Just me

1. Snotted when I sneezed...I have no clue where it went2. Dated a Jewish girl during this holiday season, just to celebrate Christmikah like they do on the O.C.3. Put in a bid on E-bay motors for my 1977 short school bus4. Finally decided what I will go as for Halloween 2006.....Can’t tell yet 5. Day dreamed about playing baseball in the office with my magic eight ball6. Totally got caught singing a Madonna song while waiting at a stop light7. Called U-Haul to see "how many immigrants they thought I could pile up in the back of one of those things"8. Wondered if Chelsea Clinton ever grew out of her "awkward stage"9. Dared my buddy to go into work tomorrow with grass stains on his suit pants10. Asked my grandma to convince my mom into giving me an allowance again