Mark Peterson

G’day U2 fans.

I'm Mark Peterson, an ardent photographer and U2 aficionado. Although some might say a hardcore U2 devotee.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, I've also lived in Perth and Sydney, and more recently was based in Toronto, Canada. 

An avid sports fan, I love travelling the globe and seeing live music.

So far, I've seen U2 live 27 times.  I've also 'featured' as one of the crowd members in the band's ‘City of Blinding  Lights’ video clip, produced in Vancouver in 2005.  But by far, my most amazing U2 experience was seeing them live in Dublin, a must-do for all U2 fans.

Hailing from a strong business background, nowadays I'm pursuing my love of photography and snapping world-renowned rock bands through the lens. What started out as capturing a few cool shots during U2's Vertigo Tour, has seen my photography reach an exciting new level.

U2 is the reason I am a photographer. The thrill of capturing the world's greatest rock band in full flight and creating vivid memories that I can share with fans the world over helps remind us of our own distinct U2 experience.

I constantly look forward to capturing and producing mind-blowing images for all members to enjoy. 

Until the next tour,

Mark Peterson