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A blogger in "The Province" has suggested that U2 would be Victoria next month for a normal pre-tour rehearsals  However our sources have suggested that nothing is set in stone and that while the build could be available no one from management has contacted them.

We even checked in with some crew that we know would be supporting the rehearsals, "Heck I would be fully engaged and aware and as of now I know nothing of the sort."  Victoria really would not be on the bands radar however consider all the changes anything is possible. Right now we have to say its a rumor  and watch for more to come.

Bono, Brian Williams join NJ superstorm relief fund's board

Bono and NBC news anchor Brian Williams are the newest board members of a charity launched by the New Jersey governor and his wife to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

With their appointments, announced Tuesday, they join Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and other celebrities on the board.

So far, the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund has raised more than $32 million from more than 22,000 donors worldwide.

Known for his humanitarian efforts, Bono said he was inspired by the work of volunteers after the superstorm hit. Williams grew up at the Jersey Shore.

The Oct. 29 storm was one of the worst to strike the Northeast U.S. It is blamed for more than 130 deaths and tens of billions of dollars in property damage.

Lawson the next U2 ?

Lawson admitted that they like to compare themselves to U2 because they are a "real band" who play their own instruments but make pop music.

When asked who they compare themselves to, the band's Joel Peat told BANG Showbiz: ''U2. They're a proper playing band playing pop music. Even though they're rocking out and stuff, it's still pop music at the end of the day.''

Lawson, which also includes Adam Pitts, Andy Brown and Ryan Fletcher, have supported a variety of acts including The Wanted and Bruce Springsteen, and are now confident in their ability to work a crowd.

Adam added: "We're a band. We can rock out even though we play quite poppy music, but when we do a live show, it's a rock show.''

Lawson were originally called The Grove, but changed their name in honour of Doctor Lawson, the man who treated Andy, 25, after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour when he was just 19 years old.

Andy explained he still suffers as a result, adding: ''I'm deaf in one ear. The only really worry is that I really have to protect my good ear 'cause if I damage that then I'll be deaf by the time I'm 40.''

Huckabee Invokes Bono

Huckabee hosts a show on Fox News and did interview Bono at the end of last year and last night he threw out Bono's name with the following comments. Hum, are we sure Bono would support such comments ? - No word from Bono's camp. 

"Sometimes — sometimes we get so close to the picture, we really can’t see it clearly.  I’ve had the privilege of working with Bono for the past few years in the One Campaign to fight AIDS and hunger and disease around the world.  Bono is an Irishman and a great humanitarian.  And I remember him telling me of his admiration for America.  He said, ‘America’s more than just a country.  We are an idea.’ And he reminded me that we are an exceptional nation with an extraordinary history who owes it to the generations who are coming after us to leave them with an extraordinary legacy.”

U2 Rocks Steel City

U2 360 Tour/ Mark Peterson 2011 PITTSBURGH – The final USA show of the 360 Tour after 24 months was out of this world.  U2 had a couple of surprises.  The 2 ½ hour show ended as normal with “Moment of Surrender” which has been the last encore song for a couple of shows. Out of Control had appeared as the last song a couple of times. Well last night after a brief huddle the boys belted out “Bad” and snip of “40” Bono said the song “Bad” was inspired from someone around here. 

The boys took the stage a few minutes after 9 pm with the normal opener; “Space Oddity” by David Bowie and during “Beautiful Day” a snippet of Bowie’s song reappeared to support the space station clip. 

Bono referred to Pittsburg as “The Steel City” a few times a reference to some pretty cool people that have come from around here such as Andy Warhol, Perry Como and Bronson – We will spare you the references to the boys.

U2’s first gig was way back in 81 a place called “The Decade” Bono said “I was proud of my mullet” an interesting look during the time period.

The show was the last of a very long tour, which had its bumps along the way. However last night was not the night to rehash all of the bumps; Bono did have his chance to talk about politics, and social causes, shoot out to Aung San Suu Kyi and brief word on Amnesty International.

