 360-degree stage is set up close to the centre of the Canad Inns Stadium, and a four-legged steel structure holds a massive speaker system and cylindrical video screen that hovers above the performance area. ( Click the link belong to get to the tickets)

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Bono and crew will perform in front of tens of thousands of fans at Canad Inns Stadium Sunday as part of their 360 Degree Tour. The band hasn’t played in Winnipeg since 1997.

U2 Goes Downunder !

Ticketmaster Australia 2010

RISH supergroup U2 are returning to Australia for a national tour. The band have announced their tour dates, including a stadium show in Sydney on December 13. The concert, to be held at ANZ Stadium, will mark the return of the band to Sydney after four years.

The band will begin their 360° Tour in New Zealand on November25, before travelling to Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.

Tickets go on sale on September 3 - with promoters Michael Coppel and Live Nation Touring expecting enormous demand.

Although only one show has been announced for Sydney, it is highly likely tour dates will be extended.

Rumours about U2’s return to Australia have been swirling for months. The tour announcement is an early Christmas present for many of the band’s loyal Australian fans, who feared frontman Bono’s back injury earlier in the year might have affected plans for a trip Down Under.

The lead singer had emergency spinal surgery in May, which forced the band to postpone the US leg of their world tour, plus major performances including headlining the Glastonbury Festival in England.

U2 returned to touring this month, with concerts in Europe.

Bono said he was ”fighting fit” and thanked fans, and his bandmates, for their patience.

The U2 show, which features an innovative in-the-round experience for fans, also has a range of cheap tickets for Australian concert-goers.

The ”sight-lines” seats start from $39.90 a ticket, with general standing and stadium seats priced at $99.90.

U2’s manager Paul McGuinness said the band were keen for Australian fans to see the production.

”It was important to the band that we were able to bring the whole 360° production to Australia and New Zealand so fans could experience the latest of U2’s legendary productions,” he said.

More than 4 million fans will have seen U2’s 360° Tour worldwide by the time they arrive in Australia.

A source close to the tour has revealed U2 are also considering leaving their enormous set - a three-pronged alien-like tower - in Australia as a tourist attraction, at the end of the tour.

”They thought it was a great idea,” said the source. ”Rather than shipping it all back on a plane, it could become a local attraction.”

U2 Social Awareness Awakens


Two-time Grammy winning group Soweto Gospel Choir has collaborated with international group U2 on a world cup project. The artists have created music for a series of inserts about South Africa that will be featured on sports channel ESPN during the big tournament. From June 11, ESPN will use music that has been specially recorded by Soweto Gospel Choir and U2.  “This is something very exciting for the choir considering U2 is such a big rock band,” said the choir’s Lucas Bok.The collaboration will appear in every program throughout ESPN’s presentation of the 2010 Fifa World Cup. The choir first sang with U2 on stage at the inaugural 46664 concert.

African Well Fund’s

U2 live photo auction, with all proceeds going toward the AWF’s “Build A Well For Bono’s Birthday” fund raiser. There are 30+ photos available, ranging in size from 5x7 to 16x20 and covering U2’s career from the War tour until today. You can  preview of the photos here or go to eBay to start bidding. All auctions end next Sunday, April 25th 2010


We had to spend a few minutes this morning to alert you of this latest scam. If your on Facebook and Twitter your aware of the thousands of Fan sites that have appeared over night. The new scam is simply to be able to get your agree to some kind of application game from facebook, which is not endorsed by them to be loaded on your page. Warning this is the first step of gaining your personal information. Next item we noticed is tickets. You can either purchase from Ticketmaster or choose purchase from a reseller. We have checked into TicketsNow they are an official company of TicketMaster so the scalping ticket prices you have seen are not available from them. In full disclosure yes they do have a adveristment on the main U2TOURFANS site. We comfirmed their practices and we believe that they are a good secondary choice for ticket purchases. As we get closer to the tour start you will see all types of U2 stuff appear just check carefully and if your still concerned pass on it and save your money.



U2 Fans Ticket Alert

U2 fans who weren’t quick on the draw — or, more to the point, quick on the mouse — initially missed out on getting tickets to the legendary Irish rock band’s June 16 concert at Oakland Coliseum. The show was dubbed a sellout not long after ducats first went on sale in early November.

Now, however, promoter Live Nation is singing a different tune about the concert and it goes a little something like this: You, too, can see U2.

Live Nation has recently released more tickets to the show — and, according to the news release, they’re “good seats.” (A quick check online confirmed that.)

Tickets run $30-$250 and are available through both Ticketmaster (800-745-3000, www.ticketmaster.com) and Live Nation (877-598-6659, www.livenation.com).