Sing and Share Your Version Of U2's Song For Someone‬

Direct from U2 ! Make your video. upload..... Read the rest of the details below.

Sing and Share Your Version Of U2's ‪#‎SongForSomeone‬. We'll be showcasing some of the performances.

Recently fans have been posting some beautiful, personal versions of 'Song For Someone'.
Over the next ten days we're on the lookout for performances being uploaded by people all over the world.

Want to get involved?

Here's what to film:
- Shoot the video in a room that's all about you - could be a bedroom, a basement, a garage. Could be any room but it needs to feel personal to you.
- Set your camera to record, sing the song and give it your all.
- Sing it solo or jam with an instrument.
- Let your personality and passion shine through, your country and culture. Make #SongForSomeone your song.

Here's how to submit:
1) Once you've shot your performance:
- Upload the video online (YouTube, FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc..).
- Use the hashtag #SongForSomeone 
- Use the ‪#‎hashtag‬ for your country of residence (eg. ‪#‎Australia‬ ‪#‎Brazil‬ ‪#‎India‬, ‪#‎Tanzania‬ etc...)
Your video should include the copy like this: #SongForSomeone ‪#‎Canada‬ 

2) Verify your submission by emailing and include:
- a link to the platform where you've posted your video
- Your name
- Your phone number
- Your email
- Your location

Good Luck - We will check out some of your videos and share them too -   We would like to ask you add our tag #U2TOURFANS


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Denver Gets Second Show

Denver a second show on June 7, "due to overwhelming demand." And no, there won't be a third show. The second date is the "final show," says an announcement from Michele 'Mel' Gibson, spokeswoman for promoter Live Nation. 

The pair of June shows at Pepsi Center will be the first Denver indoor gigs for the band since a pair of April 2005 shows at the Pepsi Center. 

The band's "Innocence + Experience Tour 2015" will feature tunes from its latest album, "Songs of Innocence." 

The North American portion of the U2 tour opens May 14 in Vancouver, Canada.


Salesforce Partners U2's iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the Customer Success Platform and world's #1 CRM company, today announced that the U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015 will be powered by Salesforce as part of a global sponsorship agreement.

"Salesforce is thrilled to be coming together with Live Nation to power U2's next world tour," said Lynn Vojvodich, EVP and CMO, Salesforce. "Our shared commitment to innovation and philanthropy makes this a unique partnership."
The U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour is produced by Live Nation Global Touring.

U2 Adds additional London Date

U2's iNNOCENCE & eXPERIENCE Tour 2015 has confirmed a sixth and final show at The O2 Arena in London, on November 3rd.

The tour will travel through Canada and the US, culminating in eight shows at Madison Square Gardens before it moves to Turin, Italy on September 4th and 5th followed by sold out concerts in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin, Barcelona, Antwerp, Koln, London, Glasgow and Paris.

Tickets for this sixth London show will go on sale this Friday, March 27th, at 9am local time. subscribers who have not yet used their unique pre-sale access code - or new subscribers - can take part in a ticket pre-sale for this additional show from tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24th at 10am, running until Thursday March 26th at 3pm. (All times local to venue.)

Tickets will be general admission on the floor and reserved seating in the stands.

U2Tourfans 2015 Tee Shirts Available

U2 fans we are not the only fan based community that has tee shirts for sale.  Some sites have launched their campaigns already others will launch within a few weeks. 

We are totally supportive of all the fan based communities around the world.  Fans make everything possible. Music is universal and its the glue that binds us.  If your able to support more than one community great. If your not and you have already supported an another site.

Thank you. Yes we said thank you. Because no matter what fan based community you support we all benefit from the support. 

The tour happens to be right around the corner. We have been focusing on adding more server space and bandwidth to be able to provide you the best fan based experience.

Our social experience platform connects you to all of the concert videos, photos and daily updates from around the tour.  We have a camera crew that heads out on the road as well as some other features that help us bring you closer to the experience.

This is all made possible from donations and purchases of the products we provide.  We are non profit. Yup all of the money goes right back into providing you the best experience possible.

