Open Letter to U2, U2 Management, and Live Nation

New York, New York

Open Letter to U2, U2 Management, and Live Nation:

U2 fans around the world have been expressing their concerns over the ticket process and the fan site membership for years. This year, however, is a bit different.  U2 fans that have a membership forced to renew membership ahead of the expiration date to gain access to Ticketmaster Verified process.

The process was designed to curb ticket sales to ticket brokers. However, this was a failure. Fans expressed their concerns; social media sites saw an increase in feedback and comments. U2 fan sites all jumped on board in a collective message to voice concerns.  I have always looked at issues as an opportunity to provide insight and a suggested solution.  Having been around the block a couple of times, I do have some suggestions and comments.

1st Ticket brokers: It's a love-hate relationship. Yes, I said love-hate.  Fans hate the idea that their favorite band is solid out technically ( brokers have the tickets) However the first place fans go when they can't get a ticket is to the secondary market.   Now, management does not care how the ticket gets sold. Remember the broker has to buy the ticket.  So how could we solve for this?

Try this out:  Brokers get to submit to the system that they are brokers and interested in buying up all the unsold tickets after ten days of 1st sale announcement. Giving fans ten days to get their tickets.  All members would get an automatic warning notice that ticket sales broker window is about to open. 

Partnership ticket sales cannot start at the same time as U2 membership sales start. Yes, I understand that this may be a challenge because of sponsorship relationships. However, maybe the sponsor gets allocated some memberships to give out to their credit card holders, and thus they become members.

Ticket allocation, it seems that the allowances may need to be adjusted to take into account of the U2 membership pool. Adjustments can be made almost daily in between membership purchases. Pruning the ticket pool would allow for U2 memberships to get early and also enable TM to maximise the sale of tickets.

Data is available to see what members buy so you can not tell me you don't know the difference between a four-ticket purchase every tour and a 50 ticket purchase. You know, Maybe its time to hire some bright minds to go through your data and sort out the analytics

Membership:  1st in equals 1st out: If you have a purchased a membership that does not expire for a few months to buy tickets your automatically pushed into the first group; also your early renewal months will be added on to your new membership.

Better communication: Not saying you have to cuddle up to the fans however what I am saying is that we need a better string of communication.

By now all U2 fans around the world have expressed their displeasure and concerns. U2 has an opportunity to address this concern with a frank and open conversation.  Again because of the data you know your fans. Develop a fan board ( a small group that is representative of the more massive base)  that can be the voice of fans and work with management, the band, and bridge the gap that continues to grow.

Leadership is defined not by what you say its determined by what you do.  Now is an excellent opportunity to provide strong leadership and address the fans  

Heck, I don't have all the answers however I do know that if we work together, we can solve anything. This is what has always made U2 fans great.  The possibility!

Invite management to allow us to have an open conversation and see where we can be of help.


Experience Leave Fans Disappointed


New York City:  You can never please all your fans all of the time. However, U2 has done a stellar job of keeping their fans on board with their musical swings.

Not this time. U2 fans from around the world have been checking in with disappointment from "verify" ticket master process to the few singles released.  

It's too early to say if this album will sail or flop what we can say is that U2 fans have been expressing their feelings on many social media sites that have the balls to allow fans to express their thoughts, and not bow down to the label.  

U2 will release their new album "Songs of Experience" on December 1 and will embark on a worldwide tour in the new year.

But 7,000 lucky fans won't have to wait until 2018 to see them play live. The Dublin band have been announced to perform in London on Saturday evening.

Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen Jr. and Adam Clayton will receive the global icon award at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

To coincide with the prize, U2 will play in Trafalgar Square in London on Saturday evening for free.

U2 Summer Night In Tampa

Howling the women and children
Who run into the arms
Of America.  

U2 rolled into Tampa has one of the hottest summer concert tickets, and then the sky darkened as to say hold on mother nature has a few words for you.  A rainbow appeared over the stadium as to say tonight will be magical, spiritual and will take you back to that place in time.  Many wondered why dust off Joshua Tree for a tour; was it because of the new album still in the works and not ready for release, was it to stay relevant as core U2 fans had heard many times before. Or was it simply the perfect time to remind us to take care of each other? 

The night opened the center stage with "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and ended with "Vertigo"  The set list was a roller coaster of visuals and emotions that had fans dancing and with a flip of a switch standing still and staring at the screen filled with images of women, children, hope, and possibility. "Red Hill Mining Town" featured the Salvation Army Band in perfect timing with the performance. Bono had a few words for the politics of America as well as praise. "Thank you for giving us safety for many many many years - this was a promised land for the Irish for years." - Bono  


Millennials dont give a shit about U2

Zach Schlein who writes for Miami New times just slammed the mic on the ground when it comes to U2.  All of the concerns of U2's relevance made abundantly clear from this writer perspective.

U2 has been working on their new album for some time, and yes we have all heard about the band's desire to be relevant. Zach provides a clear picture of millennial wants and music tastes. Zach writes" They love avocados and the dog Snapchat filter. They reject the concept of napkins and are reluctant to buy homes, possibly because their budgets are only big enough to account for avocados. They love sharing about politics on social media, whether it be expressing their profound distaste for the commander-in-chief or posting poorly drawn frogs."  The article goes on and on about the errors of the band in the view of today's music fans.  Questions how much longer must this go on.  Most dedicated U2 fans are well over 40 and pretty much consider millennial pikers or punters when it comes to musical understanding Zach does have some insights to what millennial music fans want today.  Now it takes balls to put it out on the table for all to read. For that, sure makes for an interesting article. Save the hate comments and bashing this is not the first writer to throw some shade at the boys from Dublin and frankly, Zach is not the last.  You can read all Zach's comments on Miami New Times