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U2TOURFANS 2015 Bumper Sticker 

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Reports in U2 to play in Dublin in December

It is believed that U2 are planning five Dublin concerts this December to mark the end of their Innocence and Experience tour.

According to a report in The Sunday World more than 72,000 tickets are due to go on sale for the shows at the 3Arena in the coming weeks. This will be the first time U2 have played the venue since December 1989, when it was known as The Point. 

Vancouver U2 Fans !

So the boys may have already started rehearsals. Couple of clips have surfaced around the web as well as Bono spotted around town.  If you so inclined to be around Pacific Coliseum over the next few days and you take some video, photos or audio send them into us  concertphotos at u2tourfans.com or download our app and send them direct via our concert photo tool.

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send in your U2TOURFANS signs again and the best ones will be posted and we will package some goodies up for the winner.  Send in a new tip and you might get some swag !  Send in a rumor and heck we will send it over file 13 a special bin for that crap. So don't waste your time.

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ON THE ROAD WITH U2: My Musical Journey Part 3

ON THE ROAD WITH U2: My Musical Journey

by Deena Dietrich @OnTheRoadWithU2

Part Three

After the U2 360 Tour ended in 2011, I wrote my U2 tours memoir recalling all 75 U2 concerts I had been to since 1992. I had met a literary agent at the U2 show in Anaheim who offered to help me publish my book. When that did not work out, I decided to self publish as so many do. I did a little research and found that Amazon has a great company called CreateSpace where I could publish my book. I uploaded my file, designed the cover, and I was a published author!

I realized a dream by writing and publishing my U2 memoir. You could say I have found what I was looking for, which is ironic since my favorite song is “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” This song has literally been my theme song my entire life.

I have been enjoying the journey searching for what makes me happy, pursuing my passions. Now because of U2, actually because of Larry Mullen, I have found what I’m looking for. Because of Larry Mullen, there is U2.

Because of U2, I have traveled all over the United States visiting great places, meeting great people, seeing 75 great U2 shows and writing about all of it.

My favorite U2 concert was on the Elevation Tour in Providence, Rhode Island on October 31, 2001, Larry Mullen’s 40th birthday. This is what happened,

     We wore our “Larry Mullen Band” shirts standing up front at the rail between Bono and Adam. I held up the birthday card for Larry as U2 walked on stage, but I don’t think Larry saw it. There were many signs that night including one saying, “Bono let Larry sing,” but that did not happen. During “Elevation,” Bono sang, “Celebration” then said, “Happy Birthday.” After “Stuck in a Moment,” Larry’s 40th birthday celebration began. Bono led the audience in a chorus of “Happy Birthday” to Larry. Then a birthday cake was brought out, and Larry pretended to throw it out into the audience. Bono said, “Larry likes chocolate cake.” Larry took the microphone and came to the front of the stage to talk while Bono sat behind the drums. Larry said, “Bono can’t play the drums” then continued with “It took me 40 years to get up front. I’m glad I’m spending my birthday with 18,000 of my closest friends. I feel like I could borrow money from you.” Bono asked for a bottle of champagne, which he shook up a la ZooTV and sprayed the audience. Edge took a swig, then Larry drank and continued to drink for the next few songs. After “Kite,” Larry got off the drums and made a B line for me. I got my card and shirt in hand so I could give it to him, but that’s not why he was there. Larry gave me his champagne bottle, with champagne still in it! I couldn’t believe it! Larry wanted to share his birthday with ME! He wanted ME to have a drink on his birthday! I was SO excited I didn’t even know U2 changed the set list and played “Wild Honey.” I thought it was “Staring at the Sun” as in the past shows. I didn’t really come around until “Please.” After “Pride,” Larry came back over to me so I could give him the birthday card and Elvis shirt. I said, “Thank you. Happy Birthday.” He smiled and said, “Thank You.” It wasn’t much of a conversation, but it was very meaningful as Larry looked into my eyes just as he had in Jersey when he gave me his drum stick a few months prior. Later on, Bono noticed our “Larry Mullen Band” shirts, shook his head and smiled.


