New Album, New World Tour

"We know we have to spend a couple of years taking these songs around the world, so they'd better be good" - Bono

The machine is in full swing now ! Its clear that U2 will be heading out a world tour to support their up coming studio release. What is not clear when this whole experience will kick off.  One thing we did notice is that their new manager gets the whole new music industry. Technology infused with music.  Ya that sounds strange coming from U2. However look at it from the bigger picture Fan based websites have really connected with the audiences, the introduction of Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr and yes even Facebook have made music more accessible to fans.

However the next step would have to look at how to interconnect the band with the fans without over saturating the band with fans.  Fans are key to any successful band and they are the life blood within today's music environment yet its all about balance and control.  The U2TOURFANS experience was a creative idea early on to bring  the fans closer to the conversation. Connecting the social media platforms to create a open community that can experience the music, videos and create dialog that moves the band front and center in this digital world. 


Interview with Bono brings out Punk, Insecurity and Future


Bono sits down with the BBC for an interview and we get to peek over the shoulder.

Yea Rolling Stone and the rest of the world happened to be peering over too.

So what did we learn?

  • Bono, States the album is not done until it is done.  Hum that’s pretty insightful and a painful statement for U2 fans waiting for a bit of time for something fresh however that’s a uncommon statement among artist. 
  • Bono still focused on single release from Sunday.  We're at nearly two-and-a-half million downloads and there were one million downloads in one hour Sunday”
  • Official Album Title yet however Bono did throw out the working title “Insecurity” remember it was stated a working title. Do not be dummies and buy the domain name.
  • Expect Punk and Electronic Music on the New Album. We had reported earlier that the boys have been listening to some music from the 70’s and picking up some vibes from the Ramones and Kratwerk and surely you can hear the influences within “Invisible”
  • Inner Bono struggling self and for a deeper experience, "There were really wild extraordinary people and then you feel deeply not extraordinary. You feel invisible and you're screaming to be seen and you have your band and this is your whole life. It's that feeling of getting out of town."
  • Did we already say they are still working on the album? Yea finished in a couple of months, easy now back away from your keyboard.
  • Bells and Danger Mouse could be a telling sign of what we can expect to hear.
  • Tour? Sure, lets keep inside this time as was suggested before. Something little which could never really happen.
  • Irrelevant, that dam word keeps coming back as if to say we must go now into the dark of night and call it dead.  No, dam it we should continue forward and embrace the possibility of a new generation of U2 fans.

"We'll find out if we're irrelevant. I'm perfectly prepared for people to try and blow us off the stage. We're just not going to make it easy." Bono

U2 News Alert

A blogger in "The Province" has suggested that U2 would be Victoria next month for a normal pre-tour rehearsals  However our sources have suggested that nothing is set in stone and that while the build could be available no one from management has contacted them.

We even checked in with some crew that we know would be supporting the rehearsals, "Heck I would be fully engaged and aware and as of now I know nothing of the sort."  Victoria really would not be on the bands radar however consider all the changes anything is possible. Right now we have to say its a rumor  and watch for more to come.

Frank Barsalona, Remembered

Paul said: "Trying to get U2 signed to Premier Talent was the reason for my trip when I flew to New York for the very first time in 1980. I was a baby manager but I knew that Premier were the agency that had driven the British Invasion for the Who, Zeppelin and all the great bands. U2 were recording their first album, "Boy," in Dublin, with Steve Lillywhite producing, for Island Records. When I arrived in New York, I phoned Frank Barsalona's office for an appointment. They took my number, maybe they would have called back.  The next day my father died suddenly back in Dublin. I phoned Premier to say I wouldn't be able to see Frank that week because I would be at the funeral  but I would be back soon. He had to see me when I returned, I was the guy in Ireland whose father had died ...

"When I met Frank a week or two later he listened to the U2 tape, looked at a video clip I had made,  and (with some encouragement from Chris Blackwell, who had once bailed out his agency) agreed to represent the band. It was the most important alliance we had made up to then.

"Through the 1980s in North America, Barbara Skydel and Frank guided U2 to becoming one the great live act they are now. Over many late nights sitting in his office as he told me his stories, after everyone had gone home, he gave me my education in the business. Sometimes we went to watch a Yankees game, but mostly we sat and he talked, often till midnight.

