10 Reasons

Larry Lootsteen, Conestogo, Ontario, Canada

As we recently heard Bono state, the internal working name for the new album is 10 Reasons To Exist.  What do you think of that name?

Not sure why but I really hate it!

I think maybe I'm tired of these long names they keep coming out with.  We've had All That You Can't Leave Behind, How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, No Line On The Horizon.  I'm not sure I want to see another long one.

Maybe I miss the days of Boy, War, Pop and Zooropa!!

I'd be more in favour of 10 Reasons as a title.  Really though, I hope neither 10 Reasons nor Songs of Ascent come out as names for the release.  Short and direct.  But that's me right now.

Anyone else have some thoughts on this?