U2 Experimenting

U2 / U2TOURFANS / Mark Peterson @2016

U2 / U2TOURFANS / Mark Peterson @2016

New York: Back at the studio the boys have been working something fresh, experimental and some may say it feels like Zooropa. Songs of Experience, their fourteenth studio album. 

Bono and the boys are just having fun creating music that will embrace their roots and pull along those new fans and bring them into the fold. U2 has had their challenges during the last tour.

One would think that may come into play with the new music. So the question most of you want to know. When will U2 hit the road again ? Well sources suggest that we should see the boys around the world in 2017 !  Yup that's the noise in the system right now. We tend not to support or agree with the noise however knowing that the marketing machines and the venue routing information would normally kick into gear right about now for a summer tour. 2016 looks likely not be in scope. 


The End Of A Great Experience ! U2's Return to Paris

U2 / Bono/ Adam /  Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS

U2 / Bono/ Adam /  Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS

Paris:  It's a rock show !  Its a rock show !  Monday night U2 returned for a second show to a sold out crowd and an expected HBO audience to snub the noses of terrorists that would have us fear for our way of life. Its the final show of a very long tour that for sure will have some interesting watermarks.

From the start this tour had several different issues come up. Last nights show was clearly an emotional evening for many. Bono said “Now there’s nothing left except to introduce you to some people whose lives will forever be a part of the city of Paris,”  The show came to an end with “One.” “These are our brothers, our fellow troubadours. They were robbed of their stage three weeks ago, and we would like to offer them ours tonight.”

Then he welcomed the Eagles of Death Metal onstage to lead a rousing rendition of “People Have the Power” by Patti Smith, who had joined U2 for the same song on Sunday  

People that's what a U2 show is about. Its about people connecting to people. This show was packed with a few extra guest. Those in attendance had been the lucky few invited on stage during the tour. Its was a special evening for so many. 

For many fans they noticed that U2's tightly calibrated show was a bit loose a bit free form and yet seemed in control. The band was fully engaged in a ROCK "N" ROLL show and would allow the spirit to be taken away.

The Edge / Bono / Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS

The Edge / Bono / Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS

From the business side. December dates seemed to fit right into the sweet spot for everyone. Dublin was to be the end with the band, crew and equipment to be scattered. Art Fogel with his hands full worked to figure how to make it possible. As Art said “Obviously we figured it out, and everybody was able to stay together to complete the shows. It was something the band really felt was important to do, as we all did, and it ended up working out well for the wrap of the tour for this year.”  Refund amounts was at a minimal with the tickets resold just as quickly.  Security was beefed up however Paris was just back to normal with a little bit more aware.

U2’s 2015 Innocence + Experience tour wraps as a critical and commercial success, though not one without its obstacles, including the death tour manager Dennis Sheehan early on in the tour. Through Nov. 3, the tour reported grosses totaling $133.6 million and attendance of 1,125,624 from 64 shows, according to Boxscore. “[Innocence + Experience] was a run that had some incredible challenges,” says Fogel, “but, in the end, it was a complete triumph, critically and every other way. They are truly a great band and have proven that once again.”

Bono Introduces New Song "The Streets Of Surrender"

Bono has dedicated a new song about freedom and love to the 130 people murdered by terrorists in Paris last month.

During an interview with CNN's Fareed Zakaria, Bono revealed he'd written a song for veteran Italian blues and rock singer Zucchero Fornaciari but had decided to reclaim and release it as The Streets of Surrender. 

Then, at length, Bono ran through the song's dramatic lyrics, which boil down to being a plug for all kinds of "freedom".

In the aftermath of the November 13, attacks most bands in the French capital pulled the plug on shows. 

But the U2 concerts were quickly rescheduled. The band appear at the 16,000-capacity AccorHotels Arena in the French capital on Sunday and again on Monday.


U2 Knods to San Bernardino and Paris Victims

U2 / Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS 2015

U2 / Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS 2015

Paris: Thousands of U2 fans gather to hear U2 perform at AccorHotels Arena a return from a few weeks ago where terrorists attacked and killed 130 people and injured few hundred more. The band dedicated songs to Paris, saying "We are all Parisians," and "If you love liberty, Paris is your hometown" but also to victims of the San Bernardino, California, shooting, attacks in Beirut and to "all those hostage of an ideology."

Eagles of Death Metal attended the show ( right up front). The U2 website quickly updated that EDM was not going to appear on stage with U2 as rumors suggested.  

Bono did reveal that he has written a new song that was to be used by Fornaciari however he decided to reclaim and release the song titled "The Streets of Surrender".

The Edge said that the band views music as freedom so their return to Paris is not just symbolic its starting a process of resistance and defiance against ISS which carried out the killings.

'The Streets of Surrender' (S.O.S.)

Every man has two cities he needs to be: The one he can touch and the one he can't see.

The one where a stranger's a friend; every man has got one city of liberty.

Every time I get lost down these ancient streets I find myself again.

You're free baby baby, free now and forever.

It's Christmas time, you can decide to forget or remember.

You're free baby baby, I didn't come down here to fight you.

I came down these streets of lovin' pride to surrender, the streets of surrender

I heard a far-fetched story that nobody seems to know, I think it was about that stranger.

It was youth, it was love and it was danger.

It was winter, but that warm it gets before the snow, it chilled my soul.

Everybody's cryin' about some kid that they found lyin' on a beach, born in a manger.

You're free baby baby, free now and forever.

It's Christmas time, you can decide to forget or to remember.

You're free baby baby, I didn't come down here to fight you.

I came down these streets of lovin' pride to surrender, streets of surrender.

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