I Just Saw Bono Walking By...

We all have these fantasies.  Meeting some famous person we love on the street and striking up a conversation that leads to a drink, dinner and lifetime friendship.  And backstage passes.  And being in the studio during recording.  And having them all over to the house for a barbeque.


We all know reality.  We might not want to but we do.  There are a ton of us who have never met the boys in U2.  And never will.  Some of us have tried.  Others have demands that just make the camp-outs and hang-a bouts beyond the possible.  Some of us have been lucky enough to get a picture or an autograph.  Most of us have this as a passing wish.

So what would you do?  There's Bono walking down the street with his wife and kids.  Looking in shop windows and having a grand old time.

Do you run up and say hello?  Do you ask for autographs and pictures.  It is the price of fame, right?  They have to expect it.

I can honestly say that, as excited as I would be to see him up close, I would not engage him in any way.  And begs the question, would you?

If he was alone I would consider it more.  Even then, knowing how consumed their lives are and how much they have their privacy invaded, I would really question doing anything.  I mean alone and he made eye contact I might say a quick hello and thanks for the music.  if the family was there or anyone else, that would be off the table for me.

I often wonder how they live with that inability to walk around.  Do all the millions make up for that loss?  In some ways, I'm sure.  But that is such a huge loss and a huge inconvenience I'm not sure I could handle it.  It is something that have to accept or they would go mad.  But what a difficult thing to deal with.

Anyone?  What would you do?  Would you just run up?  Curious what everyone thinks about this...