A Message of Faith and Hope

I am in the office this morning and I am clearing my desk of most of the noise and around me the sounds of U2 RADIO playing at volumes that a normal office would not allow. However this is not a normal office.

I am reminded that U2's music provides an opportunity to become a believer.  A believer in something higher, call it what you will. When the spirit moves you, that's the start of something powerful.  Bono once said:"all the best songs are co-written by God."   U2's music has always been able to heal and provide some creative flow to be able to see beyond what is in front of me.

I know that U2 fans have thousands of choices to find news, music, videos and more and I am very humbled with the amount of success we have enjoyed. I have faith, I am a believer that does not wear his faith on his sleeve rather in my heart. I allow my actions to speak louder. I have noticed that forgiveness has a way of healing the soul and provides a peace that I enjoy. 

“The Lord is in the House tonight” Going to Church that’s what going to a U2 concert felt like for a few of the fans this past tour. Faith, Love and Hope rising beyond the 50 thousand screaming fans; all in one single space in hopes to see something magical beyond the walls that held them inside.

It was last year that we posted an story from Robert Hunt Jr. within we listed 15 of the most moving songs ever written by U2.  Faith above all can lead you into a direction of the unknown.

Take a look at the list. What would you define as your top 15 moving songs ?

 15. Mothers of the Disappeared

This five-minute gem closes out "The Joshua Tree", U2's biggest and best selling album. It's a brooding, haunting, spooky song that starts with just a faint percussion line and some sporadic guitar feedback. Then it settles into a slow, rhythmic almost dirge-like beauty.

Bono and Edge combine for an achingly gorgeous falsetto chorus while the song gently moves along. The title refers to the Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo, a group of Argentine mothers who lost their children, "The Disappeared", during Argentina's Dirty War from 1976 to 1983. As such, this is one of U2's most politically driven songs and it clearly demonstrates the band's interest and commitment to human rights. In a legendary 1989 performance in Buenos Aires, many of the Mothers came out on stage and stood as one holding up posters of their children as the band played this song. Very few rock bands can do that.

 14. Mysterious Ways

 This song is dedicated to that most beautiful of all creatures ... Women. It's a very loud but sensuous song with another of Edge's superb opening guitar riffs. This song is off their successful 1991 album, "Achtung Baby". Baby was a distinct departure from the band's earlier sound as this disc was their first venture into a new techno-dance sound that they would continue exploring throughout the 90's. During their 90's live shows, a belly dancer would join the band on stage during this song. In a case of life imitating art, Edge even married one of the belly dancers, Morleigh Steinberg. Clearly, she moved in Mysterious Ways.

 13. City of Blinding Lights

 "Lights" is from the band's 2004 album, "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb", and it opened up most nights of the 2005-06 Vertigo Tour. It has a shimmering "wall of sound" feel to it but it's also a kickass rocker with another of the band's trademark sing-a-long choruses. The song is about New York City in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. U2 has had a long and fascinating love affair with America and felt the loss much the same way Americans did. As the story goes, they were flying in to New York at night some time after the attacks and could see the city lit up from above like it always has been. "Oh, you look so beautiful tonight" was the result.

 12. New Year's Day

 From 1983's "War", this was U2's first big hit single. Originally a love song, it was reformed as a tribute to Lech Walesa's Polish Solidarity movement. It's about starting over fresh and new and it features Edge on both organ and guitar. He plays both instruments during live shows as well. Adam's bass line is also one of his best and carries much more of the song's texture than he typically does. And Larry's drums are up front and razor sharp too. Instantly recognizable, "Day" is a concert staple and still one of their most popular and well-known songs.

 11. The Fly

 One of the great "character" songs in the band's catalog, "The Fly" also features one of Edge's most distinctive and agressive "techno" riffs. This "Achtung Baby" song is the definitive break between the band's original sound and their new 90's "industrial" direction. "Fly" still has all the required U2 elements but they're played and mixed in a new way that instantly illustrates two conflicting themes ... Yes, this is U2 and no, we've never heard them like this before. From this point forward, "The Joshua Tree" was history. On stage, Bono assumes the character of "The Fly", a preening, strutting, leather-clad rock star in black wraparound sunglasses. When that phone call from Hell comes, it might as well be "The Fly" answering it. This song is 90's U2. It was their past, present and future.

 10. Running To Stand Still

 A truly lovely song about a sad subject, drug addiction, and heroin in particular. It's an achingly beautiful song filled with pathos and sympathy. Another one from "The Joshua Tree", "Still" has some of the band's most painful and poignant lyrics and some of their best slow song melodies. When played live, the crowd usually gets quiet and then softly sings along with Bono ... "Singing ha, ah la la la de day, Ah la la la de day, Ah la la de day". This is one of the band's songs that really gets down deep inside you. Very few fans can hear this one and not feel the pain and empty sadness. "She will suffer the needle chill, She's running to stand ........ still."

