Bono receives the Order of the Aztec Eagle

Order of the Aztec Eagle

Order of the Aztec Eagle

President Felipe Calderon may deliver the medal to the Irish star during his visit to New York next week for the United Nations General Assembly, Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa told reporters on Friday. But she noted that the singer has not yet confirmed the exact date for the medal ceremony, due to prior commitments. Espinosa said she spoke to Bono, who founded the global anti-poverty group ONE to help fight poverty and disease in Africa, to inform him of the decision. “He said that he feels very honored and very pleased with this decision, and that Mexico is a country that he loves and admires,” she said. Calderon, who leaves office on Dec. 1, met with Bono at the presidential residence of Los Pinos last year to thank the singer for expressing solidarity with Mexico over the country's drug violence during a concert in the capital. “Mexico needs to know you are not alone and we are with you ... you are not alone in the darkness,” Bono told 93,000 fans at the Azteca stadium.

Hello USA, We are back

U2 heads to Denver later this week. As the boys take a couple of days down and rest up for what is sure to be this summers must see tour, U2 crews have arrived in Denver to setup the stage and reset from last years sudden stop of the tour due to Bono’s back related issues.

“This tour truly is history in the making on a wide range of levels, and U2 will roll into the record books in style,” Waddell says.( Billboard Senior Tour Editor)

The expectations are running high, however this tour has been around the USA once already so most have an idea of what to expect. The only difference is the set list for music selections. 

We have been working to collect a list of fan meet ups, parties and just over all details of the shows ahead. One item that came into the editors desk was about GA policy - Take a look at the info and as far as suggestions we will post some ideas later in the week. We want to hear from you ! Are you attending a show ? If so which one and how many? Provide us some photos and look for the U2TOURFANS car which is out right now heading to Denver -

Adiós México "You have given us a good life"

Adiós México nos has dado una buena vida

MEXICO CITY, May 16 .- The hybrid spacecraft and time machine that U2 named as The Claw (The Claw) rose, as the title of Elevation sentence, one of his most popular songs, the euphoria over 100 000 passengers who yesterday gathered at the Estadio Azteca to say goodbye to the Irish band in their third and last concert in Mexico in the starting phase of its North American tour of its 360 ° Tour.

Bono (vocals), The Edge (guitar), Adam Clayton (bass) and Larry Mullen Jr. (drums) manned the mammoth structure along a little over two hours of a journey through their hits, their classic tracks and some compositions of his latest album No Line On The Horizon.

Given a field bleachers filled and the Colossus of Santa Ursula loyal fans packed alignment Dublin, Bono and company embarked on a musical recorrdido its history, which began in 1976 and to date has become the rock group largest gathering in the face of the Earth that has made their current tour the most successful of all time, earning an estimated $ 700 million.

Prior to the performance of the group Snow Patrol opening act, as he did last Wednesday and on Saturday, far exceeded expectations, U2 came out to the tune introductory Space Oddity by David Bowie to play Even Better Than The Real Thing from his acclaimed album Achtung Baby! which this year celebrates 20 years of its appearance.

With the public on the stock since the beginning of his show, the quartet demonstrated that falls short of its lavish trappings as it did the day before, made some variations in the setlist to include songs such as New Year’s Day, Pride (In The Name Of Love) All I Want Is You “and” Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me.

Except these minor adjustments, the huge machinery of U2 hows work in his two previous concerts with the desired response of a given audience participatory start to finish that marked both the sensory and surround sound experience in his background as a successful implementation and to peace speeches by Bono, alluding to the sale of U.S. arms to Mexico’s northern border for drug trafficking.

After his first and only encore that included One, Amazing Grace, Where the Streets Have No Name, Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me, With Or Without You “and” Moment of Surrender, Bono and his “cronies” as he singer summoned his bandmates, they said goodbye to the jubilation of his followers and the desire for a new visit to a consensual bands and more power convcatoria the country.

Bono and Edge Sign 4 Mexico Fans

Mexico: A U2 fan who arrived at 4:00 am at St. Regis hotel to set aside a good place to get a firm bond, decided to organize an access list and place numbers entering the meeting with the band, order broke down and the meeting with the Irish musicians almost frustrated. Around 16:50 hours the lead singer of the band, and guitarist The Edge, left the St. Regis hotel, located in Paseo de la Reforma, to live with their fans before the second concert in the stadium offer Azteca. However, in the presence of so many people, around 2 thousand fans, Bono decided to transfer the fences in place and assess the size of the call, action taken by surprise to just over 20 security features in order guarding expected. Such was the excitement of the people to see the artist up close, they immediately began jostling that occurred to the entrance of parking space that did not have any type of fence, so that at times the Irish singer was cornered . Realizing this, the security features sought ways to intervene, leading to the singer of “Vertigo” inside the hotel back to shelter.

