Final Commments on the Passing of Father Jack Heaslip

Earlier this week we reported the passing of Father Jack Heaslip. Father Jack has been a spiritual leader to the boys since secondary school.  Many of the media outlets provided photos of the funeral. Those images quite personal have been posted around the world. We here at U2TOURFANS have posted those images too without any idea of the customs of our friends in Ireland. I personally on behalf of our staff and technical team extend our deepest apologies to our Irish brothers and sisters. 

Editor-In-Chief Dre

Father Jack Heaslip

U2 joined around 100 mourners at the funeral of their 'travelling pastor' Jack Heaslip, who passed away at the weekend. Bono was accompanied by his wife Ali Hewson to the service at St Mary's Church, Howth yesterday afternoon as they paid their respects to their friend. The 71-year-old clergyman passed away at his home over the weekend after a prolonged battle with motor neurone disease. Their relationship with the pastor dates back to the 1970s, when he worked as a guidance counsellor in Mount Temple Secondary School which they all attended. When the band was on tour he helped the hundreds of staff and crew members - who were away from homes and families - cope with the challenges of isolation and long-distance travel.