With A Shout

Larry Lootsteen - Conestogo, Ontario, Canada

We all have those songs that we associate with a time in life.  Me being old and all I tend towards the songs from my beginning period with U2.  That 1980-1983 period was special for me.  Late teens.  Plenty of angst and anger.  And songs like With A Shout were something I could crank and just let that steam off screaming lyrics and dancing with utter abandon in my room.

Many of you will have your own songs by U2 and others that define the moments of your life.  Music is that glue that holds our worlds together.  Like smells, music becomes the trigger to our memories.  One note and you know those immediately.  They take you back.

While my musical tastes and ever expanded and grown, many in my, and other, age groups tend to remain with their ears in that period.  For my age group, the 80's is where most remain with their listening.  My trigger songs cross decades.

Follow You, Follow Me will ever be the wedding memory.  Two Hearts a reminder of the time I met my still, almost 27 years later, wife.  Seconds my ever present war protest song.  The Clash's Magnificent Seven will be a song that my kids fell in love with and we'd all sing the 'Vacuum cleaner sucks up budgie, ohhhhh, owwwwww'.  Sung in unison as only family can!

While I want to hear what songs, particularly U2, soundtrack your life, don't limit it.  What songs are your moments?  Bring you tears?  Express your anger, With A Shout...