Portuguese Fans Ready for U2's Arrival

Since August that U2 have been presenting new songs on stage. Portugal should not be the exception.

It is already known that U2 goes far beyond the mere concept of rock concert. When, in 1993, passed the Alvalade Stadium showed him, and in the XXI century it is no wonder that the tour they are carrying out, and passing this week-end in Coimbra, has reached levels truly megalomaniac . Even the health problems affecting Bono eased the band this summer, frequently defined as “the largest in the world.”

Although  U2 just passing through Portugal this week-end, to 360 Tour has been portrayed in the DVD 360 At The Rose Bowl , a concert attended by 97,000 people and was seen by more than 10 million in YouTube. The DVD show is the one Portuguese-ses may attend: a band that acts in the center of a gigantic structure to be viewed from all sides of the stadium.

The group goes on the road to present the songs of the last No Line on the Horizon (2009) since June 30 last year and will only stop in the summer of next year. To note that the first 44 dates were 227.8 million euros in revenues.

However, disappoint those who think that everything that can see in Coimbra has been portrayed in the DVD 360 º At the Rose Bowl. Since the U2 hit the road again in August (two months after the operation stopped the tour), the group has been playing  unreleased songs. In Turin the concert began with “Return of the Stingray Guitar. Shortly afterwards, in Helsinki, had firsthand Every Breaking Wave. However, it has also revealed two other novel: North Star and Glastonbury. The latter is a tribute to the British festival, which is one of the largest in the world and which were provided U2 performing for the first time this year. However, due to the operation of Bono, the group was forced to cancel the date, but has been invited to attend the 2011 edition.

The health problem of lead singer of U2 has cost several million to the band. “Whether or not it will touch, the tour continues to cost - in 500,000 pounds (600,000 euros) per day,” argues the manager, Paul McGuinness. This, just to keep an entire structure that needs 120 trucks to transport all kinds of stuff from city to city.

And though this tour is already one of the most profitable ever (and still not finished), the group has not neglected its social and humanitarian facet. Not only part of the proceeds of these concerts revert to humanitarian organizations, most recently, Bono met with Dmitry Medvedev, President of Russia, who addressed the problem of combating AIDS.

The concert in Moscow that gave it an unusual event has generated, since the local police prevented Greenpeace’s actions outside the stadium Lujniki that had been agreed with the administration of the group.

Now it’s time for U2 to present themselves for two nights at Coimbra Stadium, where they surely will not miss the many songs that famous, but without forgetting that the Irish have always something new up its sleeve.

Mexican Pre-Sale Codes !

U2 are taking the 360° Tour to Mexico.

The U2 360° Tour will visit Mexico City’s Estadio Azteca on May 14th, 2011 - just over five years since the band last played in Mexico, on the Vertigo Tour in 2006.

From Friday, ahead of next week’s public onsale, U2.com subscribers can enter a special advance presale.

The subscriber presale for Group 1 (Horizon, Breathe, Magnificent, Boots) begins this Friday, September 24th at 11AM and is open until next Tuesday, September 28th, 10AM (local time).

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U2-Konzert in München

U2 Concert the Irish rock band U2 has thrilled thousands of fans in Munich on Wednesday with the 360-degree stage. Bono thanked extensively with his German doctors and nurses that he had emergency surgery about four months after a herniated disc in Munich. This has become part of the show, remember “I’ve been rebuilt by German engineering “

“They have made it possible that we can make the show,” he called to the 75 000 fans at the sold out Olympic Stadium. He then voted “I still have not found what I’m looking for” and showed the audience with show and dance that is left of his back pain anymore and he is doing well.

During the two-hour remake of the 2009 launched “360 degree tour” which already is considered one of the most successful ever, U2 also played hits like “Beautiful Day,” “Miss Sarajevo” and “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. The band members were fans from all sides on the round stage in the middle of the Olympic stadium. Bridge connected the main stage with an outer ring on which Bono, guitarist The Edge, bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen Junior running around. About the musicians floated a circular video screen and through the curved beam saw from the stage set like a giant octopus. At the end of the elaborate stage show, Bono thanked his fans - and showed up with red FC Bayern Munich jersey. dpa

360 ° Tour Degree: Yesterday was the Munich Olympics and the station has attracted a lot of music fans from near and far. While were at the Allianz Arena football fans visiting it said in the Olympic Stadium U2 Live. There, U2 gave their final concert of the current 360-degree tour.

Pittsburgh ! The End of U2 World Tour

After months of behind-the-scenes negotiations, sources say U2 has decided to end their two-year world tour “360” in Pittsburgh.

