What should be the focus of 2009

I have been thinking for a couple of weeks what could be the focus for 2009. As most of you have seen the site has been updated, Yes we do have a couple of sponsors and we do welcome them all. Now the question comes what should we be talking about.

Should I talk about how I wish I was getting a bailout or the fact that Bush is soon to be out of office.

Or how about this who is this Madoff guy? He really scammed some people and most likely will walk away from it all.
Lots of conversation around the issues that maybe important to you or someone you know. Really I am not just going to talk about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Lets face it that would be a limited conversation. I am thinking that its time to focus on something different. I am going to write about the issues that I am interested in. I welcome your feedback or suggestions.