The Edge continued to sign and posing for the cameras on the other side of the fence, as far as was also surprised by his followers. After a few minutes, in which it was to reorganize the spontaneous coexistence with the singer, Bono stepped forward to continue the firm with his followers, being 320 of which had the access granted by the spontaneous organizer. Always friendly and a great smile, altruistic causes the driver put his signature on CDs, books, shirts, hats and even a couple of guitars. For those who chose to spontaneous signing nothing where the Irish capture his signature, some vendors chose to stand near the hotel to offer books, shirts and posters, which ranged between 50 and 250 pesos. Although discreet in his speech, Bono said to be thrilled to see so many people gathered and realize that you have love Mexicans. Twenty minutes after leaving, the pair of musicians concluded the meeting with the upper hand and waving still at the bottom of the van that would take up the Coloso de Santa Ursula, where around 100 000 fans awaiting for the next show. 

Mexican President Attends 2nd Show

President Felipe Calderon goes to U2 concert at the Estadio Azteca

The second U2 concert in Mexico City, at 360 ° Tour, had among its viewers by Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon.

The night of Saturday, at the end of the presentation of the Irish group, Calderon sent a message to Twitter, which praised the group:

Extraordinary U2 concert. Thanks to Bono to encourage Mexico and defend the best causes, “wrote the president from his official account using a BlackBerry.

Along with his message sent a photograph of the scene of U2, The Claw, as seen from some point in the Estadio Azteca.

The “tweet the Mexican president reactions generated network. Many criticized him for attending this concert, claimed that there are other parts of the country where people can not go out at night, by insecurity.

On Thursday, President Calderón spoke at the official residence of Los Pinos with Bono.

Bono thanked his words of encouragement for the Mexican people to the struggle being waged against crime, according to a statement from the presidency.

In their dialogue also exchanged views on issues like poverty and development financing, as well as the importance of synergy between society and government “against the great challenge of climate change. “

This Sunday the band U2 has scheduled its third concert at the Estadio Azteca, in the 360 ° Tour tour, which already has more than $ 560 million profit in ticket sales worldwide.

Bono calls stopping Voilence in MX

MEXICO CITY .- The change is evident. U2 did it again, without being immodest and nothing saved. The Irish returned to Mexico amid growing expectation that was overrun with a lavish production that people went crazy in his first of three performances in the capital.

It seems symptomatic of U2. The band looks determined to bring the experience of live performances to another level, because its production requires more than the music, the environment and their own followers.

With Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr., the music loses leading role, but gains bombast, loses its ear, but gains in the sensory field. Should be to understand the power of his songs visual field relies heavily on them, as few have been able to exploit.

The 360 Tour  brought back to the Estadio Azteca, enclosure on his first night failed to record attendance, as only 93 thousand 100 people, according to promoter Ocesa, attended the meeting with the Irish, is four thousand supporters of the mark , which still belongs to Pasadena with 96 thousand fans gathered 

Having been so close to the goal did not discourage or the people or the band, which from its appearance showed signs of greatness. As soon as they saw the silhouettes began screaming. Adam was the first out, shortly after Larry did and after he appeared Bono and The Edge. 

The music began to sound and multiply in the enormous screen at center stage, where Bono commanded a devoted army of followers. To get close, the vocalist used either movable bridges connecting the interior with the external scenario, which was used as a gateway for musicians    

The Edge and Adam traveled the outer circle so that nobody ran out to see them up close. The design of the concert allowed the successes of the past found its place in a fleeting and frenetic show on par with some of the most recent issues of the group. However, as happens in most cases, the nostalgia was the main winner of the night.
 “Mysterious Ways” and showed signs of the tone of the evening, while “Elevation” was confirmed shortly before Bono himself will ensure that your scenario was a time machine, one that allowed him to believe that Wednesday night was Day Mother and her birthday.

The Edge continued the joke and began to sing Happy Birthday, which was soon joined by thousands of voices that just accepted the first of many social messages that made use of the band.
“Can we see the same thing? We are able to see the grandeur of Mexico, his generosity and great spirit. We know that no political problem, social or economic that can finish. ” After the message, and the devoted audience, the band dedicated their efforts to the success story.Each new song was greeted with enthusiasm, feeling that the group share from the parquet.Samples were many, as when Bono got into a girl for help with the reading of a poem by Nezahualcoyotl before the rumble “Beautiful Day.”

With “Miss Sarajevo”, “Zooropa” and “City of the Blinding Lights” gave people the sound and visual hypnosis U2.How could it be otherwise, the lead singer of the group returned to his role as social commitment to ask for more support for Amnesty International. After his call, he sang “Walk On” and, together with his companions, left the stage for the first time. A few minutes later they came back even perform “One” and “Where the Streets Have No Name.” “You are great,” said the interpreter before falling again. For the second encore the Europeans returned with “With or Without You”, one of his biggest hits.