The venue – Heinz Field on the North Shore.

Heinz Field had been trying to book U2 all along, but until recently the band had no plans of playing here, deciding to end its tour in Minneapolis on July 23, 2011.

But Pittsburgh had a powerful ally – U.S. Ambassador to Ireland and former Steelers chairman Dan Rooney.

Sources say it was Rooney’s influence that convinced the band to add one more date to the tour and play  in Pittsburgh.

Ambassador Rooney flew back from Ireland Wednesday for the Steelers opener, but through a spokesman declined to comment on U2 and the concert negotiations.

Dan Rooney is a fan of U2, has attended their concerts and sources say the band is coming to Pittsburgh at his behest after making a personal appeal to the band’s management.

Barring any last-minute snag, an official announcement on the Heinz Field show will be made in the next few weeks with tickets going on sale for a concert scheduled for July 26, 2011.

U2 announces second Auckland show

Irish rockers U2 have added a second Auckland date to their “360 degrees” world tour.

Tickets for the first concert at Auckland’s Mt Smart Stadium on November 25 sold out in less than an hour on Friday. The second conert will be on November 26, and tickets will go on sale on Thursday.

Second dates were also announced for Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and Perth.

The band will bring American rapper Jay-Z. It will be the first New Zealand stage appearance by the hip hop artist and partner of singer Beyonce Knowles.

Ticket prices start from $39.90, but a surcharge of almost $20 per transaction by an online outlet has upset many concert goers.

U2's Spectacular Night in Athens

Crowded with thousands of spectators greeted the Olympic Stadium of U2, who 13 years after its appearance in Greece, landed in Athens for a single concert.

Umpteen people came from numerous places to Athens to watch the unique concert of the irish band U2! Everything was spetacular from the stage, which in fact was part of a spacecraft, to Bono’s magnifiscent coat with red led lights! The concert took place yesterday, at the Greek Olympic stadium with thousands of fans.

At 19:20 p.m Avin Geffen, came on stage to prepare the audience. An hour later, the band Snow Patrol followed and their singer said he was excited for being in Greece.

At 21:58 p.m the legendary rock band appeared on stage, and Bono together with the others caused delirium to the thousands of fans. Bono sang numerous great hits such as “Magnificent” and “in the name of love” , ‘passenger’ . The singer was really obliging with his fans and he roused enthusiasm to the whole stadium by saying to his Greek audience that ” I fully understand the difficult situation of the country due to the fiscal crisis, but i am convinced that Greece will be once more the winner!”

At 23:42, Bono said ” Goodnight Athens” . However, a few minutes later, he came again on stage singing ” With or Without you” wearing, a coat with red led lights! At 23:56 p.m Bono said goodbye and thanked Greece for its cordiality and hospitality, being really fluent in Greek.  However, the thousands of fans did not leave the stadium and kept on singing their great hits!

U2, gave a spectacular concert, which was full of energy, joy and of course… rock!

Second Perth Show Added

U2 and Jay-Z sure know how to sell out a gig.

Their Subiaco Oval performance scheduled for Saturday December 18 went on sale this morning at 9am and has already sold out.

More than 43,000 tickets sold within 10 minutes.

U2's Bono is set to rock full circle in Perth with a second 360 'degrees' concert.


The gig will take place on Sunday December 19.

Be quick to secure tickets to this unmissable performance, with arguably the world’s most popular band bringing to Australia the biggest concert set-up we have ever seen.

U2 By The Numbers

The state of preparations at the Olympic Stadium( Athens, Greece) for the  U2 continues days before landing of the Irish band the pitch change form.  Panic sets in, no one can say with certainty that the Statium will be ready for September 12 which is the date for the next sporting event. 

More than 100 trucks transported all the equipment and no fewer number 300 technicians involved with installing the scene consisting of a cylindrical LED screen, the whole project look like a spaceship inspired by the International Airport Los Angeles.

The entire building will be impressive and according to the steel structure has a height 27.43 meters, while the central pillar reaches 45.72 meters. The construction can support weight up to 180 tons. The monitor weighs 54 tons!

The groundbreaking scene will be set up at the Olympic Stadium for the concert of U2, weighs 400 tons and can support the bottom weight even 180 tons.

4 days needed to set up the stage, screen, lights and speakers used on tour 360.

6 hours needed to be dismantled after the concert.

48 hours are doing to reposition the technical backdrop to the trucks.

50 meters in height the entire landscape of the tour 360.