This was the final night of the band’s U.S. tour — the last stop of the two-year trek is Saturday in Moncton, New Brunswick — and Bono thanked fans “For this grand madness,” motioning to the band’s gargantuan, record-sized stage with its 150-foot tower.

U2 New Album Release Due in May

Paul McGuinness has reiterated that U2 is planning to have a new album out in May, in time for the North American leg of the U2 360 tour. 

Amazon.de – the German branch of the electronic commerce company – has listed the as-yet-untitled effort to come out on May 27.

No other details were available at press time about the release date.

The Irish band have been working with Black Eyed Peas star Will.i.am and David Guetta on their follow-up to 2009’s ‘No Line On The Horizon’.

In December, Will.i.am said that songs he had recorded with U2 had “blown” people away when he previewed them at a party last year.

Meanwhile, U2’s Bono and The Edge are currently putting the final touches to the broadway adaptation of Spider-Man

Brazil and Argentina !

U2 will play Estadio Unico de la Plata in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA on March 30th, and Estadio Morumbi, Sao Paulo in BRAZIL on April 9th, 2011.

Tickets for both shows go on sale to the general public on Tuesday December 7th but U2.com subscribers can enter a special advance presale for tickets beginning this Wednesday, December 1st and running until Friday, December 3rd.

Subscribers will be emailed ahead of this presale with details of timings.

Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2

U2 Fans have you enjoyed a book about the boys that you would feel is worth sharing with your fellow U2 fans? Send a letter to the editor directly. Your review could be the featured review of the week.

Walk On: The Spiritual Journey Of U2
By: Steve Stockman  Review: Sara ( From London)

Walk On was an absolutely fascinating read! In fact, it was so good that its worth a read again I have been a distant fan of U2 since my early teens (I’m 30 now). By “distant” I mean that I haven’t followed their life and music as closely as some fans have (at least not too far beyond their earlier albums). I did purchase a copy of “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” and I think it is now probably one of my favorites (along with October, The Unforgettable Fire and The Joshua Tree)!

I have always found some inspiration in the life and music of U2. Such a statement bothers some Christians and that is precisely why they need to read this book. One of the things I have always most admired about this band is that they are real and they often wear their hearts right out on their sleeves… There are some very deep, inspiring, contemplative, introspective and sometimes questioning themes that flow consistently through the lyrics of U2’s songs. In fact, I don’t know of one album that U2 has released that didn’t express some facet of spirituality in one way or another.

    Walk On: The Spiritual Journey Of U2 presents an intimate look into the lives of a group of true believers who are not playing games with anyone. They don’t make excuses for their imperfections or try to cover up their frustration with the condition of the world and how few, especially …Most Christians who can’t get past the sight of a cigarette, a beer or the sound of a cuss word, will have trouble seeing the honest heart of a guy like Bono who is as sincere and devout as they come!…Bono once made the statement in an interview that the reason he is attracted to the Scriptures and figures like Christ is because he is not like them and wants to be; he is drawn to that power greater than himself that can change a man’s heart and actions. He admits his weakness but knows the source of this power; God. He is also very inspired by the grace of God.

     However unorthodox the bros in U2 seem to the rest of Christendom, these guys are very sincere and very plugged in to God (in fact, I would dare say they are seeking harder and desiring that intimate connection with the Lord than probably a lot of Christians who attend churches today are). This book will be a refreshing eye opener to people who have had questions about U2 and whether or not their faith is real. It will answer some questions for fans as well as give those unfamiliar with the band a proper introduction to who they are. I think that especially those believers who have expressed criticism towards U2 need to read this great book. I found it very inspiring and challenging to my faith.

