U2 Crew 360°

Show Designer/Director: Willie Williams
Video Screen Concept: Frederic Opsomer, Barco
Video Screen Kinetic Design: Chuck Hoberman
Production Architect/Designer: Mark Fisher
FOH Audio Director: Joe O’Herlihy
Video Director: Tom Krueger
Video Content Producer: Sam Pattinson
Video Content: Catherine Owens
Video Technical Director: Stefaan “Smasher” Desmedt
Presentation Animation: Adrian Mudd
Lighting Director: Ethan Weber
Associate Lighting Designer: Alexander Murphy
Production and Technical Design: Jeremy Lloyd
Structural and Membrane Engineering: Neil Thomas, Atelier One
Project Leader, Hoberman Associates: Matt Davis
Project Engineer, Hoberman Associates, Ziggy Drozdowski
Video Screen Structural Engineering: Buro Happold, New York
Lead Structural Engineer, Buro Happold: Oliver Osterwind, Barco
Video Screen LED System: Frederic Opsomer, Barco
Membrane Form Finding: Gavin Sayers, David Dexter Associates
Technical Coordinator: Nick Evans
Video Screen Technical Management: Richard Hartman


Production Director: Jake Berry
Tour Director: Craig Evans
Stage Manager: Rocko Reedy
Assistant Stage Manager: George Reeves
Production Coordinator: Helen Campbell
Prod Coordinator: Jessica Berry
Tour Coordinator: Alison Larkin
Lights Crew Chief: Nick Barton
Lighting: Temporary Crew Chief through Paris: Rodney Clay
System Crew Chief: Craig Hancock
Lights: Dimmers/Distro: Mick Stowe
Lights: General/Mains: Stuart Lee
Lights: Hi Platforms: Russell ‘Bits’ Lyons
Lights: Moving Lights: Andrew Beller
Lights: Moving Lights: Blaine Dracup
Lights - Moving Lights: Jake Sullivan
Lights: Chris Keene
Lights: Jessica LaPoint
Lights: Alison Triplett
Lights: Gareth Morgan
Lights: Christopher Davis

LED Tech/Crew Chief: Patrick Van Steelant
Video Engineer: Bob Larkin
Video Engineer: Jeroen “Myway” Marain
LED Tech: Jan Bonny
LED Tech: Jeroen Mahieu
Camera Operator: Mark Cruikshank
Camera Operator: Gordon Davies
Camera Operator: Luke Levitt
Camera Operator: Eoin McLoughlin
Video: Oliver Clybouw
Video: Tobias Kokemper
Video: Frederik Goemaere, Barco
Video: Jan Paulsen

Head Rigger: Todd Mauger
Rigger: Scott Fremgen
Rigger: Robert Slepicka
Rigger: Dion Pearce
Head Carpenter: Flory Turner
Assistant Head Carpenter: AJ Rankin
Carpenter: Gino Cardelli
Carpenter: Johnny Gonzalez Mendez
Carpenter: Andrew Johnstone
Carpenter: Hajime “Haji” Minatodani
Carpenter: Jesse Thayer
Carpenter: Appy Thörig
Carpenter : “Sox” Shewmake

Head of Automation: Raffaele Buono
Automation Tech: Jack Richard
Automation Tech: Timothy Woo

Crew Chief and Drum Tech: Sam O’Sullivan
Edge Guitars: Dallas Schoo
Keyboards: Terry Lawless,
Adam Clayton Guitar Tech: Stuart Morgan
Electronics Wizard: Colm ‘Rab’ McAllister
Bono Guitar Tech: Phil Docherty

Wardrobe Associate: Karen Nicholson
Wardrobe Asst: Chloe Bloch
Wardrobe Asst.: Eva Maguire

Monitor Engineer: David Skaff
Monitor Engineer: Niall Slevin
Monitor Engineer /Recording: Alistair McMillian
Consultant : Robbie Adams
Sound Crew Chief: Jo Ravitch
Sound: Ben Blocker
Sound: Dave Coyle
Sound: Hannes Dander
Sound: Thomas ‘Duds’ Ford
Sound: Chris Fulton
Sound: Kelsey Gingrich
Sound: Pascal Harlaut
Sound: Joel Merrill
Sound: Jason O’Dell
Sound: Vincent Perreux
Sound: Jennifer Smola

Crew Chief CAT Power: Jon Boss
CAT Power: Dennis Crespo
CAT Power: Jason McCabe
CAT Power: Erich Nemier
CAT Power: Michael Tagliabue
CAT Power: Francsisco Reyes
CAT Power: Jimmy Angerami
IT: Joshua Kapellen
Frequencies: Joshua Flower
Health and Safety: Dave Wilke
Ambiance Director: James Jacques
Ambiance Asst.: Mark Caldwell
Tour Accountant: Ian Jeffery
Security Director: Scott Nichols
Personal Chef - Sweet Chili: Sandy Hylton
Catering: Steve Quinn
Catering: Franca Geppert
Catering: Joshua Ireland
Catering: Courtney Keene
Catering: Tai Lopez
Catering: Lindsay McGoran
Catering: Rob Mullen
Catering: Natalie Parkinson
Catering: Chris Ricalis
Catering: Christian Streppel
Catering: Marisa Zoccolan
VIP Party Coordinator: Jared Braverman
VIP Party Coordinator: Jessica Yaccino
Red Zone: Fran Coombs
Merch – All: Paul Nolan
Merch – EU: Graeme Bell
Merch EU: Jonathan Ellis
Merch USA: Richard Carter
Production Security Coordinator: Knute Brye
Ticketing and Security Assistant: Sarah O’Herihy
Ncompass: Andrew Kloack
Ncompass: Joseph Lucchese
Ncompass: Scott Graves
Ncompass: Carl Lyon
Ncompass: Valerie Adamson

