Drummer Looking For Good Musicans

Call Larry Mullen Jr. at 555 3164.  That was about 40 years ago, and the rest is history as one would say. The history that has outlasted marriages, wars, hunger, thirst, and desire for more from inside a Dublin primary school; Yep! Its U2 say Bill Graham introduces a promising new four piece band.  Real U2 fans know everything there is to know about U2 and most likely more than we could ever write or do justice to the real U2 fans.  However, it's a special day in the hearts of millions of U2 fans around the world. Yes around the world. U2 may be four boys from Dublin they now belong to the world.  

It all started with Larry's desire to form a band while in school. A simple post and a few trials the boys found each other. Coming up with a name was a challenge, the first of many opportunities for conversations that developed the debate.  XTC ? Designer Steve introduced the name "U2".  

Over the next week, we will have lots of great stories to share about the boys from Dublin, and we will have a special promotion for U2 fans.

Many marriages could not least 40 years. However, four young men from Dublin found a way to make it work and continue to make it work every day

Lillywhite, iPhone Mixed U2 Song

New York:  By now you heard that that Steve has been in Singapore for a music festival and bumped into to our friend Alan Cross who happened to be at the conference too. Alan posted on his blog:

Steve had better hang on tight to his phone while he's here in Singapore. He told everyone during a keynote address that Bono had given him a ring and asked if he'd have a go at mixing the new U2 single. That mix is on his phone.

No, the name of the single was not released nor can we speculate which song Steve happened to be mixing. 

Humm what could it be? 

Anyway we will all have to wait and see


Until The End

New York:  Often fans wonder about the end, the last gasp, the final note, the massive break up and the music world there have been few major break ups.  Ever wonder how the demise started? Was it the screwing of a girlfriend, shorting the performance pay, claiming the band leader role when you could not even tie a shoe?  Well, those reasons are all true. Often bands depart ways for creative differences or at least that's what the record label promotes so as to give you the illusion that tomorrow could bring them back. 

Rock and Roll's critics have for years told the fans that ROCK IS DEAD. The last gasp happened many years ago when, Mic, Dave or Jimmy blew out your ears.  Could it be true? Could we have heard the last of the greats? By now if you are still reading this rambling crap your wondering what the FUCK does this have to do with U2?

U2 has managed to stay the course. The course that riddled with pot holes, political outcries, failed loves, failed marriages and so much more yet you the fan have never heard a word of it. Nor will you so don't get your hopes up for some juicy gossipy stories about the boys. It just does not happen outside the core. No, a word was spoken. Rightfully so any crew worth its weight in gold knows the value of shutting up, keeping the laundry in the house. Just the mere idea to imply that the boys have issues like you and or we breaks the illusion of a great rock band.

The future is right around the corner, change will happen, change is good, bad and indifferent to your concerns. It's a force of nature that allows for growth and possibility.

The marketing machine has been at work, notice some U2 stories appearing around the world. It's time; you can almost feel it.  For us, at U2TOURFANS it is about the music pure and straightforward as it is. Yes, of course, we are interested in the lives of the band members, crew, and of course the groupies, however, it's the same story from town to town, country to country and by now we have heard them all.  

As we told you before September is right around the corner, clear your minds, listen to some fresh, innovative tunes as we all await the arrive of something amazing. Bet you are asking why we call it AMAZING.  Well, that's easy, AMAZING because in a time when the world is in chaos it's music that brings all together and for one night we all singing as one.  It order us to continue we must remember that its music that connects us and that with music would, maybe change the world.

U2 Inches Closer

U2TOURFANS / Mark Peterson /

U2TOURFANS / Mark Peterson /

New York:  Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers all nestled in MSG is late July, and the band is about to perform its last show in during the sold out week in New York.

What's next screams a fan? The future! That's what comes next. Questions should the band go large? Or return to smaller venues?

Time plays a wicked game with bands, as they get older, their audiences do too, and yet some may not be along for the ride as U2 starts to privot towards the future some could say they have heard that sound before others will embrace it as new fresh innovative, maybe even insightful. 

U2 / Bono/ U2TOURFANS / Mark Peterson

U2 / Bono/ U2TOURFANS / Mark Peterson

The band has its challenges coming forward in this new millennial music world. Downloads increase, less direct purchasing and the thirst for live music ever increasing.

Bono view of the future has grown increasingly important. One could wonder if this obsession with legacy could halt the creative flow of the band as it tries once again to reinvent its self the future blazes forward. 

U2 inches closer towards that October date, and fans grow restless for that U2 release. Given the timeline and the narrative from the band we could expect to see something very shortly. Betting on the live dates coming up, the boys could test some new songs just has we heard over the weekend.

The possibility has moved from maybe to a strong yea something is about to happen.  Summer is about to end,  The Hamptons becomes a ghost town, Fire Island awaits our return as we all ease back into full-on work mode.

40 Years U2 Last Longer Than Most Marriages

New York:  40 years of anything can grow old stale or even lose its luster, yet U2 remains stronger than ever.  So strong that even Garth Brooks has a goal to surpass U2's touring results.   Wait a minute before we get into 40 let us celebrate David Howell Evans birthday.

U2 / Bono / Nick Walker / U2TOURFANS

U2 / Bono / Nick Walker / U2TOURFANS

40 years of making music together and touring the world. Politics, Religion, Marriages all mixed into to a pretty complex yet fulfilling relationship. Over the years Bono the more vocal of the band members has lead the group into some challenging conversations about the world we live in and possibilities of what peace and good will could bring to all of us.  Looking at what makes U2 work so well you have to think about a posting on the venue all before you enter the stage; that states "Leave your ego at the stage door" Could it be that simple that the band has been held together with egos and emotions left out of the creative process of making music?

U2 / Nick Walker / U2TOURFANS

U2 / Nick Walker / U2TOURFANS

Doubt it however what is clear is that this group of men has grown into this relationship that may have had some rocky roads. However, the boys have always maintained the golden rule; keep your dirty laundry in house. You never see websites, gossip sites posting issues with the band, management or frankly anything thing that would cause "shade" on the band.

They fully understand that they have an image, a product that has taken years to grow into a mega giant and at this stage of their musical careers, it's more important to remain true the concepts of music, relationships and of course you the fan.

What does the next 40 hold for U2 well, we all know that old rockers just fade away they never die. Heck Rolling Stones are heading out on tour summer of 2017, and those boys are in their 70's could we expect to see U2 hitting the road at 70?  One would never know.

However, one thing is for sure.  Faith, Hope, and Love have kept this band together this long and while tomorrow never promised we could put some confidence in the possibilities of the lyric being true. "I'll be with you again."