Want to help ?  Well glad you thought about it. We  have a couple of options. You can purchase a tee shirt.  You can make a donation out right.  You can download our new mobile app or if you have a business that is looking for global awareness we can work with you to build your brand into our experience. 

We do have rules. Sorry no gambling, no drugs and most of all no spammy vibes accepted. We have built a trust that we will not break. I would rather put more of our personal money on the table before we take one dollar from something we do not believe in.  If you have questions are your interested drop us an email and lets see what we can do to work together.

We know you have choices when it comes to fan sites, we thank you for your dedication and support to us. We have and will continue to work hard to keep your trust in us and we will always remember its your experience and we are only intrusted to provide you the best experience possible. 

Warmest Regards


Songs Of Experience 18 Months Away Plus or Minus

Today FM's The Mix Up show featured an interview with The Edge where he outlines the work flow process.  Currently the band has been focused on rehearsals for the up coming tour. While they are focused on the tour they have set aside time to push the next album out.

Finishing date are fluid, its hard to predict. They refuse to rush the process and the label of course will not force them to throw out another album before its completely ready.

The band has never released a "rushed" product and at this point why start now.  The Edge said "We don't want to release anything that we haven't had a chance to really finish to our satisfaction."

U2 Fan Site Gives Mobile App Away For St Patricks Day

U2 fans have been connecting with each other around the world for years. Talking about music, sharing Bono stories and chatting up their love for Larry.  Sharing our passion for U2 music is much more. Its connecting to you.

Yes you and you and even you. So today in honor of our hometown boys we offer our mobile app for free for this one day we are all one big happy Irish family. 

The U2TOURFANS concept was born out of the simple idea of connecting U2 fans to a complete 360 experience that offers a complete social media experience. The concept has been a success. fans have met new fans and created new friendships.

Today we celebrate our differences that bind us together with the simple phase

"We are one, but we are not the same" 

Happy St Patrick's Day Friends, may the joy in your heart be with you now and forever.


Connecting U2 Fans to U2 Fans Around The World

The concept is as simple as it sounds. U2 fans connecting with other U2 fans around the world. No walls ! Share your passion. Share your joy, stories, videos and more. Its open access for all.  We have all of our best features available in one simple easy to use mobile app.

Facebook: Your connected, we are connected and now the U2TOURFANS page is easy to view and available right on your device. Upload videos, photos or show notes direct to the page. Its your fan site too.

News: Remember when news was fun ? Heck neither do we. News can be fun its its about the boys in the band and about the events coming up and not about the daily drama or rumor.

Heck we leave that all behind and now focus on the positive vibes that U2 music brings to all our lives.

Fan Connection:  U want to meet up with some fans around the world in NYC, Chicago, Stockholm or Dublin our fan connection allows you to real time access fans around the world. 

Its about connecting to U and U 2 U and U.

U2 Radio: Only the best U2 online radio station around. Now you take it 2 go. Yes in deed bring the music with you. Click, Listen and share. 

Community:  Sell your tickets, trade your tickets. Interested in starting a community wide conversation about any topic ?

Well almost any topic. We ask that you leave the drama for those that live and die by it.

Concert Direct:  Now you can send your video directly to us before you even leave the show and we will credit and post it for you.

Yes we will credit and post it for you. No worries, just upload and get back to the show.

Videos: Thousands of hours of concert videos from around the world.  No charge to you. Enjoy as you fly, drive to the show.

Store: Yea we have a store, however its only if you want to buy some U2 swag. You support our concept with your purchase. Not interested ? Fine skip over it.

Announcement: We push it out to you. If we have some really important news or 411 for U we will push it out to you. Heck its gotta be very important. So don't worry about getting pushed about by us. We don't mean to bug you. 

Humm now that's funny we have a bit of a typo on one of the screens. (*which has been fixed) However if you spot it and drop us a note you get a free download ( yea we could only do that once or twice, Dre is cool however not that cool)

Spotify: We love our friends over at SPOT so we created a playlist that we update as we feel the vibe. Check it out and enjoy.

OK so that's the deal on our app. We build it with you in mind. We would love to get your feedback, post them on Apple or send them in to us direct. Most of all remember its yours. You can suggest some new ideas and we can see what we can do about adding it to our update schedule. 

