TX Party Pass ? WTF

Its been a day of noise around the internet. Party Pases ? What the heck is a party pass? Sounds too much like well we can’t say it but if you saw the movie ALMOST FAMOUS. Think about the line the “tour manager said”  Ok back to the story here is the deal from what we understand. Want to fill out the stadium ? Old school way was called papering, thats when you throw out a couple of thousand tickets for free. Yup for free this fills in the dead area’s and makes the band feel good.  Turn the page forward 2009 Party Passes you pay $ 30.00 for the right to stand up, the entire time, crowded, cowboy smelly boots and pushing around for the best possible postion. 

NOT A PARTY PASS - Party passes (or “peasant passes,” as our Blue Star guys like to call them) have been a point of concern for fans at JerryWorld events. Some of our co-workers who’ve bought the passes said the experience wasn’t great — jostling for a good position to see, standing the entire time, and dealing with the crowded decks definitely detract from the event. Remember we warned you. However if your cheap and on a fixed income and living in that double wide with your mother in law and sister well this is the deal for you. $ 30.00. Better hurry because on 5,000 of you cheap skates will get the ‘PARTY PASS”

Live Nation Press Release -

Dallas / Fort Worth (Arlington), TX – October 1, 2009 – Due to overwhelming demand for U2 tickets, Live Nation announced today they are releasing Party Pass tickets to the show at Cowboys Stadium on October 12th. These general admission tickets offer an excellent view and will be priced at $30 each.

The 360° Tour features a round stage positioned on the stadium floor with the band surrounded by their audience, the natural progression of their previous tours. By elevating the sound and lighting equipment, the walls that traditionally obscure performers from their audience are removed. This has also allowed greater capacity and a lower general ticket price.

 The stage is designed by long-time collaborator Willie Williams and architect Mark Fisher who have worked together with U2 since ZooTv. Advances in technology and digital communication have allowed Williams to create an overhead expandable cylindrical screen made up of 500,000 pixels.

 “The band has been moving further into the crowd with every tour.  Tonight they’ve arrived. Willie and Mark have spent five years perfecting this beautiful and extraordinary frame, once the crowd came in tonight, we got lift-off!” said U2 manager Paul McGuinness, of the band’s tour kickoff show at Barcelona’s Nou Camp stadium.

 “U2 has always put on the most exciting live show. They’ve really raised the bar with this production they want the best for their fans and based on the reaction they have absolutely delivered” said Arthur Fogel, CEO Global Touring/Chairman - Global Music Live Nation.

The U2 360 Tour started in Chicago September 12th and will play 20 shows in North America. In 2009, in just 44 shows the tour will perform for over 3 million fans.