What's Your Favourite 'Moment'?

Larry Lootsteen - Conestogo, Ontario, Canada

Now I realize you may have thought I meant I wanted your favourite version of Stuck In A Moment (feel free to share!) but that is not what I'm looking for here.

You are at a U2 show.  Every show for every person contains that singular 'moment'.  That one that makes it all worthwhile.  The hours in line.  The anticipation.  So what part of a U2 event makes it most special for you?

Is it the that second when the lights go down (if they do!) at the start of the show when the crowd frenzy begins and the hairs on the back your neck rise as the adrenaline begins to flow?

Is it the first few bars of that song you wanted to see so badly starts?

Is it Streets starting its long intro and the fans going crazy?

Is it Bono, running around like a madman or perhaps dancing with a fan?

Or maybe it's less about the moment in a show and rather the community.  Sharing time in the line, meeting new people and old friends?

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Always hard to judge when we get a lot of moments at any show.  For me, those first few seconds of an arena show as the lights suddenly go out and the roar of the crowd explodes.  The wait is over.  More moments to come.