U2 Weekend wrap up and Kimmel performance

U2 / Tim Durkan / U2TOURFANS.com

U2 / Tim Durkan / U2TOURFANS.com

New York: Bono pays tribute to Chris Cornell, who died by suicide last week at age 52, during the Rose Bowl show by dedicating The Joshua Tree cut “Running to Stand Still” to the late Soundgarden frontman.

Bono introduced the song by calling Cornell a “lion” and a “beautiful, sweet soul” before launching into the 1987 track, which follows a Dublin couple struggling with heroin.

Survival was on the band’s minds. (At least we can presume Bono spoke for everyone, since, as usual, the Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen remained mighty but mute.) “Here we still are. Here you still are. What a blessing,” Bono said, not needing to state that no other group with the same stature in rock history has survived with its original lineup intact for 35-plus years. And: “Let’s do this again in 2047.”

Coming up Tuesday, Jimmy Kimmel welcomes U2 as his guests on Tuesday, May 23, as part of their Joshua Tree tour. It will be “their only sit-down TV interview and performance while on the road in the U.S. for The Joshua Tree Tour 2017,” ( Note the press release did state performance )

Next U2 Album, Next Year, Maybe

Photo Credit: Mark Peterson/U2TOURFANS

Photo Credit: Mark Peterson/U2TOURFANS

New York: A story comes out of the Irish Times this morning that reviews the suggesting that the new album may not be released until 2018.

Bono also revealed that their next single was directly inspired by sports pundit Eamon Dunphy.

“Eamon said this beautiful thing about me once in a bar in Dublin - he said “Bono, Ali is the best thing about you,” referring to Bono’s wife, Ali Hewson.

Fans waiting for quality is not as easy as you might think however U2 has always been able to find its way to the next release. This one proves to be the most challenging and most likely well crafted, Grammy Award winning and album to come.

Enjoy the summer shows as the new album continues to develop.


Credit: Irish Times

Shout Out ! U2 Crew !

Rehearsals over and now it's time to get to work. Sure daily sound checks will happen, however for the most part rehearsals are over.

The crew all packed up and ready to go. The trucks are all ready for tonight's load out. Band rested and ready to go.   

Vancouver has been a great host.  Bono has said in previous interviews "We always had a thing for Canada in general, but Vancouver has been very, very welcoming to us at a time when we're very fragile," "Because you get quite vulnerable when you are preparing to launch a tour. And I know that sounds odd, but there is a level of nausea and, sort of, you feel ill in the pit in your stomach. It's an anxious time. Here in this city, we feel very free. And I like to get out of the city, and I go wandering, cycling, I get lost around here, and I like getting lost in B.C."

Everyone is anxious during this time. The crew has to get the timing for load in's and load out's and be able to map out a plan for the local that will change every night on tour.  This touring crew has been together for many years; sure some new crew members will join the team. However, most of them have been on this crew for some time.

It's a family no it's not at all like that HBO show its much more work, long hours, short nights and long days.  As a crew member, you know that everything your doing brings the best possible experience.  The crew stands at the edge of the stage and looks over and smiles "Yea I made it happen, and I'll do it all over again tomorrow."

Crew a big shout out to you! You bring all the parts together so that the band creates an experience of a lifetime.  You are a crew member of the world's largest rock band, that's not a bad gig at all.