Bogus U2 Tickets - So you have been warned

London, January 9 : Irish rock band U2 have cautioned their fans that some fraudsters are selling bogus tickets for their concerts, to be staged as part of a purported summer tour.

The 'Beautiful Day' hitmakers, whose new album 'New Line on the Horizon' is scheduled for release in March, have revealed on their official website that they have yet to confirm plans for a tour, and so any concert dates being touted online are fake.

"Please don't get stung by buying tickets for shows that don't exist," the Daily Express quoted a statement posted on the group's website as reading.

"You can be sure any future live announcements will be made on as soon as details are confirmed," the statement added.

This is the second time in six months that the band have had to warn their fans against buying counterfeit tickets circulating on the Internet.

In August last year, they were also forced to speak out to correct reports suggesting they were preparing to hit the road.