U2 Rehearsal at Pacific Coliseum

We have heard from a couple of people and now some posts have shown up that the boys have rented Pacific Coliseum for a month of rehearsals. The photo taken by Jonathan's wife suggest that someone is at work today. 

A video has been posted with some audio however no images just some audio that sounds like the audio loops that are used to adjust the levels prior to any live performance.

To suggest that the boys are in fact in the house well we will just have to wait and see. Bono and the boys will head out on tour shortly so most likely they would be picking up some quality rehearsal time before the start. This venue has been used before by many different groups for the same reason. 


ON THE ROAD WITH U2: My Musical Journey Part 2

by Deena Dietrich @OnTheRoadWithU2

Over the past 23 years, I kept a journal with me at the 75 U2 shows I went to so I could remember every magnificent moment.

About five years ago I used those journals to start a blog to share my stories with other U2 fans.

It was about that time I was inspired to write my U2 tours memoir after I watched Hunter Week’s documentary, 10MPH, and read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love.

In July of 2008, I quit my well-paying job, sold my house, left my family and friends in Maryland and moved to Memphis for a less-paying job where I knew no one - just because I loved Memphis.

A year later I decided to quit my job in Memphis and live off my savings for a few years, so I could have the freedom to pursue my passions. It was then I decided to follow the last leg of the U2 360 Tour, every concert in the U.S. After watching 10MPH, I felt a little less crazy about my decision. In the film, Hunter Weeks and his friends quit their corporate jobs to pursue their passion of making documentaries. It was a huge risk, financially and otherwise. It was mentioned in the film life is too short not to take these risks and adventures when they arise, which is exactly what I did by quitting my job and following the 360 Tour.

I then read Eat, Pray, Love about a woman who took a year off of her life to take a pilgrimage for self-awareness through adventures she had always wanted to take – and then wrote about it. I had always wanted to drive across the country, and I had always wanted to follow U2 on tour, the whole tour. And I decided to write about it.

One of the greatest days I had on the last leg of the U2 360 Tour was in Seattle on June 4, 2011. Before the U2 concert that night, I talked with Bono about meeting Larry. This is what happened,

After a short time, we saw the flashing lights of the police escort and black SUVs. Edge, Bono, Adam AND LARRY drove into Qwest Field right in front of us. We looked down the long driveway and saw Bono get out and head back toward us. He hopped on the back of the policeman’s motorcycle and in seconds was talking with us. Jenny and I were in our ‘Larry Mullen Band’ shirts as usual. I shouted, “Is Larry ever coming out to greet the fans … of the Larry Mullen Band?” Bono responded, “He only likes you. I love you.” Everyone laughed. Then Bono went on to say, “You like that kind of cold stare” (referring to Larry). Before Bono was about to leave, he asked the small crowd of about 30 people, “Where are the Larry Mullen people?” I shouted, ‘Right here!” and pushed my way toward Bono. He read my shirt as if to make sure I was the ‘Larry Mullen Band’ girl he had been talking to earlier. Then Bono asked, “Do you have a message I can deliver?” I was confused and frantic. I thought he was going to tell me a message from Larry, but I quickly realized what he had said and I replied, “Yes, tell Larry to come out in Oakland since he didn’t come out here.” He said, “OK.” I then went on to tell him that I would be at all the US shows, but I don’t think he heard me. Bono then asked my name and repeated it back to me, “Deena.” When he got in his golf cart to go back, I saw him write something down. I was hoping it was my message to Larry. I had no idea what this conversation would eventually lead to almost two months later in Pittsburgh.