Primary Steelwork Fabrication: StageCo
Main Stage, “B” Stage and Bridge Fabrication: Tait Towers
Video Screen Fabrication: Innovative Designs
Video Screen Truss Fabrication: Wi Creations
Video Screen Automation: Kinesys Projects Limited
Membrane Fabrication: Architen Landrell Associates
Polyp Mushrooms: Steel Monkey Engineering
Motion Control System Design: Kinesys
Cigar/Pylon/Spire: Brilliant Stages
PA System: Clair Brothers
Lighting System: PRG
Video System: XL Video

Site Coordinator: Toby Fleming
Advance Caterer: Adrian Morson
StageCo Crew Chief: Johan ‘Bellekes’ Van Espen
StageCo Supervisor (tower two): Michael Hillebrand
StageCo: António Alves Monteiro
StageCo: Tim Beckers
StageCo: Olaf Brinkmann
StageCo: Austin Brown
StageCo Cees Dazler
StageCo: Arne De Kneght
StageCo: Jo De Wit
StageCo: Mark Gandy
StageCo: Wilco Geerts
StageCo: Rene Havermans
StageCo: Jonathan Hawkins
StageCo: Jan Heylen
StageCo: Hans Koersen
StageCo: Tambani Lokoza
StageCo: Franz Rieger
StageCo: Jasper Ruebens
StageCo: Franciscus Schilte
StageCo: Kurt Schneider
StageCo: Sonya Schubert
StageCo: Yuri Sparidaans
StageCo: Tom Strauf
StageCo: Karsten Truyens
StageCo: Michiel van den Boomen
StageCo: Roman Van Den Dugen
StageCo: Martin van Eijk
StageCo: Jan van Eyck
StageCo: Johan Van Lieshout
StageCo: Jesse Winn

Site Coordinator: Robert Hale
Advance Caterer: Paul Kennedy
StageCo Crew Chief: Patrick Martens
StageCo: Kim Achterberg
StageCo: Koen Daems
StageCo: Eivind Haugen
StageCo: Ludo Hoebrechts
StageCo: Stefan Jans
StageCo: Christopher Lanosga
StageCo: David ‘Cinch’ Lanosga
StageCo: Marcel Leederts
StageCo: Thomas Lomanto
StageCo: Marc Melotte
StageCo: Dalibor Misura
StageCo: Lothar Schader
StageCo: Lennart Siik
StageCo: Bjorn Steegen
StageCo: Robert Szerszyn
StageCo: Jimmy Termaat
StageCo: Carly Thomas
StageCo: Janneman Van Battum
StageCo: Bart Van Damme
StageCo: Marco Van de Beek
StageCo: Michel Van Der Veken
StageCo: Erwin Van Duyse
StageCo: Mark van Gorp
StageCo: Jozef Vermeerbergen
StageCo: Gregory Vervoort
StageCo: Jaap Vriens
StageCo: Norbert Wiesinger
StageCo: Ryan Worsham

Site Coordinator: Seth Goldstein
Advance Caterer: Matthew Pierce
StageCo Crew Chief: Hendrik Verdeyen
StageCo: Milt Angelopoulos
StageCo: Jason Bond
StageCo: Wim Carens
StageCo: Wilfried Celen
StageCo: Huckle Cleary
StageCo: Ken De Roovere
StageCo: Andreas Eibl
StageCo: Randall Ellson
StageCo: Magnus Harding
StageCo: Iain Hardwick
StageCo: Ben Hommers
StageCo: Hugues Imschoot
StageCo: Johan Jonckheere
StageCo: Oisin Kelly
StageCo: Janos Kerekgyarto
StageCo: Jurgen Krauts
StageCo: Patrick Lively
StageCo: Erik Muhm
StageCo: Florian Sadrawetz
StageCo: Chris Staal
StageCo: Benny Sterckx
StageCo: Joerg Strobel
StageCo: Marc Van Dijck
StageCo: Rudi van Hool
StageCo: Christophe Van Hostauijen
StageCo: Maarten van Kruijsdijk
StageCo: Pieter van Tulder
StageCo: Florus Van Zaten
StageCo: Bill Yager
Field Cover: Okan Tombulca
Field Cover: Sebastian Tobie
Field Cover: Dirk Boda
Field Cover: Dirk Henneberger
Field Cover: Matthew Kelly
Field Cover: Richard Dunne