U2 AT THE ROSE BOWL - OCTOBER 25 Vital Parking Information Notice

Area U2 fans: you need to plan your trip to the Rose Bowl in advance. Attendance for this event will be over 96,000 people, the largest concert crowd in the venue’s history. The roads in and around Pasadena will have significant traffic and will be heavily congested.

The Rose Bowl has limited parking available on-site. To meet this extraordinary demand, and for your convenience, there are adjacent off-site parking options as well as shuttle rides to and from the stadium. We strongly urge you to consider taking advantage of these shuttles and to carpool when possible.

In order to have a great experience:


  • Rose Bowl Parking Lots Open: 8 AM
  • Picnic In The Park Begins: 12 Noon
  • Park & Ride Shuttle Lots Open
        & Buses Start Running: 12 Noon
  • Doors Open: 5 PM
  • Show Starts: 7 PM

Not only will arriving early minimize your travel time, we have great pre-concert activities planned as well. Opening to the public at 12 noon, Picnic In The Park will give you the opportunity to relax and socialize with your friends in the comfortably shaded Rose Bowl grounds. Just bring a blanket, a picnic basket and enjoy!

In addition, many entertainment, dining and beverage options are available for purchase as well. Sports fans: you can enjoy all of the day’s NFL action on multiple TV screens. Within Picnic In The Park, we will have live entertainment featuring The Ruse and other enticing activities. Picnic In The Park is located directly in front of the Rose Bowl on Lot “H.”

Click Here for more information on Picnic In The Park.

Also, there are nearly 80 restaurants nearby in Old Pasadena, just a short walk from the Old Pasadena (Parsons) Park & Ride Shuttle area.


Several venue parking options are available for advance purchase through Music Today:

Parking is available now! Advance parking is limited to one spot per transaction. For General Parking: one car - one space. No oversized vehicles or limousines.

Following your purchase, a non-transferable parking pass will be sent to you via mail by Music Today. Be sure to bring your parking pass with you. You will need it for admittance to the Rose Bowl parking grounds.

Based upon your zip code, we will e-mail you specific directions with the best route to the Rose Bowl in order to avoid traffic & congestion. On show day, this will be the best route to the stadium. There are many entrances available to the Rose Bowl from nearby freeways. As you approach Pasadena do not follow your Map Quest or GPS device. Use the directions we provide.


All venue parking will sell out prior to the concert date. Don’t miss out- be sure to buy your parking in advance!


Due to limited parking at the Rose Bowl and the extremely high attendance for this event, it will be necessary for some of you to take advantage of the off-site lots adjacent to the venue. Park at either Pasadena City College or Old Pasadena (Parsons) and catch a shuttle bus to the stadium. These vehicles have private roads directly in and out of the venue, moving fans as quickly as possible.

Shuttle lots open and buses start running at 12 noon. They will operate throughout the show and then following the event.

Shuttle tickets are available now for advance purchase for $5 per shuttle seat (per passenger; round trip) via Music Today.

PCC Shuttle | Old Pasadena Shuttle

Purchasing a shuttle ticket before show day guarantees a seat on a bus. Shuttle tickets will be sent out via mail by Musictoday.


We encourage you have at least 4 persons in your vehicle (be green). This will improve the parking and traffic experience for all fans .

PickupPal is a great way for fans to connect and organize carpools, helping to ease traffic congestion and reduce carbon emissions at the same time. Check out their site for their U2 360 Tour offerings: http://U2.pickuppal.com

We recommend you plan for this concert as you would The Rose Bowl Game or the Super Bowl: plan to arrive early, enjoy Picnic In The Park as well as the other on-site amenities.

Thank you,
The Rose Bowl Staff