Music, Love, Life - If just for today

Greetings everyone. Today I was thinking about music. Music what does it mean to me? How do I feel when I hear it. What happens to me ? Can I groove to a space in time and feel the beat over take my soul. In grained I become the beat. I await for the next hit that engulfs my soul. Duran Duran is more than a crappie 80's group. They can be re-mixed to a beat that is some what better than what was. Its trance. techino, ambient, and underground. The tunes are sets to listen and move you for hours. I have been to a couple of 10 hour sets. That have just taken over the night and day, and speeding along I roll into the next day, visions of you and me. Fuck the concept of time. I am time. Time is nothing more than the minute past. I am future. I am now, I am here. - Roll it up and move on.