1. Using testimonials as greeting cards
Last time I checked the dictionary, a testimonial is a favorable report on the qualities and virtues of someone. In Friendster, it has even served as a medium of tribute and gratitude. Therefore, send your greetings for all occasions using the ‘Send a Friendster Message’ feature, okay? It makes better sense, doesn’t it? No offense for whoever will remember to greet me, but I don’t accept that kind of testimonial. Thank God, nobody has dared to write me a testimonial that is actually a greeting. Hehe! =p

2. Embed large picture, graphics or thingamajigs on their profiles
Okay fine, it’s nice and cute, it reflects your personality, yada yada. But do you know how much hassle your profile brings about to your friends who only use dial-up? It takes forever to load! Not to mention that some users even embed images that aren’t suitable background images for text. Really now, it’s more of an eye sore than a visual treat.

3. tYpE iN tXt LiNgO.,,
I really wonder why people still intentionally resort to typing in AlTeRnAtE caps or in tXt LiNg0 when they have all the letters at their disposal. We do resort to improperly capitalized letter in order to type faster, right? But when all the keys are easily within your fingers reach, why bother? It’s so irritating to read texts like these! Ano yun, added design?

4. Uploading ‘ugly’ photos
Ever since they introduced the photo captions, Friendster photos have become more interesting and amusing. But again, it can be downright irksome when you read captions like, “Hay naku, I hate this picture, I’m so ugly here!” It actually screams conceitedness, hehe! Come on, you wouldn’t upload that picture of yours if you looked ugly in it, right? Get real.

5. Answering stupid surveys with uninspired answers
When surveys were the hot thing, it was fun for quite a while. But then again, the idiots had to destroy the fad by introducing boring and stupid survey questions like, “Ano ginagawa mo ngayon?” (Duh! Surfing the net!) or “Are you thinking right now?” (Isa pang duh with a capital H! Haha!) These days, funny and witty survey posts are rare as virgin butt-holes in prison.

6. Secretly and regularly viewing your ex’s or your ex’s current beau
You know, just in case, they change their status to ‘single’ again, right? Haha! Congratulations, you have the makings of a stalker. Wait, you already are! Haha! Our ex-lovers aren’t just on the receiving end of our masochistic tendencies. I bet many are those who also view the profiles of their ultimate loves who unfortunately, cannot or would not reciprocate the feeling. Awwww. =p

7. Add strangers as a ‘friend’ and not even bother introducing yourself
Or in another light, ‘paramihan ng friends’. Last time I checked, Friendster in far from being a contest. That’s why it’s foolish to think that the more friends on your list, the friendlier you are or the better you are as a person. Sometimes, strangers simply add people up for the sake of having more people on their lists. While it is true that some people do meet new friends through Friendster, others do not even have the courtesy of introducing themselves first with a simple message. You’re left wondering your butt off where you met that person when in fact he’s a complete stranger after all.

8. Picking fights through bulletin posts or shout-outs
It’s an oxymoron really when we ‘make parinig’ or release taunting statements because we know that only the so-called ‘friends’ on our list will get to read it. This is so high school, don’t you agree? It betrays our lack of courage and maturity. If you have issues with certain people, deal with them privately.

9. Reposting cursed bulletin posts / forwarding evil Friendster messages
Here’s a clarification. There. Is. No. Friendster. Tracker. As if forwarding cursed emails isn’t enough, people had to bring that not-so-sensible practice at Friendster. Believe me, your Mom will not die if you know better and ignore the damn pseudo curses. Not a single ghost, monster or soul visited or scared me in my own bedroom.

10. Posting multiple copies of the same thing on the bulletin board
In relation to the previous entry, aargh! Flooding is so annoying especially when the posted things are trivial ones. On a serious note, sometimes, the more important announcements are buried because of these insignificant rants. Twice posted broadcasts are manageable. But 5 copies? 10 copies? I believe there is an acronym for that. It has the letters P, S and K, hehe!