 9. Elevation

 This is a loud, raucous, joyous, all-out, infectious number dedicated to either heaven above or just plain old joy and exhiliration down below. During the band's 2001 tour, they took the unusual step of opening each show by casually walking onto the stage with the house lights still on and then ripping into this song driving the crowd into a pogo stick frenzy. With Edge's raging feedback guitar and Bono's kickboxer poses, "Elevation" was the perfect opener for that tour. The band also played this song during a Saturday Night Live gig that year and drove that crowd and the show host, Val Kilmer, wild too. A mole, living in a hole, digging up my soul.

 8. Pride (In The Name Of Love)

 This is one of the U2's best known songs and it's also one of their best. As most fans know, it's about the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. Edge plays a fiery guitar on "Pride" while Adam and Larry provide their customary solid backbeat. But this one is Bono's all the way. Yes, there is a mistake in the lyrics. Dr. King was assassinated in the early evening of April 4, not the early morning. But it doesn't matter. This is a song that crosses over racial boundaries as well as the Atlantic Ocean to recognize a true human hero. And Bono makes sure we know that. The band is rarely more urgent or more intense when they kick into this one.

 7. "40"

 A short and simple song but very powerful, "40" is often played to close down a live show. It's off the band's 1983 album, "War" and the title and lyrics are a reference to Psalm 40 in the Bible. Typically, they play it while the band leaves the stage one at a time. Bono usually exits first leaving the crowd singing the chorus line of "How long to sing this song" over and over. Edge leaves next while Adam and Larry remain. After Adam takes his bow and leaves, Larry and his drums are all that's left. But the crowd is still singing. Then Larry leaves. And we all stay and sing. Over and over. How long to sing this song. How long, how long. Then the lights slowly come on.

 6. When I Look At The World

 This is an obscure little-known track from U2's 2000 disc, "All That You Can't Leave Behind". It was not released as a single and to date, the band has not played it live in concert. But they should. "World" starts with a simple Edge guitar riff, hesitates for a brief pause and then explodes into a beautiful melody with soaring guitar notes and the usual airtight rhythm. Edge is all over this one moving up and down the scales while Bono sings another gorgeous set of lyrics about faith and spirituality. This song is a reminder of just how good U2 is because any other band would have rushed this one out as a single, shot an expensive video and then featured it at every live gig for the rest of their lives.

 5. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

 The boys do gospel. Oh yes, they do. "Found" is perhaps their most beautiful song. The melody is unforgettable and the chorus is so easy and so much fun to sing along with that most fans never mind when this one gets stuck in their heads. "Found" is about faith, religion, redemption, salvation, all mixed into one peaceful simple tune. It's the second of the "Big Three" songs off their mega-hit 1987 album "The Joshua Tree". This is the album that exploded U2 onto the world scene and cemented their legend for all time. And this song, among others on this incredible record, helped seal that deal. For an extra treat, watch and listen to "Found" in the band's 1989 movie, "Rattle and Hum". The boys team up with a Harlem church choir to show everyone what gospel can be. Heaven.

 4. Sunday Bloody Sunday

 "Sunday" is one of U2's first and most famous overtly political songs. It's about the bloody struggle in Northern Ireland and sends a plaintive almost desperate call for peace in that tortured land. Larry's drums provide a tight almost militaristic cadence while Edge uses a simple but powerful guitar riff throughout. This is another song that the band never plays casually. "Sunday" is an intense song meant to force you to wonder just how long this madness, The Troubles, has to go on. U2 opened their Live Aid set with "Sunday" as it was their most well-known song at the time. And they didn't disappoint.

 3. Where The Streets Have No Name

 The signature song from "The Joshua Tree", "Streets" has one of the band's most mesmerizing openings. It starts with a long church organ solo followed by another classic Edge riff. Then Adam joins in with a pounding bass line followed shortly by Larry's hypnotic drums. Finally, at the 1:45 mark, with the buildup at maxiumum intensity, Bono drops in with the opening line "I wanna run, I want to hide." The video for "Streets" is legendary as well. The boys made an unannounced visit to a rooftop in Los Angeles and started playing. A large crowd quickly gathered and soon the LAPD came and shut it down for fear of traffic and crowd control problems. U2 also played "Streets" during halftime of the 2002 Super Bowl just a few months after 9/11. As they played, the names of each victim scrolled behind the band on an enormous screen. At the end of the song, with millions watching on TV, Bono simply opened his jacket to reveal an American flag inside. Nothing else needed to be said.