Innovative screen weighs 60 tons

180 trucks carry the scene of U2 from show to show

400 tons of gear and stage

180 tons can be supported from below.

500 000 pixels is the screen of the concert.

All in a days work,

New Zealand Ticket Alert

Tickets to New Zealand’s one and only U2 360 concert are already appearing on TradeMe, two days before they go on sale to the public.

U2.com subscribers had until yesterday to purchase tickets to the November concert, before they go on sale to the public this Friday.

Tickets are already appearing on auction website Trade Me for inflated prices - some have a ‘buy now’ of $1000 for two.

U2 360 organisers would not comment on scalping but the band website www.U2.com states: “We reserve the right to block access to or cancel a ticket order of any user that we believe, in our sole and absolute discretion is or is associated with any ticket broker or scalper.”

Wellingtonian Shelly Mackey subscribed for $50 just to ensure she could get tickets after almost missing out four years ago when U2 last performed in New Zealand.

“The main reason why I did it was because I wanted to get tickets. Last time they had a concert I lived in Hamilton and we broke up into groups, I lined up at the stadium, others were in town and another was online,” she says.

She missed out on tickets which were being sold at Waikato Stadium and at the ticket store in town, but did get them online.

“We almost missed out, so this time I thought ‘stuff it’ and paid the $50.”

She says it was worth paying the extra money because the previous concert was so good.

“Their concert was awesome last time.”

Miss Mackey says she purchased four of the $39.90 tickets, which ended up costing about $62 each after the subscription fee and postage.

New Zealand U2 360 spokeswoman Bridget de Launay says the U2.com subscribers allocation for $349.50 Red Zone tickets sold out, but could not comment on how many were sold.

She says there are still Red Zone tickets available to the public.

Miss Mackey says it is tempting to sell her spare two tickets.

“I am definitely considering it but I would feel a little greedy doing it.”

She says she might just sell them to friends for the amount she paid for them.

“I will just see what happens.”

The Irish superband will be joined by Jay-Z at Mt Smart Stadium on Thursday, November 25, exactly four years after U2 last performed in New Zealand.

About 54 percent of tickets are priced under $100, starting at $39.90.

The low prices are due to the specially built 50m-high stage with rotating bridges and a giant video system.

“The extra capacity U2 360 gives us means that there are a large number, several thousand in fact, of low priced tickets at every show,” says U2 tour producer/promoter Arthur Fogel, chief executive of Live Nation Global Touring.

Bringing the U2 360 production to New Zealand is no small feat. Six 747 freighters are required to fly the production to New Zealand.

The stage weighs 590 tonnes with all of the production gear hanging from it, and covers 6000 square metres.

‘The Claw’ itself stands 30.53m high, and with the pylon it’s 51.8m. That means it’s higher than most stadium roofs. Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium roof will have to be “cracked” and stay open to allow the pylon to be installed.

'Songs of Ascent' lead single live on tour


on August 21, U2 performed a never-before-heard track called “Every Breaking Wave” in concert in Helsinki, Finland. That song - which can now be heard online - is reportedly the lead single from the band’s upcoming album Songs of Ascent.

U2 has already played three new songs on the current European leg of its 360° Tour: “Glastonbury,” “North Star,” and “Return of the Stingray Guitar,” all premiered during the opening concert in Turin.

After performing “Every Breaking Wave,” a slow-tempo acoustic song, lead singer Bono told the crowd, “No one has heard that before - not even us.”

Bono talked about the song to music magazine Rolling Stone in March 2009, saying it had originally been intended for the band’s 2009 studio album No Line on the Horizon but would instead serve as the lead single for forthcoming LP Songs of Ascent, which may be out by the end of 2010.

Bono recently told Rolling Stone that the band has three additional albums worth of material in the works: a rock album, a “club-sounding” album, and the band’s music for the Broadway play Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

 Editor Note

Watch U2’s performance of “Every Breaking Wave”:Video from U2GIGS * We have fan videos too however this really is the best one from the show - Cheers to Matt and Ax -

Bono jokes, President Medvedev

U2 will fly down to Sochi to meet President Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday, a day before their first concert in Russia.

The group is set to discuss their anti-poverty campaign Red with the president, although frontman Bono joked about canceling the meeting after hearing that Medvedev was a Deep Purple fan.

“What kind of music does he like? They say he is a Beatle-maniac … Is that true?” Bono asked at a news conference late Sunday, national newspapers reported.

“That’s it. I’m gone,” Bono said, pretending to stand up and go when told by journalists that the president was a big Deep Purple fan. “I’m canceling the meeting.”