Before their final goodbyes, Bono dedicated “Moment of Surrender” to the victims of violence in the country: “You are not alone, Mexico should know that the world is with him, we we are,” before saying goodbye after two hours and 15 minute concert

Hola Mexico We Love U

For over 20 years, brought to Mexico U2 Zoo TV, the first major rock tour to walk on our country, and showed us that life could be different. Last night with 360 did it again. Find the updated set list here.

El Cielito lindo warns us that are coming. Come to full light. With serene way, without saying goodbye, go to the tunnel. A minute later, the steps of the Aztec 120.000 sticks and throats roar of satisfaction.

For the second song, “I will follow”, and there seems no doubt: U2 brings more than a huge circular stage and some stunning displays, brings an expressive and musical energy envelope.

Mariana gets on stage and Bono helps to read a poem in Spanish of Nezahualcoyotl. Final repeat several times: “With songs give life on earth.”

Moment of calm. And the screens show an unexpected use: Subtitles.

Bono uses Spanish only to say “Snow Patrol is a band are tough.”
And still in English: “This looks like a space station but is actually a time machine. Today is May 11, is 10th was  my birthday. I think of my mother and the mother of my children has come to be here with us.

“Mexico, hopefully they can see what we do, which is a wonderful country. Her spirit is indomitable. His joy … Tonight we will make the lights brighter. You are the bright lights and this song is for you. And play “With or with out you”. And now the whole song is heard in the stands and not just the chorus.

And in the end, Bono, The Edge, Mullen and Clayton showed in the May show impressive in the world, that all that flashy technology that gives vertigo is meaningless if it does not serve what they can do four musicians drums, bass, guitar and a microphone.

Finally, Bono says: “We want to dedicate this song to all who take a loved one in the violence in Mexico. This is not a problem only in this country, around the world, and we want to know they are not alone, that We are all with you.

¡U2 ya está en México! U2 is in Mexico !

Mexico City-The members of U2 came about 19:00 pm at the hangar area of International Airport of Mexico City yesterday. A source with the group led by Bono Adam Clayton confirmed that while he went to a hotel in Paseo de la Reforma, the other three traveled overland to the Estadio Azteca.

 Clayton made a tour of recognition in the building where he was staying and his companions and then continued the trip to Coloso de Santa Ursula.

Having done a sound check at the Estadio Azteca, Bono and Larry Mullen Jr. arrived at the hotel on Paseo de la Reforma where they stay.Aboard two vans and escorted by a pair of mexican police cars, musicians entered the hotel through the back door under a barrage of flashes from the media.

A dozen fans of the group was in the place and screaming, asking artists with a greeting and congratulated Bono, his birthday. Bono simply raised his hand, answered “tomorrow, tomorrow“in Spanish, and disappeared from sight.




Rehearsals in Mexico

U2 rehearse in Mexico City, 10/05
Yesterday may have been Bono’s 51st birthday with thousands of birthday wishes Bono was off to work. Rehearsals at Azteco Stadium which officially kicks off the North American leg tonight. Our friends in Mexico that have been on site all week reported that the following songs have been rehearsed A couple of interesting surprises Please and Discotheque was throwen in the mix - while they may not be played as full songs only a snip to be inserted with Crazy Tonight - Only time will tell. What we do know is that Mexico is ready ! Fans have been waiting a couple of years for their return.

  • Magnificent
  • Discothèque riffs
  • Crazy Tonight / Please  
  • Walk On
  • One riffs
  • Zooropa
  • Magnificent
  • Even Better Than The Real Thing


Backstage at U2 Mexico

After last September 21, 2010 were confirmed that U2 was coming to Mexico with his “U2 360 ° Tour”, the expectation of his followers has increased, as one of its attractions is “The Claw” (the claw ) which has been innovating in the production of live shows and which has come to the Azteca Stadium pitch.

“From the Friday, April 29 began to bring campers and some units to be used as dressing rooms for both production and for the band. Also reached a fairly large contingent of trailers, in total will be 90. Three times more than any other concert we have ever had, told El Economista Héctor Raúl Barrios, Director of Operations of the Estadio Azteca in charge of logistics for mounting the production.

Interviewee says that the group had brought more trucks’ N Sync with 52, and in 2001 was the world’s largest production. Now U2 sets record. The 90 trailers loaded everything from “the irons, especially the floor which will build the structure that is shaped like a spider, audio, video, special effects and the need for the event,” said Barrios.

Mounting the stage started after the court was delivered on Sunday 1 May. Be used approximately 5,500 square feet to mount it. “We know that the grass will no longer so ready now 6.500 meters of grass in the nursery. Once we deliver the field on May 17 evening, we will begin restoration work to be ready by July 10 when the final of the FIFA U-17 “details.