"He taught U2 and myself something that has stood us in good stead ever since -- that an artist has two parallel careers: one on record and one live. The fact that record success came later for U2 was compensated for by their much quicker rise to fame as one of the great live attractions.

"He and his network of regional promoters gave us so much of their skill and wisdom. In 1991/1992 we did the ambitious, expensive, and deservedly legendary, ZooTV tour. We kept the ticket price low and only broke even.

"In 1997 when costs were even higher, we were planning the PopMart tour and we changed the business model, and decided to invite bids from interested parties who would underwrite the whole world tour, and shoulder the financial risk that the band had hitherto taken. This meant working without an agent and I had the painful task of informing Frank and Barbara that U2 were no longer Premier clients. The business was changing. I had to say the same to Ian Flooks of Wasted Talent, who had been our brilliant agent in the rest of the world.

"We then started working worldwide with Michael Cohl and Arthur Fogel, then working under the name TNA. Though Michael is no longer part of the organization, TNA became SFX, that became Clear Channel and the current Live Nation concert organization, which is in many ways the successor to Frank Barsalona's network.  We are still working with Arthur Fogel, who first played U2 in the El Mocambo in Toronto in 1980, a date booked by Premier.

"Frank was a great man and we will not see his like again. My sympathies and condolences go to his wife June and daughter Nicole."


Tour grosses over $703 million

The Edge / Adam / Bono / U2 360 Tour Denver 2011NEW FIGURES show that U2’s 360° Tour has grossed more than $703 million (€534 million) after seven million rock fans paid to see the band over the past three years.

According to figures published by music industry journal Pollstar, the tour grossed $231.9 million last year after 2.38 million music fans paid to see the band at 34 gigs across 26 cities.

The US-based publisher shows that the tour grossed the highest amount of any rock band last year and on average grossed $8.9 million per gig with an average attendance of 91,828.

The figures show that U2’s three-gig stint at the Morumbi Stadium in São Paolo, Brazil, alone earned $32 million.

The $703 million is a gross figure and does not take into account the significant costs of staging the tour, which involved 110 gigs in 79 cities around the world over three years.

Hundreds of people were employed in transporting and constructing the 360° “Claw” stage, while the concerts provided a major economic boost in the cities where they took place.

The profits from the tour are shared between the four members of the band – Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton – their manager Paul McGuinness, their promoter Live Nation, and the local venue operator.

The 360° production increased the capacity of venues by up to 25%, resulting in record attendances.

The Pollstar figures show that one of the top-earning stints over the three years was the band’s sold-out three-night run at Dublin’s Croke Park, where the tour grossed $28.5 million.

A breakdown of the annual figures shows that the tour grossed $231.9 million in 2011; $160.9 million in 2010; and $311 million in 2009, when three million people paid on average $101 to see the band play.

The year 2009 was the largest grossing year of the tour, when the average gross per concert was $10 million.

The drop-off in revenue in 2010 came as a result of the band postponing a North American leg of the tour after Bono sustained a back injury in Munich.

The latest figures for U2’s main Irish company, U2 Ltd, for the 12 months to the end of 2010 show that its cash pile increased almost fivefold to €4 million.

The principal activity of the company is the creation, protection and licensing of intellectual property.

Fans Pick 22 Songs

U2 360 Tour / Mark Peterson

Fans your votes are in for the 22 live track double CD album to be released to celebrate the 360 tour.  Fans had 46 songs to choose from and of course the main stays like “Where The Streest Have No Name, One and some lesser known Ultravoulet and The Unforgettable Fire have been chosen. Take a look at the list. What do you think ? Did they get it right ? Or is something missing ?

U22 tracklist:

1. Bad
2. Where The Streets Have No  Name
3. Magnificent
4. One
5. Ultraviolet
6. Even Better than The Real Thing
7. With or Without You
8. Beautiful Day
9. City of Blinding Lights
10. The Unforgettable Fire
11. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
12. All I Want is You/Love Rescue Me
13. Moment of Surrender
14. Until The End of the World
15. The Fly
16. One Tree Hill
17. Stay (Faraway, So Close)
18. Walk On
19. Zooropa
20. Elevation
21. Out of Control
22. Mysterious Ways

Highest Earning Tour of 2011

Shock! U2 lead Billboard’s year-end report of the top touring acts of 2011, with their “360 Tour” raking in $293.3 million in box office revenue from nearly 3 million in ticket sales for the year.

