The Es'scents' of U2

Larry Lootsteen - Conestogo, Ontario, Canada

I am not generally given to the flights of fancy of 'hanging with the boys'.  I know that won't happen.  But I do periodically have a small tumour that asks the most ridiculous questions.  Today my fertile brain spewed out this nonsensical question:

'If U2 were a scent, what would it smell like'?

Now, I can fully imagine any number of women (and probably more than a few men) wanting to be doused  in the scent of one or more members of the band.  Particularly if it came from physical contact.

I usually expect Bono would be splashing himself with Bvlgari or some similar pricey cologne.  Larry I expect wears nothing but Old Spice.  Adam, in all likelihood, wears nothing and relies on his pheromones and legendary 'member' when out and about.  Edge is easy going and likes the humour of washing with Irish Spring. 

Still, one could imagine this band and their prowess for marketing to consider an aftershave.  I would expect nothing else other than the name U2 on the bottle.  A shimmering silver and glass, cut short, like Bono.  The wool-cap-adorned lid, a shining orb of silver-blue.  Remove the lid and get a short soundbite eminating the drum and bass at the beginning of Magnificent (also the subtitled name of this ingenious odour in tiny crisp letters spelled 'Magnifiscent').  The beauty of the sub-name implies there will be more releases to come!

As the scent first wafts from the bottle, you are cascaded away to a seascape.  As it envelopes you, the merest hint of Middle Eastern spices, gradually overtaken by wood-grain fragrances of acoustic and electric guitar and finishing quite naturally with just a 'soupcon' of Lemon.

So, I had to get that out of my system!  Anyone else care to take a crack at what they think U2 would smell like?  Perhaps I am not the only one to consider this!  I am not holding my breath on that one!