We connect U to U and U that's what we have always been about and that's what we will continue to be about.  We thank you for your support. 


Ali states Bono is Ready !

Bono's wife Ali Hewson has revealed husband Bono is "doing great" and looking forward to getting back on stage. He's doing great, he really is.

He's got another six weeks left until the first date in May, so he's very excited - he'll be ready," said Ali, as they plan to join him on U2's Songs of Innocence World Tour in May. The Independent reported the charity event. 

Happy Birthday Adam Clayton

Happy Birthday Mate, Enjoy your special day.

Life was pretty chaotic. I don’t really like that kind of intensity, I don’t like that sort of activity, so whilst I was able to go along with it, I wasn’t really in control, it would be fair to say. Every night was a party, but I don’t think I felt much contentment or peace, that’s for sure. I’d be fine during the day, I’d be fine for the gig but afterwards it was too easy to go out all night or just keep drinking in your room. I was beginning to realize that every time I drank, I couldn’t really be sure of the result. And it always made the next day worse. So I decided to lay off and stop drinking during the final leg of the tour.
— Adam Clayton

Adam Charles Clayton was born to brian and Jo in Oxfordshire, England on 13th March 1960. At the age of 5 the family moved to Yellow Walls Road in Malahide near Dublin, where sister Sarah and brother Sebastian were born. Adam was sent to St. Columba's boarding school due to the nature of his father's job (RAF pilot) which meant that the family could be called away at very short notice. 

As a bass player, Adam Clayton's most recognizable basslines include "New Year's Day", which evolved out of an attempt to play Visage's song "Fade to Grey", and "With or Without You" His style includes Motown and reggae influences.and cites artists such as Paul Simonon of The Clash as influences on his musical style.

When Clayton first joined the fledgling U2, he did not have formal training in the bass. In the band's early years, he generally played simple parts in 4/4 time. Bono said of Clayton's early bass playing, "Adam used to pretend he could play bass. He came round and started using words like 'action' and 'fret' and he had us baffled. He had the only amplifier, so we never argued with him. We thought this guy must be a musician; he knows what he's talking about. And then one day, we discovered he wasn't playing the right notes. That's what's wrong, y'know?"

Clayton has sung on several occasion, including on the song "Endless Deep", the B-side to the single "Two Hearts Beat As One" from 1983. Clayton also sang backup vocals on "I Will Follow" during live performances in 1983 and 1984. He also spoke the last verse of "Your Blue Room". Clayton can be heard speaking on "Tomorrow ('96 Version)" (a rerecording of "Tomorrow" that he arranged) a song from U2's 1981 album October.He plays the guitar on a few occasions, most notably the song "40", where he and guitarist The Edge switch instruments. He also plays the keyboard introduction to "City of Blinding Lights".

U2 Release New Vinyl on Record Store Day

Record store day is a little over a month away. U2 will release "Songs of Innocence" (Record Store Day Deluxe Exclusive Vinyl) which is listed on RSD site as

Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:
White, dye-cut gatefold center hole vinyl sleeve on front and back covers. Double black vinyl. Numbered.

We should expect the following tracks

LP 1: Songs Of Innocence with 10 tracks.


  • Lucifer's Hands
  • The Crystal Ballroom
  • The Troubles (Alternative Version)
  • Sleep Like A Baby Tonight (Alternative Perspective Mix by Tchad Blake)
  • Invisible


Acoustic Sessions

  • Every Breaking Wave
  • California (There Is No End To Love)
  • Raised by Wolves
  • Cedarwood Road
  • Song For Someone
  • The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) Busker Version

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No Truth in Rumors of Delay Tour Start

We did some checking and well this one is untrue ! Sorry independent reported this in error it looks like they should have been referencing Bono's back injury which in fact delayed some of the dates of the 360 show.

In case you missed the original story

U2’s collective wealth is down for a technical reason. Manager Paul McGuinness left and is now counted separately with his own €180m fortune. If he had stayed, the combined U2 fortune would be closer to €900m, boosted by a mega $100m marketing deal with Apple and the release of a new album. The start of a world tour has been delayed by Bono’s bike crash but that should see even more money flow in.


