U2  fans seem to be vocal about almost anything. They should be most of us have grown up with U2 and while we may or may not agree with Bono’s politics or view we at least share one common view. That all of us have the power to express our views as well as take action. I have been getting some interesting emails over the last year. Most of which I have chosen to not post out of respect of the writer. However after few days of consideration we talked this letter over and over and we all agreed that this would be the first letter for 2010 to share. Remember your welcome to write a letter to the editor anytime and we will not guarantee  that it will be published.  I welcome your comments and your letters.  Send them to Editor  Dre


Hey what is the deal with GA ? Can you tell us the policy ?

  • For safety reasons, The U2 360° Tour, along with the stadiums, will not permit any overnight camping or lines on venue property. This includes parking lots and streets surrounding the venue. All gates and entrances to these points will be closed.
  • We plan on allowing General Admission/Field patrons to begin queuing at the venue entrances between 9:00am - 12pm on SHOW DAYS. This time will be based on local authority’s regulations. We will try to post these times on the website once we get this information.
  • Local and tour security staff will assist patrons with field/pitch tickets to the general queuing line, which should be one centralized location.The U2 360° Tour will not have any responsibility if field/pitch ticket holders “police” themselves with the use of a numbering system.
  • We will only recognize the “first come first serve” system based upon actual entry at gates at the specified time.
  • We have requested that the venues provide port-o-lets if no exterior restroom facilities are available.
  • Other amenities (for example misting stations and concessions) will be available ONLY at venues where space and permits allow.
  • Items such as banners or flags on sticks, coolers, bottles, cans, umbrellas, portable chairs or electronics (other than mobile phones and point and shoot cameras) will be not be allowed in the stadium, so please make arrangements to store these items prior to your entry into the stadium.
  • Once the general admission gates open, the U2 Tour Staff with assistance from local authorities will supervise the filling of the “inner circle”
  • We ask that these ticket holders proceed in an orderly fashion as to not risk injury to one’s self or others. Once the inner circle has reached capacity, the remaining ticket holders will be allowed to fill in on the general field/pitch area.Patrons that gained entrance to the “inner circle” will be either wrist banded or stamped upon their exit from that area. It is important that all patrons keep their tickets in their possession as they may be asked for both forms of proof.


Humm this was the letter of the week for sure. We thought about the amount time and attention to detail that this writer had put into his thoughts and well, we wanted to share his view and hope that you the fans would comment.

Dear Editor:

For all the reasons the fans love U2, I hate them. Here are my top ten reasons to hate them. Screw it if you don’t publish my rant.

Ten Reasons to Hate U2

1. They have a guy in their band named Larry.

2. They still haven’t found what they’re looking for?  Would it kill them to ask a clerk?

3. “The Edge” sounds like a disposable BIC product.

4. How awful is Bono?  If given the choice of sparing either Sting or him, we would actually have to think about it.

5. In the name of love? How about in the name of God?

6. Bono is an anagram of Nobo, Noob, and Pompous Dickhead.

7. They care so much it makes our teeth hurt like we’re chewing tinfoil. 

8. If given the choice of sparing either Bono or Oprah, we would actually have to think about it.

9. James Joyce counseled his fellow Irishmen to adopt “silence, exile and cunning.”  In Bono’s case, we’d have settled for the silence.

10. They’re going to be around forever, aren’t they?  Like a turd stain on a gas station wall.



Dearest U2: 

I never imagined that I would be writing this letter, but after all these years I feel like I don’t know you anymore.  I love you for so many reasons, primarily the humanitarian work you do.  It is honorable to be of such service to others…Bono is a lucky man in that respect.  I have tremendous respect.

Gosh, it was so long ago when we met.  It was 1980 or ‘81.  I think ‘81.  I remember seeing you across the room for the first time in Boston, MA at The Paradise.  What a night!  It literally changed my life!  I felt like a new person on this new adventure and nobody could bring me down from the ceiling!  I couldn’t get enough of you.  From that moment on I knew you were the one for me and we’d be together forever.

