My Random Thoughts

  1. Woke up driving my car to work, after dreaming that I wet my pants at a bar

  2. Put my profile on looking for a partner in crime and outlined the crimes and the type of partners needed.

  3. Signed up friends to hair replacement e-mails and phone calls.

  4. Eating cheese on the sales floor and screaming I love the smell of cheese.

  5. Thinking about my sex life with Mrs. Clause

  6. Looking at the ceiling to see if I really do have the big office.

  7. Looking around the office for the suggestion box

  8. Sent out IM’s to the wrong people and than screamed at them when they called me

  9. Turned out the lights to my office and said everyone went home.

  10. Came to work with yesterdays closes to see what people would like