In consideration of the song Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, I believe it is a statement about the fact that this band is still searching, but not for God. They have found Him, (all accept the bass player who is agnostic). What they are searching for is an honest expression of truth by those who profess to know Him. An expression of truth that is more than merely words professed, but actions demonstrated. One might also consider this song in respect to 1 Corinthians 13 (the line, “I have spoken with the tongues of angels…”), where love is the only thing that really matters. Bono seems to be expressing that he has experienced the “things” of God, but desires more; to be captivated and completely motivated by love. These guys have not walked away, they are determined to “Walk On!”

I highly recommend this book! It will be most meaningful to those who are at least remotely familiar with U2’s music, but I think even someone who doesn’t know much about them at all will find a number of insightful gems in this great title.

Thank you Sara, this sounds like a great read, fast read and for most of us today. We sometimes need a little church in our lives.  U2 fans if your interested in sharing your U2 story write us directly and lets see if your review could be our next weekly book review.

Also remember you can purchase all your U2 books, Music and frankly anything you like from friends at amazon

U2 North America News !

After announcing additional dates in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico City and South Africa, Billboard.biz confirms that U2 will take its record-breaking 360 tour to Nashville’s Vanderbilt Stadium on July 2 of next year, the band’s first trip to the market in more than 29 years.   

By the time the tour returns to North America, it will have been seen by well over 4 million fans and is marching toward becoming the highest-grossing tour of all time. A press conference is announcing the Nashville show today. 

U2 is adding some select dates to its re-scheduled second North American leg, which was postponed due to back surgery for the band’s frontman, Bono. The  will be U2’s first appearance in Nashville since December 2, 1981, also at Vanderbilt. Commenting on U2’s return to Nashville after such a long absence from the market, tour producer Arthur Fogel, chairman of Live Nation Global Touring, tells Billboard.biz, “In rescheduling the postponed dates to 2011 it opened up the opportunity to add a few additional cities. It has been a very long time since U2 has played Nashville — too long — and it will be a great show in a great city.” 

At about 50,000 capacity for the show, Vanderbilt Stadium will be one of the smallest-capacity venues to be played on the tour, which boasts a ground-breaking production and staging that allows for an attendance-boosting 360-degree configuration, a first for a touring stadium show. U2 is a finalist for the Top Tour and Top Draw awards at the 2010 Billboard Touring Awards in New York Nov. 4, and band manager Paul McGuinness’ Principle Management is a finalist in the Top Manager category.

Tickets for the Nashville show go on sale Oct. 29 and are priced at $30, $55, $95 and $250.

U2 announces second Auckland show

Irish rockers U2 have added a second Auckland date to their “360 degrees” world tour.

Tickets for the first concert at Auckland’s Mt Smart Stadium on November 25 sold out in less than an hour on Friday. The second conert will be on November 26, and tickets will go on sale on Thursday.

Second dates were also announced for Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and Perth.

The band will bring American rapper Jay-Z. It will be the first New Zealand stage appearance by the hip hop artist and partner of singer Beyonce Knowles.

Ticket prices start from $39.90, but a surcharge of almost $20 per transaction by an online outlet has upset many concert goers.

U2's Spectacular Night in Athens

Crowded with thousands of spectators greeted the Olympic Stadium of U2, who 13 years after its appearance in Greece, landed in Athens for a single concert.

Umpteen people came from numerous places to Athens to watch the unique concert of the irish band U2! Everything was spetacular from the stage, which in fact was part of a spacecraft, to Bono’s magnifiscent coat with red led lights! The concert took place yesterday, at the Greek Olympic stadium with thousands of fans.

At 19:20 p.m Avin Geffen, came on stage to prepare the audience. An hour later, the band Snow Patrol followed and their singer said he was excited for being in Greece.

At 21:58 p.m the legendary rock band appeared on stage, and Bono together with the others caused delirium to the thousands of fans. Bono sang numerous great hits such as “Magnificent” and “in the name of love” , ‘passenger’ . The singer was really obliging with his fans and he roused enthusiasm to the whole stadium by saying to his Greek audience that ” I fully understand the difficult situation of the country due to the fiscal crisis, but i am convinced that Greece will be once more the winner!”