Why did you do it?  Its hard being with you when I know you’d rather be with Live Nation.  You’re not the same.  Once whispering in my ear, “Thank you for this life!” and now what I hear is “Thanks to Live Nation, Blackberry…” *sobbing* …maybe you did mention that thank-you in there somewhere but it was drowned out by corporate nods.  

I never thought I would ever hear those words come out of your mouth.  Maybe it’s true.  Maybe you DO find them more attractive and maybe it IS the money.  We’re all human.  I can’t compete with a corporation because obviously they can support you more suitably than I can.

I really don’t know where it all started going wrong.  Maybe it was how you flirted with Apple, I don’t know.  Look, I know things change.  After all, we can’t climb staging like we used to!  I just always imagined us living happily ever after, no matter what you were doing on stage or in the studio.  As we both grew up and changed things evolved but it was really great, wasn’t it?  We discovered so much about each other through the years and you have to admit we became addicted to each other.  You can’t deny the electricity and fireworks between us.  

When people said spiteful things about you, I was always in your corner.  I know it’s just because they’re jealous.  They don’t understand you at all.  They don’t live with you as I do.  I knew what you were made of and what you stood for; I stood for the same things, which is why it worked so well.  You love me and still want me in your life, I KNOW that.

The rumors prove to be too much to bear.  Why are people saying these things?  The tax evasion accusations were hard enough, and then I hear Paul McGuinness at MIDEM in 2008.  You really shook things up there!  But you know something, I don’t even know why I mention that because I TOTALLY get it when you can’t make any money on something you work really hard at, I get that.  

The thing is, it’s getting a bit inflated and I’m running out of money to support you…is that why you want to leave?  Because of the money?  I was always there trying to support you so you could continue doing what you love to do!  I bought ALL the records AND tapes, THEN I bought ALL the CDs, EVERY tour program, re-release and t-shirt I could get my hands on, and later on, ALL the DVDs, and finally, INCREDIBLY inflated prices to see your shows multiple times (I know, that was my choice, you’re right).  And now you want to tell me that it just wasn’t good enough?  

Now you’re epically successful and you are going to burn the very people who have been giving you that great life.  When I first met you, I admired the business sense you had and decisions that you made.  Really smart.  I was in awe of your perseverance. Drive and passion, it’s what made you, YOU!  That business sense coupled with your drive as a band I thought FOR SURE would put you in position to really change the paradigm of the music industry.  

You ALWAYS had your finger on the pulse.  I am disappointed that you haven’t been forward-thinking enough to get ahead of the 8-ball when you saw the writing on the wall that the music industry was changing.  You are in a great position to lead the way but instead, continue on with an outdated model.  You have been a MASTER of change, constantly reinventing yourselves time and time again; it’s what makes it all exciting.  Hey, we all get older and we all grow up and wind up in a different place as a result and that’s cool, that’s expected.  I just want to grow old with you.  I just can’t bear the thought of divorce after what…29 years?

And now…the latest is that there has been a show declared as “sold out” moments after they had gone on sale and lo and behold, Live Nation comes sweeping in with MORE tickets available and they’re “good seats”!  Do you know what this does to me?  

I panic every time there’s a sale and struggle with computer issues only to find that I can’t get ANY number of seats together for my friends and me!  I’ve spent HUNDREDS of dollars because suddenly all the affordable seats are gone AND to make matters worse, more tickets get released and they’re BETTER and they’re reasonably priced!  Didn’t you know Springsteen just got bagged with this tactic?  And don’t sit there and tell me you didn’t know.  You are making it possible for “casual fans” who don’t know anything about you outside The Joshua Tree, to attend a show and forget you the next week.  You have shaken the fans that have supported you and loved you unconditionally.  It’s hard for me.

I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to get so vehement.  It’s just *sobbing* you’re breaking my heart!  I know that I can make a choice here and turn and walk away, never to look back but the songs will haunt me; I can never give up the music.  I need more time.  Give it more time.  I can’t bear the thought of losing you.  Let’s work it out.


I love you,


Nikki xoxoxoxo (share them, please)