ON THE ROAD WITH U2: My Musical Journey

by Deena Dietrich @OnTheRoadWithU2

My passion, some say obsession, for U2 began 28 years ago in 1987 when I was a freshman in high school. A classmate showed me a picture of U2. I noticed right away that one of four guys was very good looking, drummer Larry Mullen Jr.

I was hooked. Since that time, I have seen U2 75 times in concert from the ZooTV tour to the 360 tour, and I started a blog, http://OnTheRoadWithU2.com, to share my stories with other U2 fans. This month just in time for U2’s iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour, I published my book about the 75 U2 concerts I’ve seen and my adventures along the way.

One of my greatest adventures was the first time I met Bono on August 12, 1992 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It was the day of the Zoo TV Outside Broadcast Tour Opener. This is what happened,

When Bono came to me, he noticed the shirt I had made with “One” on it, which looked very similar to the “One” on the video. I handed Bono my “Outside It’s America” book for him to autograph. I noticed he was taking a while, so I looked at what he was doing and saw he was misspelling my name. I said, “No, Deena is spelled with two e’s.” He kind of gave me this sly smile as if to say ‘are you correcting me? I’m bono?’ In my book, Bono wrote, “A nice t-shirt Din…Deena Bono 92” As soon as he was finished, I threw my camera to Mike, so he could take a picture of me and Bono, both with our big sunglasses. Almost knocking me down, Bono hugged me putting his arms around my waist and resting his head on my shoulder. After the photo, I asked Bono if U2 would ever play “Heartland” in concert because it was one of my favorites. He said, “Yeah that’s a great song. We’re thinking of putting out an album of b-sides soon.” Huh? That’s not what I asked. That was my first encounter with Bono, and what a great encounter it was.

On The Road With U2

U2 fans are the most dedicated fans around the world. Over the next few days we are going to introduce you to an author that that truly defines the word fan.  Deena Dietrich has been a U2 fan for almost 30 years, starting with The Joshua Tree. She works as a Social Media Manager, Blogger and now Author.

Deena pursues her passions at all costs quoting "It is better to regret something you have done, than something you haven't.". When I first met Deena she was letting me know that she was about to embark on this massive under taking of following U2 across the U.S. with her dogs Elvis and Cilla. This trip was self funded. Deena saved her money and planned her trip out looking for pet friendly hotels and meeting up with other fans. 

I am sure you will enjoy this book as I have and who knows you may even have a new U2 fellow friend as you head out this summer to the show.

Sing and Share Your Version Of U2's Song For Someone‬

Direct from U2 ! Make your video. upload..... Read the rest of the details below.

Sing and Share Your Version Of U2's ‪#‎SongForSomeone‬. We'll be showcasing some of the performances.

Recently fans have been posting some beautiful, personal versions of 'Song For Someone'.
Over the next ten days we're on the lookout for performances being uploaded by people all over the world.

Want to get involved?

Here's what to film:
- Shoot the video in a room that's all about you - could be a bedroom, a basement, a garage. Could be any room but it needs to feel personal to you.
- Set your camera to record, sing the song and give it your all.
- Sing it solo or jam with an instrument.
- Let your personality and passion shine through, your country and culture. Make #SongForSomeone your song.

Here's how to submit:
1) Once you've shot your performance:
- Upload the video online (YouTube, FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc..).
- Use the hashtag #SongForSomeone 
- Use the ‪#‎hashtag‬ for your country of residence (eg. ‪#‎Australia‬ ‪#‎Brazil‬ ‪#‎India‬, ‪#‎Tanzania‬ etc...)
Your video should include the copy like this: #SongForSomeone ‪#‎Canada‬ 

2) Verify your submission by emailing songforsomeoneU2@gmail.com and include:
- a link to the platform where you've posted your video
- Your name
- Your phone number
- Your email
- Your location

Good Luck - We will check out some of your videos and share them too -   We would like to ask you add our tag #U2TOURFANS


Download our app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/u2tourfans/id351632801?mt=8



Denver Gets Second Show

Denver a second show on June 7, "due to overwhelming demand." And no, there won't be a third show. The second date is the "final show," says an announcement from Michele 'Mel' Gibson, spokeswoman for promoter Live Nation. 

