What Does The End Look Like To You?

As I've gotten older I noticed something.  The band has also gotten older!  Wow, right?  Who knew?  I am nothing if not observant!!

I realize this is one of those topics that many U2 fans want to avoid like the plague.  Can't think about our boys not putting out releases and touring.  But I think it is worth exploring and really thinking the 'how' U2 should walk into that gentle night.

I am one of those who wishes The Rolling Stones had retired 20 years ago.  I hate these 'money' tours which are part 'feed the fans' but mostly 'line the pockets' for the band.  What about U2?  Do they tour beyond their prime to make money?  Does potential philanthropy warrant staying too long?

Or does going out on top matter to you?  It sure does for me.  I want them to put out either a massive single or a massive album, tour the crap out of it and just walk away to never return.  Does that horrify you?  A world without a U2 tour?  No years of speculation on 'when' a new album might drop?  No 'care that Adam was spotted in St. Tropez or Bono and Edge attending a gala?

For me, leaving on top and never coming back is the ultimate prize for the best band in the world.  It shows class and recognition of time.  It's a reality far too few embrace but one I'm hoping U2 will follow.

What about you?  What does the end look like to you?