Bono and crew were on the road from June 30th 2009 to July 30th 2011 with their giant claw on the “360 Tour” and broke the all-time touring industry records by bringing in a staggering $736,421,586 with more than 7 million punters attending the shows.

Bon Jovi had one of the biggest years of their 28 year career and Take That made a lazy $185 million from their comeback tour with Robbie Williams, which included a record breaking eight nights at Wembley Stadium. The Wembley shows alone earned the band $61.7 million breaking the previous venue record of $38.7 million that had been set by Bruce Springsteen’s ten sold-out shows at New Jersey’s Giants Stadium in 2003.

Highest-Earning Tours of 2011:
01) U2 – $293.3 million
02) Bon Jovi – $193 million
03) Take That – $185 million
04) Roger Waters – $150 million
05) Taylor Swift – $97.3 million
06) Kenny Chesney – $84.6 million
07) Usher – $75 million
08) Lady Gaga – $72 million
09) Andre Rieu – $67 million
10) Sade – $50 million

For Sale: One Used Stage

U2 are to sell off the 29,000-square-foot steel ‘claws’ they used to create the stage on their ‘360 Tour’.

Tour director Craig Evans tells, “It’s certainly our intention to see these things recycled into permanent and usable ventures. It represents too great an engineering feat to just… put it away in a warehouse somewhere.

“We are in discussions to send them (parts) into different places around the world and have them installed as permanent venues. Some major events have shown interest in these, from four different continents.”

Reports suggest The Claw could be used as part of the London Olympics opening ceremony next year.

The run of shows - which have spanned across three years - are due to come to an end on July 30 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, and rather than just let structures sit in a warehouse the group and their management intend to sell them off.

“We’re now in discussions to send them into different places around the world and have them installed as permanent venues. Some major events have shown interest in these, from four different continents and we haven’t even really put the word out yet.”

U2’s ‘360 Tour’ is the highest-grossing concert tour of all time, with ticket sales totalling over $700 million and it requires 120 lorries to transport its 50-metre tall sound system, stage and lighting rig making it the most expensive tour to hold.

Guitarist The Edge - who played the Glastonbury Festival with his bandmates Bono, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen last weekend - previously admitted the rockers will never be able to go on a bigger tour.

He said: “We’re actually at the limit, the absolute limit, when you consider the economics and the practicality of transportation. We’re really as big as we could ever get.”


U2 360° Heading To Chile

Live Nation Global Touring  today confirmed that U2 will return to Chile. The U2 360° Tour will visit Estadio Nacional in Santiago  on Friday March 25th, 2011 and special guests on the night will be Muse.

Tickets will go on sale to the general public on December 16th and  to Entel customers paying only with CMR Falabella cards on Monday, December 13th and Tuesday 14th via Ticketmaster. subscribers can enter a special advance PRESALE  beginning this FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10th at 10am (local) and running until this SUNDAY, DECEMBER 12th at 5pm (local).

Subscribers will be emailed ahead of this presale with details of timings.

The Edge Supports Aung San Sun Kyi

U2/The Edge Dave Evans, known as Edge, from the band U2 says that they will continue their support for the Myanmar (Burma) democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Edge, in a news letter said “I’m sure, like us, you’re delighted with the news of the release of Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma at the weekend. We should all be relieved, if cautious, that she has been able to take a step towards freedom.

However, we must remember that her release is not part of any political process but is designed to get positive publicity for the dictatorship after the blatant rigging of elections on 7th November. We must not forget the thousands of other political prisoners still suffering in Burma’s jails and must do whatever we can to encourage the international community to engage the junta in dialogue.

We will continue our support of this remarkable woman and her campaign, and as always we count on your continued input and continued vigilance.”

Can Social Media Sway U2 360 Tour?

An avid Christchurch U2 fan has launched an online crusade to bring her favourite band to the city.

The Irish supergroup will play one concert at Auckland’s Mt Smart Stadiumon November 25 but Ilam mother Chelsea Daly has created a Facebook page she hopes will encourage Bono and company to perform in Christchurch.

The online approach worked for Metallica fans earlier this year when thousands of people joined en masse to convince that band to schedule a Garden City gig.

