Could U2 Go Fully Digital?

Larry Lootsteen - Conestogo, Ontario, Canada

As we all know, the CD is dying.  It is not gone yet but it will be.  As our musical content of life shifts away from the traditional, this is just another media platform that has seen its day.  Despite the resurgence of vinyl, I can't see anything similar for the compact disc.  Particularly due to sound quality.

So it begs the question why any band or record company would go through the expense of producing this dead format.  Big name bands are going to have to the lead the way to the final abyss here.  Indie bands have already embraced the new world.  Who will lead the way?

We know U2 has content ready to go.  It is coming and in many ways this will be make or break them for the next and hopefully final decade of U2 (I say that with love - I want grace to surround their departure - never to return).  Could U2 lead the charge in the death of our former favourite shiny circle?

I don't have any clue but my expectation is no, they will put out another CD this time around.  My hope if that they will embrace the future (rumour has it that it needs a big kiss - the future is a needy bugger) and leave the dying format to its impending doom.  With all the options for streaming, apps, downloads and bonus content that they could drive and innovate, I really hope they take the plunge.  If they truly want to reconnect as the world's biggest band, they should do this now.  We know sales in CD format will continue to fall so why not make it happen?