So I have something to say - Starting in 2009

Starting in 2009, I will be posting some of my crap on this blog to try to open up my mind to the possible solutions around the global that I am unaware of. Also to release some crap that I know out on to the world. Some of it, is just that crap and some of it could be very interesting for some of you. Ether way its a place for me to just throw up, out and on everything that I have been holding back on.

Yes, we have sponsors for this crap. Hard to believe that anyone would sponsor my thoughts, however I have loads of them down the side of the page as you will see. Hey do me a favor will you buy something from one of those Great MF'ers hell if they agreed to sponsor my BS prior to reading it, who am I to not push them off on you.

On topics, sure you can suggest something, that means nothing to me. I will either use it or not. Yea so you may see your name in lights because I used your idea, its not going to win you an award or anything close to a pat on the back. So feel the need to share, bring it on.

Last item, yea I may even comment about the following items:

Girl Friends
Politics *(wait a minute Superman takes office soon)
Life on the beach
Life in a box

and last item: Whatever I feel like SCREAMING about !

Peace and See ya later 2008- You sure sucked big time -