What Should U2 4.0 Look Like?

A recent question posted for the U2 Tour Fans community asked what direction U2 should go next?  My response was that I wanted the angry U2 back.  Not Bono's interpretation of Edge's mood in studio on a song that doesn't seem angry at all.  The real 'fuck the world' anger that comes from seeing the wrongs and abuses that surround us.  That's me.

I really wanted to expand on the question.  We are an ageless bunch here in U2 Loveland.  Fans from 6 to 69 and beyond.  We all grew up in different eras of their music.  But there is a common love of the heart and the heat.  The passion that is U2.

My love of U2 grew out of the anger of youth.  And though I started paying attention to the band before, War was my trigger to obsession.  The primal screams of Seconds to the angst of New Year's Day.  That scar that was ripped off to let that music out was where the infection for me came out.

So I guess the question of the day is asking which of all the various phases of U2 is your favourite?  We are all part of camp U2 but which of their many faces haunts you and makes you want a new world version of that next?  The anger of early U2 brought me in and maintains a presence at my core that I want to see again in the new century U2.  I want to hear Bono and the boys rail against the abuses, scream at the sky over the money-changers, lash out at the war machines around the world.

So what does that mean for you?  Do you want the earnest sensibility of the early and mid-80's (U2 1.0)?  Do you want the dark irony of the 90's (U2 2.0)?  Do you want the light and love of the 2000s (U2 3.0)?  Or is there something else you'd love to hear?  Tell us your story and where your U2 heart lies.  Where does that come from and where should it go?

New Album, New Tour

Larry Lootsteen, Conestogo, Ontario, Canada

As I had previously predicted , it does appear U2 are headed for a 2013 release and assumed tour to follow.

Check out the following article from Gigwise - AF, U2, Metallica confirm 2013 releases 

Of course there is nothing on any official U2 site saying this. I truly hate that U2.com is the LAST place to get U2 news.

Assuming that is all true, the question becomes whether for U2 this is beginning of the end or the end of yet another beginning. There is no doubt that any tour will be a massive sellout. The question is whether this release and the associated production will have any real meaning.

The endless blathering from Bono on 'dance' tracks or 'club' hits always gets me worried. I trust they will keep their souls here. New blood and new ideas are always welcome. The question is whether the DNA gets destroyed in the process. I thought it was a huge error trying to go old-school with Rick Rubin. I have to wonder if Danger Mouse is going to be a plus. I hope so. Time will tell. You can start holding your breath. I am here breathing deeply with nary an expectation on when!

There are endless possibilities for what the tour might be but I am expecting an arena tour and I expect they will bring the concept of the claw indoors.  Everything either up or out and just the band on stage.  My hope as well would be a much more flexible setlist.  I would love something other than the precision staging that has been the hallmark of the band for a decade or more.

Stripped down, clean lines and a band playing and havng fun.  This is where I think the Danger Mouse influence might be a serious plus.  Sure, there'll be ballads.  Absolutely there will be classics.  But if we can bring some seriously fun, driving tracks to the release, imagine what that could mean tour-wise!

And here's something I have believed for quite awhile and some conversations with a couple of people who know the industry have agreed with completely.  I believe the album is done.  They might be tweaking but I do think the damn thing is ready.

Why?  Because they are on full-on vacation and family time mode.  Now that may not mean much but if they had serious work to do, they'd be at it more.  Everything here tells me the recording is done.  So let me throw myself to the pack here!

I am terrible at predictions where U2 is concerned.  I think I have a 5% success rate.  If that.  But I like to do it anyway so here goes my prediction for the next U2 album!

First radio single: March 4, 2013

Album Release: April 30, 2013

North American Tour Kick-off: May 27, 2013

Feel free to attack or contribute your thoughts on any or all!!