At 23:42, Bono said ” Goodnight Athens” . However, a few minutes later, he came again on stage singing ” With or Without you” wearing, a coat with red led lights! At 23:56 p.m Bono said goodbye and thanked Greece for its cordiality and hospitality, being really fluent in Greek.  However, the thousands of fans did not leave the stadium and kept on singing their great hits!

U2, gave a spectacular concert, which was full of energy, joy and of course… rock!

Next Stop Vienna from A to Z

u2 360 Stage 2010/

75 thousand spectators are expected on 30 August concert. The stadium with a capacity of 50 thousand events are usually determined by head count. This requirement has so far only a few times, such as the Rolling Stones, AC / DC or “the three tenors (Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti) concert made an exception. 

The Vienna news tells the story of Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton from A to Z Achtung Baby Zoo TV. What we found interesting is the bits of U2 and social awarness that streams thru the story that does not translate well into English. So view it as just a small look into what the people from Vienna think of U2……….

Baby Completed in Berlin during the post-Fall-year period, published in 1991 “Achtung Baby”, the seventh album by the band, as their experimental and darkest work. The cover is adorned with a GDR Trabant, six copies of the colorfully painted plastic car used on the next tour as a stage decoration.

Batman for the soundtrack of “Batman Forever” in 1995 to control the U2 song “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” at. For the current “360 Tour”, the song was put back on the setlist.

Conversation  U2 are also not immune to musical missteps, as evidenced by the new recordings of “Helter Skelter” and “All Along The Watchtower. Successful because already the Skids cover of “The Saints Are Coming” with Green Day. All proceeds were donated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

D isco U2 at the disco? Sounds funny, is it that way. Available for listening on the rather botched the 1997 album “Pop”. Later, the band for a greatest hits album a few songs a new, because Bono and The Edge are dissatisfied with the original mixes.

E Bono in 1982 he married his childhood sweetheart, Ali, the couple has four children. After the failure of his marriage to Aislinn (1983-1996) The Edge marries his Morleigh 2002, he meets during the 1992 tour. Larry Mullen and his partner Ann are in the late 70s a couple without being married (three children). Bassist Adam Clayton is single.

F ilm The idea for the film “The Million Dollar Hotel” by Wim Wenders about a flophouse in LA is from Bono himself. Soundtrack-tip: the Salman Rushdie written and set to music by U2 “The Ground Beneath Her Feet”.

G itarre so striking even the voice of Bono, U2 is the trademark of the guitar by The Edge. His guitar style is characterized by short, terse sound sequences, opulent, he rarely plays solos.

On the website there is a travel guide for Dublin, which allows fans to travel to important stages in the life of U2. Of the parents’ homes by Bono and Larry about the first gigs in pubs, down to the Hanover Quay Studios. (u2tour.de)

IDENTITY repeatedly Bono slips into different stages identities of the hard leather Rocker (aka “The Fly”) to the disco-styled Feschak. During the Zoo TV tour, he came even as Macphisto teufelsbehörnter “on. Finally, he showed his true nature unken, critic.

Johnny Cash On “The Wanderer” from the album “Zooropa” (1993) Country superstar Johnny Cash acting as guest singers. Less then starts the forgotten cash a furious comeback.

“South Park” is derided as an egomaniac singer of U2-gooders and at the end to the “second biggest pile of shit in the world” appointed. Bono takes the matter with humor.

Live album recorded in 1983, “Under A Blood Red Sky” is - apart from the 4-parts-EP “Wide Awake In America” and the live / studio hybrid “Rattle & Hum” - so far the only official live album by band.

Musical On 21 December 2010 is celebrating “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark” in New York premiere. Music and lyrics are by Bono and The Edge. $ 50 million production costs, it is considered the most expensive Broadway musical ever.

