At a U2 Show

Larry Lootsteen, Conestogo, Ontario, Canada

U2 1.jpg

In line at the show

Wondering what they'll play

Will it be my all-time favourite?

Or my favourite of the day?

Will they reach out a hand

To me way in the back?

Will he look right at me

On a laser-like track?

I know we'll dance

Like there's no tomorrow

And we'll sing out out hearts

With joy and sorrow

And Bono will know

That I'm there I'm sure

He'll have read my letter

Every single word

And Edge will play

A solo just for me

Jarring, jangling chords

Like I'm the only one he can see

Adam and Larry

Will exchange that look

A smile and a wink

Up to my little nook

We all feel that way

At a U2 show

A community of thousands

With a personal glow

And we know how we feel

Is something we share

And that personal touch

So lovely and rare

U2 2.jpg