U2 Tour Fan Coverage

U2 Tour Fan coverage will continue as the tour leaves America and heads to Canada. Once the tour comes to a halt for the holiday season we will be changing our format to focus on different sides of U2. We have more to follow on that.  However we have updates on many other fronts.

  • Twitter: Follow us via U2TOURFANS. We update set lists live every show. No matter what time zone, country its all available for you. 
  • Youtube Channel:  Have you signed up for U2TOURFANS direct ? If not, why wait? We have the most concert videos from you the FAN. Every 360 show has been updated and we tons videos to screen and we will be posting long after the boys leave America. You can expect us to have video teams on the shows all the way to the end of 2010.
  • Fan Photo Booth:  You the U2 Fans are the stars here. We have setup a really cool way to be apart of the massive show. Sign up to get a special show code so that you can send photos direct to us. Posted for everyone to see.
  • SetLists: We update our set list live, during the show. After the show you can re-check as often as you like via our Set Lists link, currently set to North America.
  • Photo Purchase: We have a photographer that has chosen some great tour shots that we will be offering for sale. Check back with us. We have a couple of great limited selections that we will not offer to everyone. Limited means just that. 
  • Discussion Board: Your comments on anything you like, raw unedited facts from you. Live it, Post it and Share it. 
  • FACBOOK: The U2TOURFANS Facebook site is up and running, your comments, photos again all welcome. Enjoy share and be a part of it.

Last, we want to thank you the Fan for making this possible. The concept was simple create a place for you to come share and be part of the experience. Watch for greater fan experience in 2010