 2. One

 This is the song that "saved" U2. As the story goes, the band was on the verge of breaking up while recording "Achtung Baby" in 1991. Edge and Bono wanted to explore the new techno-dance sound while Adam and Larry didn't. Finally, Edge came up with the arrangements for "One" and it changed everyone's outlook and approach to going forward with renewed optimism. The lyrics to "One" are ambiguous. Some interpret it as a love song although not a pain-free one. Others see it as a song about individuality as in "We're one but we're not the same." Regardless, the song is simply stunning and shows the band at its very finest. It's an encore number at all shows and has been covered by several other artists including Mary J Blige and Johnny Cash. "One" is the band's highest ranked song showing up on numerous "best ever" lists. It is the "One".

 1. Bad

 The best of the best. This sad but intense song about drug addiction is a huge crowd favorite. It opens with Edge repeating just two simple but unmistakable chiming notes over and over until the rest of the band kicks in and drives it harder and harder. U2 played this song at Live Aid and all but stole the entire show with it. When Bono went down off the Wembley Stadium stage and into the rapturous crowd, the band kept playing past the time they had planned to end the song and so U2 missed out on playing "Pride", the final song of their set. Legend has it Bono brooded over his "mistake" for weeks after the show until finally being convinced that "Bad" was just that good. If you listen to no other U2 song, this is the one. You'll be wide awake. You won't be sleeping.



@U2sjerseygirl/u2tourfans 2015

@U2sjerseygirl/u2tourfans 2015

We have already heard in from @U2sJerseygirl she happens to be #7 and with a short time she will get the official wrist band that will allow her to head back to the hotel for a bit. Fans have been lining up in GA for about two days.  Right now about 150 fans are in line. Fans have always lined up for GA its a event within the event.  Sharing of music, photos and that story about when Larry came out and send hello to us. 

Dedicated U2 fans will wait for that chance to meet the band and to be first on the rail. This show is a bit different that we think that you might want to pull back to be able to enjoy the full screens. However that's a personal choice.  

File /U2tourfans 2015

File /U2tourfans 2015

Crew load in should be around 6:30 am They will spend the whole day getting ready for the 4PM sound check and once this show is set the crew will have some down time, this is a two day venue. 

As for tours this is a pretty solid tour for the crew most cities have a couple of days like NY and LA which will allow for some down time. 

Fans need to know that today traffic is going to be a bitch. Baseball is in town for the next few days and of course this concert so plan to arrive early. Remember no opening act means the show starts 7:30 PM ish ( local time)

U2 instagram / u2tourfans 2015

U2 instagram / u2tourfans 2015

We will be tweeting and reporting all day on the happenings around the venue. Once we find a stream for tonight's show we will pass it along. Hey the Brazilian U2 fan site has been able to stream a couple of shows. 

Photos and Videos - We are always on the look out for some great images. If you have a couple you want to share send them in to us concertphotos@u2tourfans.com

Set list could be anything as the band continues to find the perfect mix of old and new. Most fans have been wanting some throw backs, rare "B" sides however based on what we have heard almost all of the possible tunes have been rehearsed already and loaded into the board. So pretty much they can pick and choose on the fly if they would like. This band really does not do "on the fly" for the most part everything is tightly aligned to the clock and well thought out. 

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U2 Kicks Off US Tour In San Jose

San Jose, CA —  Do you know the way to San Jose? Clearly U2 knows the way to fans hearts with a couple of throw backs and push forwards.

U2 kicked off the first North American date with sold out show at SAP Center on Monday. A couple of super stars in attendance, we expect we will see the “A” list crowd really show up at the LA Shows.

U2 and Silicon Valley have a tightly aligned bond that extends beyond just music; the bands own venture capital company has invested millions in the area of music technology as some other juicy projects and of course APPLE.

San Jose's set list looked just like the first night. Early on the twitter feeds had an bit of an early warning of what to expect from a post taken of the sound board the complete set list for the night ahead. The complete review plus images and video can be found on our San Jose page 1.

U2 & KROQ Take Over The Roxy

U2 & KROQ Take Over The Roxy May 28th – Win Tickets To An Exclusive Show

The world’s biggest band will be playing the smallest club they’ve played in 4 decades.

On Thursday, May 28th, U2 and KROQ are taking over the Roxy!

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U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour Vancouver Review


Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage / U2TOURFANS 2015

Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage / U2TOURFANS 2015

First and foremost - those of you planning to see U2 on their innocence + experience World Tour are in for a magical, one of a kind experience that you’ll never forget.