At the same time, the rest of the group started humming the riff to “Smoke on the Water,” the veteran rock group’s most famous song, Kommersant reported.

“No, we prefer The Beatles,” Bono said. “I think even Deep Purple prefers The Beatles.”

When asked about U2’s constant campaigning on various issues and the public’s sometimes limited appetite for the group’s causes, Bono said, “I understand the people who respond with, ‘Shut up.’”

“I’m really good at rescuing cats from trees,” bassist Adam Clayton noted at the time.

The group flew into Vnukovo-3, the state airport usually reserved for the government and official foreign guests, on Sunday evening together with their families.

“We want to go shopping, go to the popular places and the war memorials,” Bono said in an interview on Ren-TV. “You’re the lads who saved Europe. And I am proud that we are performing in front of such people. I have always liked the bravery of the Russian people.”

The group headed for a news conference at the Kamin restaurant at Chistiye Prudy, where Bono tried to order a local beer. But when told the place had none, he drank a Guinness and flattered the home audience with the words, “We pretend that we are a great rock group, but as long as we had not played in Russia, that is not true.”

Bono said his wife and children had gone to see the ballet, “Sleeping Beauty.” Organizers said the group planned to visit the Tretyakov Gallery, Red Square, the Kremlin and Dasha Zhukova’s modern art center, Garazh.

The U2 concert, part of their “360” tour, involves a circular stage that looks like a giant alien spider robot — and one of the largest sets in rock history. More than 200 trucks are needed to transport the set.

Part of the concert, Bono promised, will involved a linkup with the international space station and in particular with cosmonaut Roman Romanenko. The group previously spoke to him at a concert last year.

“He had such an amazing haircut,” Bono said.

During the live linkup, Romanenko said: “I want to ask you see something. If you see David Gahan from Depeche Mode, say a big hello from me.”

Local U2 fans who have been waiting for the group to come for more than two decades have prepared a green welcome for the group. “I bet all of us know that the green color and the shamrock are international symbols of Ireland. We in Russia want to welcome our favorite Irish band with these symbols and create a green shamrock field at the stadium for the opening U2 song,” fan organizers wrote on the U2 fan site, U2.ru. “If you have seats or aren’t planning to stand close, you are encouraged to just take something green with you and wave it from the moment [drummer] Larry [Mullen Jr.] appears on stage till the end of the first song.”

Fans will have a party at Radio City near the Mayakovskaya metro station to night, the eve of the concert.

Concert Postponed

The show in Seville will be postponed by one day to Thursday, 30th of Setember 2010. The original show date was 29th however due to a general strike planned for the 29th it makes it impossible to hold a show.

U2.com has annouced the changes and stated that all tickets for the original date will be honoured at the new date. Fans that can not attend the new date must return their tickets to thier point of purchase no later than September 10th 2010.

The complete tour guide can be found here

U2 Horsens Fans Agree

The critics liked what they saw and heard when the Irish world stars from U2 Sunday walked on stage and delivered over 130-minute concert in Horsens.

They have never been better !  Six Stars ! “Small miracle of rock historys biggest stage.”

The setlist was designed to get people off their “ASS” and enjoy the summer evening. Moments of Surrender, and the fans did. U2 triumph over questions of could they come back from Bono’s time out? In deed they can.

U2 was in focus and the stage was really just part of the music as it stood tall against the small town of Horsens.

U2 can indeed play, and you can sense that the four childhood friends from Dublin are still enjoying each others company after 34 years together, and the photos prove just that.
Monday gives U2’s second concert in Horsens.

U2 Plays Horsens

U2 play tonight in the CASA Arena Horsens n the fourth concert of  the U2 World Tour 360. The setlist will include 23 songs, and probably again come up with previously unplayed songs such as “North Star” and “Glastonbury”.

The U2 classics such as One, Moment of Surrender or elevation will find their way into the setlist of four from Dublin.

On Monday, 8.16.2010 It is then in Horsens in the CASA-Arena crack then again properly, because the four are from Dublin will give their second concert in front of more than 40,000 fans. In the CASA-fit arena purely for the 34,000 spectators, but then there are the popular indoor places (where soccer is usually played) is expected to clear more than 35,000 enthusiastic fans.

U2’s largest Germany website will be reporting and streaming the show. This should be very interesting expect to get audio and video from their site. Visit them directly at U2TOUR.DE

Ww wish them good cheer, to stream a U2 show is hard due to the millions of fans around the world. So lets enjoy the show.

What time is it in Horsens ? Local Time is

Expect the the boys to take the stage around 8:45 PM