U2 Inches Closer

U2TOURFANS / Mark Peterson /

U2TOURFANS / Mark Peterson /

New York:  Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers all nestled in MSG is late July, and the band is about to perform its last show in during the sold out week in New York.

What's next screams a fan? The future! That's what comes next. Questions should the band go large? Or return to smaller venues?

Time plays a wicked game with bands, as they get older, their audiences do too, and yet some may not be along for the ride as U2 starts to privot towards the future some could say they have heard that sound before others will embrace it as new fresh innovative, maybe even insightful. 

U2 / Bono/ U2TOURFANS / Mark Peterson

U2 / Bono/ U2TOURFANS / Mark Peterson

The band has its challenges coming forward in this new millennial music world. Downloads increase, less direct purchasing and the thirst for live music ever increasing.

Bono view of the future has grown increasingly important. One could wonder if this obsession with legacy could halt the creative flow of the band as it tries once again to reinvent its self the future blazes forward. 

U2 inches closer towards that October date, and fans grow restless for that U2 release. Given the timeline and the narrative from the band we could expect to see something very shortly. Betting on the live dates coming up, the boys could test some new songs just has we heard over the weekend.

The possibility has moved from maybe to a strong yea something is about to happen.  Summer is about to end,  The Hamptons becomes a ghost town, Fire Island awaits our return as we all ease back into full-on work mode.

40 Years U2 Last Longer Than Most Marriages

New York:  40 years of anything can grow old stale or even lose its luster, yet U2 remains stronger than ever.  So strong that even Garth Brooks has a goal to surpass U2's touring results.   Wait a minute before we get into 40 let us celebrate David Howell Evans birthday.

U2 / Bono / Nick Walker / U2TOURFANS

U2 / Bono / Nick Walker / U2TOURFANS

40 years of making music together and touring the world. Politics, Religion, Marriages all mixed into to a pretty complex yet fulfilling relationship. Over the years Bono the more vocal of the band members has lead the group into some challenging conversations about the world we live in and possibilities of what peace and good will could bring to all of us.  Looking at what makes U2 work so well you have to think about a posting on the venue all before you enter the stage; that states "Leave your ego at the stage door" Could it be that simple that the band has been held together with egos and emotions left out of the creative process of making music?

U2 / Nick Walker / U2TOURFANS

U2 / Nick Walker / U2TOURFANS

Doubt it however what is clear is that this group of men has grown into this relationship that may have had some rocky roads. However, the boys have always maintained the golden rule; keep your dirty laundry in house. You never see websites, gossip sites posting issues with the band, management or frankly anything thing that would cause "shade" on the band.

They fully understand that they have an image, a product that has taken years to grow into a mega giant and at this stage of their musical careers, it's more important to remain true the concepts of music, relationships and of course you the fan.

What does the next 40 hold for U2 well, we all know that old rockers just fade away they never die. Heck Rolling Stones are heading out on tour summer of 2017, and those boys are in their 70's could we expect to see U2 hitting the road at 70?  One would never know.

However, one thing is for sure.  Faith, Hope, and Love have kept this band together this long and while tomorrow never promised we could put some confidence in the possibilities of the lyric being true. "I'll be with you again."


U2 Fan New Remix Release

New York:  Often we get emails with some pretty creative fan swag. Everything from images, videos, and remixed music. We have been thinking about how we can share what's in our email grab bag.  Well fresh from our email. ANDR3X drops some freshly baked beats into our email box and becomes our official song of the day.  


U2's With or Without You remixed by ANDR3X gives you that warm euro feels as if you're drifting thru the O2 area at dawn as the last truck pulls away.

In the distance, you see the next venue; you overcome with feeling as if you really can't live without us. 

A new day, a new local crew and you know that tonight thousands of fans will all connect as one.  You have no better job. You are a crew member of the world's largest band.  

Now thats a pretty good feeling to start your Friday in America as you await your next adventure.  Thank you, Andrew. 

U2 Global Experience 2017

 U2 / Bono / Robert Howard / U2TOURFANS

 U2 / Bono / Robert Howard / U2TOURFANS

New York:  Remember a couple of weeks back we posted about Grammy Possibilities? Sure you do. In the music business to be considered for a Grammy, music must be released before the end of October.  Songs of Innocence had a subtle album release which allowed U2 to qualify for entry for consideration.  

U2 / Nick Walker / U2TOURFANS

U2 / Nick Walker / U2TOURFANS

Songs of Experience could still release before 2016 runs out (after all, its predecessor dropped with little warning), but the Barcelona interview could hint towards a revised timeline, with a 2017 release more likely.

"It's not finished yet, but you will like it," replied Bono. "In terms of lyrics it is stronger than [1983 album] War; it has more clarity."  

A global tour will have to take into consideration South America; let's consider this. If the tour kicks off in Miami ( Florida ) the boys could then pack up quickly and head off to Mexico, Peru, Chile, Brazil and return to NYC and swing across America during the summer when stadium tours most often happen.  

Making logical routing of a tour that needs to take into a count Central and South America which would be in Summer season early January.   Now, of course, this is pure speculation on our behalf.  However, most of us have worked in the industry, so we do have some experience with tour schedules. 

U2 Spain Fan Site Scoops All

U2/ Mark Peterson/ U2TOURFANS

U2/ Mark Peterson/ U2TOURFANS

New York:  Let's give it up to our friends over at U2 Spain.  Bono and boys confirmed that they would be hitting the road in 2017. 

The Edge stated also that they enough songs for a couple more albums. Also well noted was our comment that if they want to be considered for a Grammy they would have to make the cut-off date of end of September early October. Bono said " You might see a few things in September or October.  

So this pretty much aligns with our thoughts that the boys and the marketing machines will soon start turning up the levels.

Possible kick off cities? How about Miami is the winter months, and swing down to South America and back to the US for a massive stadium tour. 

From Bono's comments sounds like the new album could support a stadium vibe.  It's early, and we will check around with our traveling friends and see if Peru, Chile, Brazil would be on the schedule.

Meantime cheers to our friends in Spain. Nice coverage. Quality work mates.