A U2 Spring

So here we are again.  Spring is springing in the Northern hemisphere.  Buds budding, flowers flowering.  And a U2 album ready to break.  As rumblings of listening sessions in camp filter out, I am left wondering when they will let us in the sound...

As perturbed as I've been over the possibility of a 'dance' album, I'm starting to come around about it.  I'm at that point where that fear is turning to intrigue.  This is U2 after all.  And they may change things up but that won't change who they are.

As U2 heads into Season 5, album-wise, a fresh start and a new twist are required.  I still wonder what that may sound like.  But as spring breaks with a new season of possibilities, I am hopeful that they will bring it and bring it hard.

The gears of the machine that is U2 is slowly starting to grind.  The build is done and now comes the execution of the plan.  The work on the song order, the first single, plans for a video starting to come.  The staging and the logistics of tour 2014 coming into focus.  And the anticipation on our end is starting to froth.

This U2 spring is going to give way to the fire of summer and the explosion of fall colours of a glorious new album.  Godspeed boys.  We await, breath bated, as always.