CowBoo Stadium U2 Plays in Tin Can

Dallas: More than 70,000 people attended U2’s 360 show that stopped off at Cowboys Stadium last night.

The boys from Ireland could not be more comfortable in a sea of massive people and stage. They played for a little bit over 2 hours which for this tour seems to be the norm. Check the set list out on the following pages. The larger than life stage once again seemed to melt away as the band played thru some hits, new songs and songs they could not play. (Bono’s comments once again to the crowd)

Dressed in black and prone to raising his arms and tilting his head back, as if basking in the presence of his disciples, he wasted no time in preaching peace, asking for a “non-violent revolution” and turning “Walk On,” the final number before the encore, into a thought-provoking tribute to Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi.

U2 explosive “Vertigo,” “Get On Your Boots,” “Elevation” and “Beautiful Day.” If you wanted a good groove, they delivered with “Mysterious Ways” and “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight.” The tunes from No Line On the Horizon, the quartet’s newest disc, blended perfectly with older material.

“Sunday Bloody Sunday,” an anthem that prompts fist pumping. It’s just as inspiring a song now, with all the violent political unrest in the world, as it was back in 1983 when it was originally released.

U2 landed its massive spaceship/stage comfortably inside the even more massive Cowboys Stadium on Monday night for a show that will be remembered as much for its sights as for its sounds.   Bono also gave a shout out to the Cowboys which were met with Boos. The night did not seem as magical as other cities yet fans agreed the show was far from what they expected and just as the feared. Cowboy Stadium was not built for sound some would argue not met for football either. However that’s not our focus.

So for the show stage, bands and music if you were up close we give the show an “A”. For Cowboy Stadium “F” this will go down as the worst venue on the North America tour.