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Tour Delay Rumor

We saw this post over the week with the Independent an Irish paper. The comment towards the bottom of the article suggests that the tour has been delayed, now before we get all crazy we will be checking into the rumor and getting back to you later in the day.

The full section can be viewed below

U2’s collective wealth is down for a technical reason. Manager Paul McGuinness left and is now counted separately with his own €180m fortune. If he had stayed, the combined U2 fortune would be closer to €900m, boosted by a mega $100m marketing deal with Apple and the release of a new album. The start of a world tour has been delayed by Bono’s bike crash but that should see even more money flow in.


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The Relevancy of U2: It’s In The Lyrics

When I first noticed U2, it wasn’t the lyrics that hooked me, it was the raw, post-punk sound they created. Generally, when I listen to music, it’s the beat and the sounds that hook me. A mood has to be created regardless of the lyrics.

Years later I continue to experience epiphanies over the lyrics of a song I’ve loved since the 70’s. Perspectives change and something wakes up. You hear something you haven't heard before. That's the beauty of these lyrics and the beauty of the growth of the band. Over the years as they grew up, we were also growing up. We began to have different, more worldly experiences and we related to all of it within the lyrics. It wasn’t until much later that I began to appreciate the poetry of Bono. I’ve come to prefer metaphor over straight story-telling. Metaphor leaves and air of interpretation to the listener.

Several fans left comments on my last piece about how U2’s music has helped them in hard times, inspired them, and made a difference in their lives. When people have this kind of relationship with music, that makes it relevant. I know for me, things started changing when I began randomly focusing on these lyrics from Summer Rain:

It’s not why you’re running, it’s where you’re going

It’s not what you’re dreaming, but what you’re gonna do

It’s not where your born, it’s where you belong

It’s not how weak, but what will make you strong

Perhaps I was having a bit of a spiritual crisis at that time, but these words suddenly made everything alright. I now had permission to feel the way I’ve been feeling for a number of years. These lyrics defined for me, a turning point that got me off my ass. Something suddenly became crystal clear. I posted these lyrics in my work area and read them every day. And they ring true for everyone whether we know it or not. Society's pressure vs. your dreams and intentions.

I remember the days when I would run to the local music store for the latest release. I would pick up that new (vinyl) album, hoping the lyrics were printed on the album’s sleeve. I would sit and play the record from beginning to end, singing the lyrics over and over and over again. I hadn’t felt that way in a long time but when “Ordinary Love” was released, I found myself inserting my ear buds with that old, excited, passionate feeling about U2’s music. In classic fanatical form, I set the disc to repeat and listened a few times in succession, singing the lyrics until I knew it by heart. It was mostly a repetitive, memory response; not until recently (last 5-10 years) was it about the lyrics

We can't fall any further

If we can't feel ordinary love

And we cannot reach any higher

If we can't deal with ordinary love

Then it struck me: talk about relevancy! Isn’t this the modern day struggle? Isn’t this one of the fundamental problems humanity faces; that we are so far away from Love we can’t get any lower and we can’t reach for any more if we have no love for ourselves or others.

We can find something relevant in every U2 song.  

Hello, hello,

I’m at a place called Vertigo 

Lights go down and all I know

That you give me something…

I can feel your love teaching me how

Your love is teaching me how to kneel, kneel

For me, it’s about that thing or that person of whom you can’t get enough. You’re brought to your knees; it’s dizzying, it makes you crazy. This is your addiction; this is your religion. 

We interpret meaning based on our own situations and experiences; therein lies the relevancy of this band. Lyrics and music have the power to change lives and thus, change the world. As long as U2 continues to write songs that touch the human condition, will they remain relevant. All the talk about the irrelevancy of this band can and should be buried.

What U2 lyrics have impacted/shaped your life? Share them here...

Nikki Vee

Nikki Vee is living her dream on the shores of Narragansett Bay in Jamestown, RI. She works part time for an acupuncture practitioner and also runs her own business. She’s been a loyal U2 fan from the moment they stepped foot in the USA and sticks with them through thick and thin.