In terms of time everything is in order - says-“The American people work from 8 am on Monday, May 2 in the placement of the base of the stage. Then begin to mount the iron bars and then comes what is production: audio and video. Everything will be ready for the soundcheck of 9 and 10 of this month. “

“We have information that the band will be at the Azteca Stadium on 9 and May 10 for testing. But when it comes to Mexico, yes I know, “says the manager of logistics for mounting the production.


The assembly kicked off on Monday, May 2, “and must be completed on the 8th. Ready to go 9. The disassembly starts after the event ends on 15 and give us the pitch on day 17 between 9 and 10 pm, ahead of The Economist.

About 250 people are working for the assembly, telling the Mexican staff ICE, the U.S. production and the Estadio Azteca.

Barrios talks for the moment the four parking lots generally used are saturated. In each are being carried out various maneuvers and operations for the event. “As the empty trucks are to leave three to get the space you normally require. General parking has not been touched, nor the shed. “

It has been speculated that members of the group could get to their concerts by helicopter, “that I have not confirmed yet, but we are seeing the area normally used as a heliport, but confirmation of how the band will not yet have 100 % sure “he says.


“What we provide at the Azteca are the spaces. Only the band asked us 2,500 square meters. There is parking on the south side which is preparing for a hospital, catering for the group and rest areas. Besides there is the whole backstage area, production, et cetera. “

The Director of Operations ensures that Azteca Stadium holding the event is a great challenge in the history of the stadium had not faced. “We’ve never had such a big event, so heavy and so important as to show respect by removing the part of football. Just as the Azteca stadium can afford them. “


Around 18,000 people with tickets to court will be the first to enter the stadium - he explains - and then open the doors for all other people who attend.

“We will have a record entry of 110,000 people in each of the three concerts. No longer be possible to regain this amount of public concerts because we normally do in the stadium are not 360 °. In fact we Luis Miguel, Gloria Estefan, Elton John, Michael Jackson did not address all the back stage. This is unique in that the scenario is almost in the center of the court and you can see around, “says the interviewee.

He noted that some places have set aside in the corners because the spider-shaped stage and each of the legs is not complete visibility. “These places do not take up and people can be assured that if you purchased a ticket is because it will 100% see the show.”

- How long have you been involved in this project?
- “We’ve seen things with people in production since 2009 because we must remember that we have this event since last year but Bono health issues and problems that brought the band was canceled and rescheduled for this year. So it’s almost two years that we are with this project. We hope everything goes well and that May 11 is closed throughout this stage of preparations, “he says.

Héctor Raúl Barrios confirms the existence of which U2 has three stages around the world: “What I’ve heard is that it is. You can not have a single scenario that walks throughout the tour. There are three spiders. Three huge bugs are being assembled in different parts so that when the band gets is all perfectly prepared and able, without any problems, give their concerts. “


The Azteca official confessed by the pressure is great, but it is a different emotion to make something that has to do with football. “It’s the biggest show in the world. Is equaled to prepare the World Cup or the Pope’s visit. Of that size is for us this emotion. “

But he also says that implies a big commitment as a total for the three nights telling the staff, vendors and employees for the event will be 350.000 spectators, “to which we must give public security, lighting and sanitation. We believe we have the preparation and infrastructure to pull it off. “

“We work shoulder to shoulder with the production and take into account all the recommendations we make and try to resolve it as quickly, professionalism and quality they require. Is the best show in the world today and hopefully I can enjoy, it’s worth coming because it does not come to Mexico every day, “he adds.


The recommendations are the same as attending a soccer game: you can not enter with weapons, umbrellas, large buckles or packaging. It will give more details on the website and through its twitter.

“You must come as comfortable as possible because the doors will be open from 3:30 to 4 pm and the show starts until almost 10 pm. Many hours which will run until the end of the event expected to conclude at 12:30 pm, “concludes Héctor Raúl Barrios, Director of Operations of the Estadio Azteca.


The “360 ° Tour” which kicked off in Barcelona on June 30, 2009, managed to dethrone The Rolling Stones’s number one who had won four years ago with their “Bigger Bang Tour.”
The most ambitious tour of all time still has 26 shows pending and completed in Canada on July 30, 2011, when estimated to be collected about $ 700 million and will have been seen by more than 7 million people in 30 countries , as announced on 12 April, the concert promoter Live Nation with the Irish band who has a 12-year contract.

The “Bigger Bang Tour” to The Rolling Stones took place from 2005 to 2007 raised $ 554 million in ticket sales.

Madonna, the Queen of Pop, he could not stay without a crown and her “Sticky & Sweet Tour” which took place from August 23, 2008 to September 2, 2009 grossed $ 408 million, becoming an artist’s tour soloist with major gains of all time, surpassing the record that she had established in 2006 with “Confessions Tour,” which grossed $ 194 million.