U2 & You

I often get into moods and try and figure out exactly what song would I call my favourite.  That, as many of you can imagine, is not the easiest thing to figure out on any given day.  Mood dictates musical need so it can change by the day, by the hour or by the minute.

So this fine day, I was thinking that there is often a song that defines your fandom.  A song that you instantly associate with yourself.  It doesn't have to be your all-time favourite.  It may or may not be that first U2 song that grabbed you and made you say 'YEAH!!!'.  But it should be a song that meant the most at a tough time.  Or a joyful time.  Or just an important point in life.  Do you know what I am asking for?

For me, that moment came not during War, where I became a true fan of the band.  Rather it was the direction came with the next album.  UF.  And for me that title track to this day defines U2 for me.  There's that restraint in the song.  Like you are waiting for it to explode but it never really does.  And yet it leaves you satisfied in so many ways.

UF was released in late 1984 and I spent most of the next year worshipping it.  And that title track was played over and over and over.  That was the year leading up to my wedding in late 1985.  I had already fallen in love at that point.  I would lose my job 3 months before our wedding.  So it was a mix of love, joy, turmoil in my life.

At the end of the day, love is the unforgettable fire.  And for me that is U2 and me.