It’s been Nearly 4 years since their hugely successful 360 Tour wrapped up here in Canada and here is where
they’d open up their widely anticipated tour for capacity crowds in Vancouver B.C.

There had been a lot of speculation about possible delays after Bono’s serious accident earlier
this year and followed by last week’s passing of Larry Mullen’s father - but the band pressed on.
After 5 weeks of intense rehearsals here in the mountain town renowned for it’s warm hospitality, U2 signaled to the world that they are not only up for the rigors of a world tour - they
are excited to perform.

Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage /(U2TOURFANS 2015)

Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage /(U2TOURFANS 2015)

With no opening acts scheduled, the band finally took the stage and Thursday and Friday nights
to very receptive and capacity audiences. Opening night had them breaking into their signature song off the new album “Miracle (of Joey Ramone) followed by ‘Out of Control’ ‘Vertigo' and ‘I will Follow’. It was clear the band was ready to give the crowd what they came for - a mix of new songs, signature favorites and a level of emotion that only grew with every song.

Admitting his last few months of recuperation were tough, Bono thanked the doctors who took care of him and told the crowd he wasn’t going to ‘stay in the past too long’ as he and the band had their sights set on the future. Having recently voiced the band’s concern over maintaining relevancy after nearly 40 years of making music, Bono also alluded that this tour was to be much more intimate and scaled down from the massive 360 production - almost as if he was trying to curb our expectations in
advance. Well played Bono!

Within 10 minutes of their opening night, the band showed they are still more than capable of
thrilling fans worldwide - and more importantly that they still care about making great music.
Their nerves seemed to settle also as they broke into their first live performance of ‘Iris’ (a
moving song about Bono’s mother), ‘Cedarwood Road’ (reflections of growing up in 70’s Dublin)
and ‘Song for Someone’ (an ode to Bono’s wife). Any concerns someone might have had about
an ‘irrelevant’ or ‘predictable’ U2 would quickly evaporate as a dazzling, high-def curtain of
animated lights descended from the ceiling to recreate in colorful fashion both whimsical and
poignant moments along the band’s journey over the years.

Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage (U2TOURFANS 2015)

Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage (U2TOURFANS 2015)

U2 combined this spectacular display with songs from the new album in spectacular fashion as homage was paid to those people and events which influenced over the years. Lennon, Bowie, Sex Pistols, David Byrne, Lou Reed, BB King, The Ramones and many others all played an important part in making U2 who they are today - and they recognized that fact in grand fashion.

Equally profound was the way in which they honored the notion of peace and love - love of
parents, friends, family, hometown and the memories that clearly inspire them every day.
The band performed segments of the show inside this semitransparent curtain of lights along a
narrow walk way leading to another stage on the opposite side of the arena. U2 has always
been known for their close interaction with their audience over the years and this tour is
probably the best ever in that respect.

It was on opening night that The Edge pushed that experience to the max when he accidentally stepped off the stage and into the audience below - a move that left him a little bruised and embarrassed but otherwise ok - thank goodness! Bono had a little fun with the guitarist’s misstep the following night when he and the other bandmates offered to accompany The Edge down the same walkway to ensure his safety. The quip caused The Edge to break out in a big smile and the audience to have a laugh with the band - life happens, even to rock stars.

Both nights saw the show really begin to take shape and flex it’s personality during renditions of
‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ and ‘Raised by Wolves’. It was at the end of ‘Wolves’ that a tribute to the 33 people killed in the 1974 Dublin car bombings was presented when the faces of those killed were presented along the 100 foot screen - a somber, powerful moment.

Equally strong towards the end of both shows was Bono’s (positive) message to get involved with their red.org in an effort to eradicate HIV worldwide, a worthy goal to be certain. This while a touching rendition of ‘Where the Streets Have No Name’ began to play which really got the audience dancing in the isles.

U2 took a considerable amount of heat over the release of this new album, but at the end of the
day their music and performance during this tour remains faithful to the overall ‘soul’ of the band
- and that is the key to their long success. Yes there may be a few missed notes, improvised
lyrics and technical glitches but it’s precisely why we love them so much - they’re real. And in a
world of overly produced and formula driven musical ‘talent’ where over-hyped news (mostly
bad) travels faster than an automatically downloaded album - U2 has managed managed to
remind us all that being relevant in any aspect of life means taking risks, remembering your
roots and staying true to one’s self. Thank you for that gentlemen.

Tim Durkan is a photographer and music enthusiast from Seattle Wa.
He first saw U2 perform in 1987 during their Joshua Tree tour in Ireland and has since seen
them in 4 countries over the last 30 years. Please feel free to visit him on Facebook at
facebook.com/timdphotos or timdurkan.com