Daly said she could see no reason why the same method could not work again.

As of noon today, the Facebook page had attracted 109 supporters and Daly was aiming for 2500.

“I think we can do this … support is growing very fast,” she told The Press.

Daly, who hoped to buy tickets to the Auckland concert, hoped tour promoters would take notice of the page and bring the massive U2 tour south.

She was using Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites to spread the word.

U2 May Say Hola South America !

The rumors contiue to grow. Now La Tercera is reporting that Live Nation may have reached a deal for the boys to play in Chile, and if all goes well it could be more than one show. Dates suggested March 25th and 26th. The second show is based a sell out of the first. Which is more than likely. If Chile gets the second show this will be the first time since the boys toured South America that Chile gets a second show.

The waiting for some fans may be a bit much however we suggest you hang on word has it that tickets may go on sale as early as September.

Now what about South America, should the Chile concert dates come true, this would be part of the bigger South American tour which could include U2’s first time arrival into Peru. Rumors suggest that this South American tour could start late February or early March 2011.


U2 Offical Tour Announcement Coming

We could not believe the news when we heard this earlier this morning. U2 will officially announce dates for Australian leg in August. 

Melbourne’s Hot Breakfast show had got the story from Nui Te Koha who broke the news.


U2 are about to announce their Australian tour for 2011,” said Nui. “This announcement will roll out in August.

The Live Nation production crew has already setup office in OZ so that that can announce the tour in August. All bets on the tour coming summer or early 2011. 

Now this puts the question in some minds that the delayed North American tour should return sometime in June 2011. This part of the story should be considered rumor until we can get the facts from Live Nation. Which to this date has remained silent on any communication with U2 Fans. Most tend to be harsh on Live Nation simply because they feel that they are owed an answer about their tickets.

However what most people seem to miss is that a tour this size requires a stadium but thats not the only part, crew, trucks and planes all have to be available and pre-booked. This was going to take some time. So if we hear something about the delayed North American tour next month, our hats off to Live Nation. 

U2 Top Money Maker

If there was any doubt that U2 was the biggest band in the world, one look at Billboard’s Top Money Makers list should do the trick. Based on actual revenue earned by music artists from touring and music sales, U2 hits #1 on the list, earning nearly double of what the next biggest money maker earned at #2.

Thanks to their sold-out U2 360° tour, the band is likely to earn the title for highest-grossing tour in history thanks to the high capacities of their 360-degree setup. The first tour as part of their current deal Live Nation, that includes touring, merchandise, and more, U2 is a clear lead at #1 with an estimated $108 million dollars in revenue.

Bruce Springsteen is at #2 thanks to his constant touring schedule, the release of a new studio album and Walmart-exclusive hits collection, as well as publishing revenue from his discography of self-written songs and over 2 million in digital sales, The Boss earned a cool $58 million last year.

Madonna came in at #3, earning an estimated $47 million thanks to international stadium sell-outs of her “Sticky & Sweet” tour as part of her new Live Nation deal, as well as her branding and licensing deals. International touring brought in the green for “Back In Black” singers AC/DC, who earned $43 million last year.

Sorry Ringling Brothers, but Britney Spears had the highest-grossing circus last year. Her sold-out “Circus” tour, along with album sales and over 7.5 million digital downloads, earned her over $38 million last year.

The rest of the top money makers according to Billboard include Pink ($36 million), the Jonas Brothers ($33 million), Coldplay ($27 million), Kenny Chesney ($26 million), and Metallica ($25 million).


Planes,Trucks,and Crew.... Stand by

U2 Fans - 10:00 PM East Coast - We thought we better make a comment to those of you following the other millions of fans on twitter, facebook or your favorite social media source.

Rumors are running wild.  Lets start by saying NOTHING has been confirmed. Period. A friend, that knows a friend of a truck driver said what ? Come on now fans lets stop sending rumors around. We can tell you this for sure. Rehearsals will need a week. The stage will need a week.  U2 operates three steel crews within North Amerca. Currently all trucks are holding. Crew that has not arrived into Salt Lake has been told to wait in their home city for further updates.

As for rumors, we have done our homework on not posting, commenting or suggesting any rumors. We would like to ask that you follow us on twitter or facebook for the fastest real time updates.