The pair of June shows at Pepsi Center will be the first Denver indoor gigs for the band since a pair of April 2005 shows at the Pepsi Center. 

The band's "Innocence + Experience Tour 2015" will feature tunes from its latest album, "Songs of Innocence." 

The North American portion of the U2 tour opens May 14 in Vancouver, Canada.


Salesforce Partners U2's iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the Customer Success Platform and world's #1 CRM company, today announced that the U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015 will be powered by Salesforce as part of a global sponsorship agreement. www.salesforce.com.

"Salesforce is thrilled to be coming together with Live Nation to power U2's next world tour," said Lynn Vojvodich, EVP and CMO, Salesforce. "Our shared commitment to innovation and philanthropy makes this a unique partnership."
The U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour is produced by Live Nation Global Touring.

U2 Adds additional London Date

U2's iNNOCENCE & eXPERIENCE Tour 2015 has confirmed a sixth and final show at The O2 Arena in London, on November 3rd.

The tour will travel through Canada and the US, culminating in eight shows at Madison Square Gardens before it moves to Turin, Italy on September 4th and 5th followed by sold out concerts in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin, Barcelona, Antwerp, Koln, London, Glasgow and Paris.

Tickets for this sixth London show will go on sale this Friday, March 27th, at 9am local time.

U2.com subscribers who have not yet used their unique pre-sale access code - or new subscribers - can take part in a ticket pre-sale for this additional show from tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24th at 10am, running until Thursday March 26th at 3pm. (All times local to venue.)

Tickets will be general admission on the floor and reserved seating in the stands.

U2Tourfans 2015 Tee Shirts Available

U2 fans we are not the only fan based community that has tee shirts for sale.  Some sites have launched their campaigns already others will launch within a few weeks. 

We are totally supportive of all the fan based communities around the world.  Fans make everything possible. Music is universal and its the glue that binds us.  If your able to support more than one community great. If your not and you have already supported an another site.

Thank you. Yes we said thank you. Because no matter what fan based community you support we all benefit from the support. 

The tour happens to be right around the corner. We have been focusing on adding more server space and bandwidth to be able to provide you the best fan based experience.

Our social experience platform connects you to all of the concert videos, photos and daily updates from around the tour.  We have a camera crew that heads out on the road as well as some other features that help us bring you closer to the experience.

This is all made possible from donations and purchases of the products we provide.  We are non profit. Yup all of the money goes right back into providing you the best experience possible.

Want to help ?  Well glad you thought about it. We  have a couple of options. You can purchase a tee shirt.  You can make a donation out right.  You can download our new mobile app or if you have a business that is looking for global awareness we can work with you to build your brand into our experience. 

We do have rules. Sorry no gambling, no drugs and most of all no spammy vibes accepted. We have built a trust that we will not break. I would rather put more of our personal money on the table before we take one dollar from something we do not believe in.  If you have questions are your interested drop us an email and lets see what we can do to work together.

We know you have choices when it comes to fan sites, we thank you for your dedication and support to us. We have and will continue to work hard to keep your trust in us and we will always remember its your experience and we are only intrusted to provide you the best experience possible. 

Warmest Regards


Songs Of Experience 18 Months Away Plus or Minus

Today FM's The Mix Up show featured an interview with The Edge where he outlines the work flow process.  Currently the band has been focused on rehearsals for the up coming tour. While they are focused on the tour they have set aside time to push the next album out.

Finishing date are fluid, its hard to predict. They refuse to rush the process and the label of course will not force them to throw out another album before its completely ready.

The band has never released a "rushed" product and at this point why start now.  The Edge said "We don't want to release anything that we haven't had a chance to really finish to our satisfaction."