My thought about shit

My thought about shit today

IPOD Tune Today: Fragile, Kylie Minogue
Mood: Mello, Fearful

1. Considered what taking up eating cheese would do for my sex life.
2. Saw a midget struggling at a drinking fountain
3. Spent the next 5 minutes watching that midget struggle
4. Tried to deposit 1,000 pennies in my account at the drive thur window
5. Met my new neighbor, Bubba Johnson, he asked if I would want to watch NASCAR with him sometime
6. Met Clyde's wife, Debbie, she talked for 30 straight minutes about their three cats, Fuzzy, Buzzy, and Stonie
7. Called the moving company to find out when I needed to return the rental truck, I also asked what they wanted me to do about the little boys arm that was still stuck in the front grill...they didn't find it funny
8. Ordered egg rolls and fried rice from the McD's drive up window.
9. Glued my fingers and toes together to see if I could swim faster
10. Asked random people if I could sign their casts... (they didn't have any broken bones)

Drinking Game: Run into a bar of your choice and drink out of every glass on the bar before getting your ass kicked.

Favorite Stripper Name: Amber
Favorite Dog Name: Frank
Favorite Drink: Cold water, with a 12 oz beer
Favorite Sex position: All of them
Favorite Drinker: Billy Carter
Favorite Clown: YUCKO
Favorite girl watching location: Hooters, Wing House, and any other place that has 80’s short shorts up their ass.