With “Sunday Boody Sunday” U2 deliver in 1983 a radical and highly controversial statement on the fighting from their homes.

O peration this May, Bono must undergo emergency surgery in Munich on the back. A North American tour is canceled.

Whether P has olitics U.S. presidents, popes or UN secretaries-general - not made any political or religious world-class player in the Bono as part of its commitment to the debt the Third World. For the 50-year-old is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Q uality about the musical quality of U2 disagreement. While some praise the Irishman as the best band in the world, others complain too much pathos, formulaic songs and assume the front man a Messiah complex. “U2’s songs are like furniture from IKEA,” wrote the “Star”. “They are the illusion of chic in the functional design of our time, with a hint of subversive, nonchalance, youthful standard denial.”

R eligion In early songs like “Gloria,” and “I Still Have not Found What I’m Looking For” U2 cancel their Christian faith clearly. Today, the volume is dedicated more to spirituality than religion practiced (see “Yahweh”). Bono always stressed that his faith was the motivation for doing his political

S U2 published a soundtrack 1995 under the pseudonym “Passengers” on the album Original Soundtracks 1 “. An album full of experiments, mostly instrumental. With “Miss Sarajevo” there is even a duet with Luciano Pavarotti on the odd secondary work.

The 360 Tour “is one of the most successful in the history of music. Between June 2009 and June 2010 the band made $ 130,000,000 in sales.

U 2 To the name “U2” is shrouded in the most varied rumors. For one, he, phonetically, a word game. To German: “You too”. On the other hand were called including the U.S. spy planes in the 60’s.

V erkäufe With 160 million albums sold, the Dubliner among the most successful acts in the charts history.

 U2 for the fifth time in the Federal Capital (May 24, 1992 Danube island, 26-27. Stadthalle July 2001, July 2, 2005 Happel-Stadion). The setlist will include 23 songs, including the previously unreleased songs “Glastonbury” and “North Star”.

XY … Document number are unresolved Where do the artists name? Bono Vox in civil life goes by the name Paul Hewson, his nickname is derived from the Latin “vox bona” (“good voice” her). About the nickname of Dave Evans (The Edge), there are two theories: his sharp (“edgy”), the angular head and mind are available.

Z oo-TV, the ‘93 tour is the oddest of all concert tours: in the intro is a drumming Nazi-boy from the film “Triumph of the Will” by Leni shown Riefenstahl, the band climbs out of a giant lemon and the phone through a live circuit with various celebrities.

360 degrees! Bono makes Hannover hot

Distorted Space sounds, powerful guitar sound in the boiler of the AWD-Arena, mega-impact of the world stars U2 before 57 000 fans sold out!

“Beautiful Day” - and what a beautiful day!

Front man Bono is dancing on the outer ring of the gigantic spaceship stage: with typical cool sunglasses, black leather outfit. Fog, light explosion, hit fireworks. Crazy good, these Irishmen. Your superheated “360” show brings the stadium quickly to a boil. U2 rock Hannover!

And in the middle: President Christian Wulff (51, white shirt with no tie) and First Lady Bettina (36, black pantsuit know). Insider, Bettina Wulff is that for years a big fan of Bono - for his music, but also because of its commitment to Human rights and the environment. Wulff: “That’s why I have given her the inside cards for Christmas.” Half an hour before the show gave it a meeting behind the stage.

Wulff, “Bono is an impressive personality, credibility and a great model to make the responsibility of African popular!”

It was long uncertain whether Wulff after the rise in the Bellevue Palace are actually for the U2 concert. Security concerns! Compromise: Only rocked the presidential couple with the interior. Then when it got dark, brought bodyguards for security reasons the other two for a place.

Iconic pieces of three decades, thundered from the speakers: “New Year’s Day,” “Where The Streets Have No Name”, “Still have not found what I’m looking for”. In between songs from the new album “No Line On The Horizon” (“Magnificent”, “Got Your Boots On”).

Again and again inspired Bono with personal notes, even neighboring Maschseefest as “the festival of beer drinking mentioned outside.”

At the finale Bono recalled the late 96-hero Robert Enke, sang the mega seller “With or without you” and “One”. Soulful goosebumps-end …


Updated Setlist

Updated Photos

U2 and the 700-ton monster arrive in Hanover

Just over a week before the start of the Bundesliga season in the AWD Arena in Hanover from the green grass is not much to see.  

A total of 700 tons of steel and technology currently dominate the stadium on Thursday evening and prepare the stage for the concert. 

After 13 years, the band is the first time to see again live in the state capital.

Six days and more than 8,000 hours was the construction of the 360-degree stage - a futuristic, spider-like structure - claim that it has, according to organizers in these dimensions so before given only U2.

The approximately 50,000 fans are expected to forward to an appropriate spectacle, production manager Jake Barry promised yesterday, while in the truest sense of the word were the latest work on the stage.

Hanover, the second of three German stations during the 2009 world tour the band started. On Tuesday evening, the rocker is already in the Frankfurt Commerzbank-Arena had occurred.

It had come to the end of the presentation for a moving invocation. Before the very last song called “Moment of Surrender” singer Bono recalled the 21 victims of the Love Parade in Duisburg. He then expressed his hope that the disaster should not lead to perish in Germany, the joy of music.

Quite easily, the German tour start was, however, does not. During the construction stage to comply with the giant screens, there was in Frankfurt a lot of trouble.

At 52 meters height, the steel structure for the stadium roof was too high. “In Hanover, there has been no trouble,” said the head of production.

Ensure that the lawn just before the season start of the Bundesliga season is not damaged, make special shoes. If the Green still suffer, there is a new turf by U2.

Opening is Kasabian. U2 starts at 20.45 Local Time

The current time in Hanover

Follow the tweets and concert news on @U2TOURFANS

U2 Press Interview

Looking over the interview with the band we noticed that the press had a love fest with them. Many media outlets where invited to the interview. Heres the highlights of that interview.

How is Bono? Ready to reboot?

“Every hour that passes I feel better; it is also just discovering that you are indestructible. I took it easy, there was my birthday, and lying motionless I could think about the future because I never think about the past. I am not an Iron Man: I ate ice cream and started smoking again. Instead, our manager came to a heart attack and a hysterical pregnancy, had to cancel tickets million Americans. But since one of the things you can do is to write lying down, I wrote. ” (The Edge, who was also in France, he adds, “I realized we had two months empty, and I started to play for the next hard rock.”)

You have accumulated a lot of material?
“We have 25 songs ready and four new projects. First, an ambient album, Songs of Ascent, according to a rock album, one third of clubmusic, DJ and fourthly, the soundtrack of Spiderman, the musical debuted on Broadway in November, directed by Julie Taymor is a pure tends to play, inspired by the U.S. after September 11, a time of anxiety, with myths that speak of contemporary life. “

25 new songs how much will end up on stage this Friday night?

“We will have at least three new songs from various projects. Who knows what? The first you have heard the evidence from outside the stadium, Glastonbury is: we could not go to the Festival for my accident but had written for the occasion, during a crazy week in Vancouver, the Rock’n’roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland with Patti Smith, then Berlin with Jay Z. You exit the “roar” the crowd in the notes.

“The Edge: “Better to sing live before recording them some.”

This tour is so large!
“Some directors, like Coppola and Fellini were attracted by greatness. And even us. ”

Many young bands come go in short time, how do you stay together after 32 years?
The Edge: ‘I’m here because I do not know what is life without U2. What would these three, without me? “.

Bono: “When I am in a room and somebody contradicts me, I get nervous. But with my colleagues at work, there is never a problem Ego. You see, Sting is a great author, but his best has made with the Police. Being in a band is the highest degree of evolution, especially for males. We laugh a lot, there’s chemistry between us.